‘JWoww Tried To Kill Herself’
Says Ex-Boyfriend (Read: She Didn’t)

Posted by Photo Boy

In what is surely a one, two punch of truth, being that this story is not only reported by Radar but also contains statements made by JWoww’s jilted ex-lover Tom Lippolis, supposedly the Jersey Shore star tried to kill herself after the first season because she was “upset over how she was portrayed on television.” Heroically, he claims to have come to her rescue by “talking her out of the bathroom”, but not before essentially calling her a whore and then subsequently pointing out that she is a liar. Granted, suicide is not a light subject even if it’s off of the lips of a chinstrap beard-wearing douche, but if this guy was so pissed off at her, couldn’t he have done us all a favor and just given her a little nudge? *knock knock* “Jenni? It’s Tom.. no, no, you didn’t look so bad on the show. I mean, your mother cried for days after she saw you humping a bunch of strangers and pee on a curb, but you know parents can be so old-fashioned.”

Photo: Getty, Splash News, WENN

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