JWoww Turned Down Playboy

October 20th, 2010 // 68 Comments

Seen here at Mad River Bar & Grille in Philadelphia last night – *remembers to blow up every bridge between Pennsylvania and New Jersey*JWoww has reportedly turned down a $400,000 offer to pose nude for Playboy despite being custom-built for it in the back of a van. Via The Huffington Post:

“I am not going to do Playboy in the near future,” she told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show Wednesday. “There is a better opportunity out there, which everybody will probably see soon.”
JWoww refused to reveal what the better opportunity is, and was cagey when asked whether she’ll be doing a spinoff with Snooki, who may star in her own dating show.

JWoww goes on to reveal she moved in with Snooki, so obviously the two are getting a spinoff which raises an interesting question: What in the hell could posing for Playboy possibly hurt? You’re talking about two people who infect an entire coast with gonorrhea on cable television, yet somehow tasteful nudity might be over the line? C’mon, even Heidi Montag was allowed to do it. Granted, she didn’t show anything, that’s only because she doesn’t have any nipples. Apparently the one thing duct tape can’t do is bond pepperonis to human skin to create a photo-realistic effect. There had to be something.

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  1. cc

    Thank God.

    Does that magazine have no standards left at ALL?

  2. JWoww at Mad River Bar & Grille in Philadelphia
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  3. Johnny Cage

    I’d let her sit on my face.

  4. chynasclit

    hah bad move ..nobody will remember ur ass in a year . better scrounge up all the cash you can to pay for botox and surgery in the future.

  5. mcfeely smackup

    She looks like if you touched her, she’d be sticky.

  6. foddrill51

    Maybe by “better opportunity”, she means “Hustler”…

  7. joho777

    Playboy is famous for running photos of women with implants (really obvious ones, sometimes). But JWOW is too commercial and too phony even for Playboy. Maybe Craigslist??

    Playboy should bite the bullet and do a nude series on Snooki instead. That would really upset and disturb people!

    • Johnny Cage

      So what? I’ll just beat my meat to Snooki then whenever I’m masturbating in public with a playboy mag. So what’s your point?

    • That would be hilarious! I’ve never bought a Playboy, but I might if Snooki was in it. Hahahaha! A naked oompa loompa!

  8. J

    hustler, penthouse, swank, high society? those are all better options?

  9. Johnny Cage

    WHAT? $34 dollars for a pair of Jeans?! Whose balls do you think you have rolling between the waffle iron here? For that price I’ll just wash the old ones that the neighbor’s kids pissed on when I was playing Santa Clause last year.

  10. Huh, I guess women’s wrestling is more lucrative than I first thought.

  11. The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

    Hey! Fish! How about a post honoring Bob Guccione?? I spent a great deal of time alone with that man’s empire teaching myself how to be the massive heterosexual male that I am.

    I realize that now that you are out and proud that Bob Guccione may not register with your senses as much as the sight of Gavin Rossdale frollicking shirtless in a pair of white bell bottoms but how’s about you pretend that you are in a time machine and you go back to a point in time when you were “straight” (Or at least pretending to be.) and women everywhere had pubic hair and give us a tribute and a picture essay of a guy who was a bad ass dude in his day.

    Honor thy forefathers Fish (That is before you signed up for your subscription of Real Simple Magazine and started worshipping at the alter of Ina Garten…)!

  12. maka

    but she isn’t from New Jersey…. she is trash from NY

    c’mon Fish, although I guess if you wanted to block the connection

  13. horn dog

    that was directed @Johnny Cage…the new dudedoesdudes

  14. JWoww at Mad River Bar & Grille in Philadelphia
    Words of Wisdom
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    MTV obviously disapproved of this, apparently they have further use of this mindless sexbot before she is redeemed for cash by MTV to Playboy then melted down to produce a newer hotter model like others of her mold such as Anna Nicole Smith.

  15. Words of Wisdom


  16. Words of Wisdom


  17. Burt

    She needs to get rid of that weave. Short hair would look great on her.

  18. I love her

    She is the greatest

  19. F@GS R C00L

    The amount of c3nsorship on this site is unbelievable. The h()M() at the helm is a 1ibera1 of the likes n0one should ever be subjected 2. The posts which i have attempted are n0t even 0ff3nsive, y3t his pand3ring to the l3sser human species is s1ckening. 1t is unl1kely that th1s p0st w1LL see the n3xt scr33n, & 1f it does 1t will likely B complained ab0ut then r3moved. C3sorsh1p w0rks b0th ways f@gs. E1ther lighten up 0r th3 n3xt time the c0nservat1ves come 1nto p0w3r, c3sorship m@y not B the 0nly m3ans used to 3xtingu1sh th3 s1ssy wh1ne 0f y0r s1ck c0ck hungry m0uths.

  20. keijo

    I’d hit her anytime

  21. God

    Shame, because I would quite like to see her cunt.

    Then I could, I dunno, pretend I was fucking her or something while I masturbated, eventually coming all over the pages.

    Just a thought.

  22. taylorswiftass

    she is nothing but a useless, cunt and unattractive whore, also a waste of creathe fucking, skanky shitty head loser!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. taylorswiftass

    she is nothing but a shitty head, cunt a useless dried whore

  24. taylorswiftass

    bitch asss!!!!!!!

  25. taylorswiftass

    fuck this useless bitch and the whole cast already

  26. JWoww at Mad River Bar & Grille in Philadelphia
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    Shes actually really gorgeous. Too bad she acts so ghetto on the show, picking fights with everyone over nothing.

  27. Rough skills & power tools

    She said NO to a watered down playboy? Big mistake Jwoww. Shes forgetting the public has a memory of an Alzheimer patient. I think you should reconsider…

  28. IKE

    What a slap in the face for Playboy! When you can’t get a two-bit skank like THIS, then it’s pretty obvious that things are going the wrong way.
    Personally, I think Met-Art kicks Playboy’s ass.

  29. I think she’s fuckin hot ! I love those rough bitches!

  30. JWoww at Mad River Bar & Grille in Philadelphia
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    Haha, fatty on the left got busted!!….What am I saying? I would do the exact same thing and treat her like the object she’s turned herself into!

  31. slapkatyperry

    There will be a shitty sex tap in six months of her getting fucked in the ass and jizzed in her face.
    *Because playboy is just so trashy and degrading to women*
    *Extreme sarcasm

  32. Big mistake on her part. That’s money in the bank and her 15 minutes of “fame” are just about up. She probably thinks she’s going to parlay…uh…whatever it is she does…into some big money career empire, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

  33. ok

    Chic looks fat. Who is this bitch anyway? Stupid nick name.

  34. Any Guy

    looks like the trashy whore is balding now. bravo.

  35. jrdffr

    who da fuk does she think she is

  36. I agree with McFeely. Her 15 minutes are going to run out as soon as that show gets cancelled, then it’s back to either Selling clothes at J Crew or Mud Wrestling across the country for foodstamps for her. $400, 000 grand is nothing to sneeze at and if she DOES have something else up her sleave then I wouldn’t be surprised if she is being considered as a cover girl Video Game Whoress!!!

  37. anonym


    there are only 2 reasons I can think of to explain why she turned playboy down…..
    she’s got a penis, or her nipples are fucked up after the plastic surgery

  38. JWoww at Mad River Bar & Grille in Philadelphia
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    she looks great in these photos. shes lost at least 10 pounds… granted she needs to take the leather gloves off

  39. JWoww at Mad River Bar & Grille in Philadelphia
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    Some of you guys crack me up!! I can’t believe Playboy asked her to pose, she looks really hold for her age.

  40. JWoww at Mad River Bar & Grille in Philadelphia
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    She needs a pearl necklace.

  41. JWoww at Mad River Bar & Grille in Philadelphia
    Gunnar Bjørkli
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    She is Soooooo Beautiful!!!!

  42. JWoww at Mad River Bar & Grille in Philadelphia
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    You have some bugs in html or css code in the footer.

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