JWoww is a Beautiful Athlete

June 29th, 2011 // 85 Comments

I was about to say, KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE! But it looks like someone already tried.

Adding… there’s really nothing quite like a smoke after a good, healthy jog, is there? Later, JWoww probably had sex using a condom then dumped the contents into her vagina afterward because it’s fun to make everything you just did entirely pointless. Tee-hee!

Photo: Fame, Pacific Coast News


  1. Oh Snap


  2. See Alice

    Gross Tattoo

  3. Jersey Shore JWoww
    Commented on this photo:

    her button is weird. like someone stabbed her with a cocktail sword

    • Jackie

      It’s what happens when you have lipo and the doctor reinstalls the naval wrong. Those guys should have to go to medical school.

  4. If this is what the Jersey Shore does to young women, I’ll stick to the Pacific NorthWest…where 25 year olds don’t look 40.

    • the PNW is truly god’s country. jersey shore is wrecked cos of pollution from ny, medical and human

    • she’s so gross. I have no words.

      • Jillia

        Pay attention ladies. What is she, 24? Because she seriously looks 44. This is what happens when you constantly smoke, tan, and live a hard party lifestyle where you booze until your liver cries and have probably taken a few hits to the face. Ridden hard and put away wet as they say.

        Also, I realize the irony of smoking after running, but I just have to say, JWoww doesn’t exactly strike me so as “health conscious” as she does “body conscious.”

  5. DogBoy

    That’s some “hard miles” on display right there, boys.

  6. Okay, I’ve been reading the comments here for a long time. Which one of you guys who said you’d, “wreck her,” actually went ahead and were literal about it?

    • Richard McBeef

      I think I have said I would wreck her before but several bus loads of men have beat me to it.

      I mean she isn’t a 10, but compared to other bitches on that show she’s about an 11.

  7. Jersey Shore JWoww
    Captain Apathy
    Commented on this photo:

    Ewww … In that 1st pic you can see her hairy arms

  8. Jersey Shore JWoww
    Captain Apathy
    Commented on this photo:

    Ewww … In that 1st pic you can see her hairy arms … yuk!!!

  9. hahaha i can totally see her playing sports with a smoke in her mouth like john candy in splash. yeah her face looks like she was getting plastic surgery and the surgeon gave up halfway thru

  10. Jersey Shore JWoww
    Commented on this photo:

    fake eyelashes + last nights makeup go great with ugly sweatpants and stale beer smell

  11. Drew

    Saying that smoking after a jog defeats the purpose is quite a stretch, to say the least. A fit body, and an unhealthy respiratory system really aren’t mutually exclusive.

  12. What is it with chicks and armclits these days?

    • watson

      armclits have been around since the beginning of time. What you want them to photoshop that too? when u walk outside and see mud, you want that to be photoshopped into rainbows? Sit your ass down. This isnt the garden of eden. Lets see your picture especially your armpits.

    • watson

      Dammit. You dont see women running around online talking about “I need a man with a big dick. Seven inches or nothing at all” If JWoww gets them surgically fixed, you would still mock her. And yeah its damn near that time of the month.

    • sugar

      armclits usually appear on women who have been fat at one point and then lost the weight

  13. John Holmes

    How can I jugfuck her with a face like that? That is the kind of face that will leave you limp for at least 3 days.

  14. In this picture she looks less like Emmanuelle Chriqui and more like a female Orville Redenbacher.

  15. Jersey Shore JWoww
    Commented on this photo:

    hahahahahahah!!! yea, after a run it’s ALWAYS wise to smoke em if u got em.


  16. Jersey Shore JWoww Snooki
    Commented on this photo:

    DUH and DUH’er

  17. Is that a tattoo of Trogdor on her side?

  18. Blip

    The whole “KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE!” thing is soooooo freaking played…

  19. one thing tho, if you think this is nasty, just be grateful mtv shoots these dumbholes at seaside heights and not area g/gunnison at sandy hook (bennies and pineys will get that)

  20. The Critical Crassness

    She looks like Charlie “#winning” Sheen with bolt-ons, admitting that “she” used steroids and a shovel repeatedly smacking “her” in the face to train for her role as a “Jersey Shore” cumbucket and female impersonator. No offense, Fish, but you should have quit posting after the Michelle Hunzicker bikini pictures~

  21. Any Guy

    THAT is what you wake up to, so think about it real hard next time fellas when you say “yeah, I’d hit it” . ouch.

    • It had to be said

      I’d still hit it, but I’d have a great story to tell my buddies when I jumped out her bedroom window in the morning.

  22. Jersey Shore JWoww Snooki
    Satan's bitch
    Commented on this photo:

    Awww, she remembered to take her midget out for a walk.

  23. Looks like this grenade detonated.

  24. I maintain if she were raised just about anywhere besides NJ (or LA for that matter), she’d be pretty damn cute. The lifestyle and fake boobs wrecked what could have been a neat looking girl. Now we just have this 25 year old woman who can’t even get MILF status.

  25. Jersey Shore JWoww
    Commented on this photo:

    what’s up with this chick’s belly button??

  26. rough dont pun

    Why is there an easy baked oven in her armpit?

  27. boing

    shes a handsome turtle.

  28. TaT

    I honestly can’t believe she’s 25. But, it’s possible, something about her speech, and her all around demeanor, reminds me of someone that has done Meth, or Heroine. That armpit “clit” as some of you call it. Could be due to her rapidly losing weight. Her weight tends to fluctuate on and off the show.

  29. The Lord Almighty

    Busted face is busted. Hideous tat .. actually that’s redundant.

  30. nessa

    what the fuck happened to her face its aged in a matter of a couple of weeks?

  31. Butch Coolidge

    I wouldn’t fuck that with your dick!1

  32. Wesly Trent- Wainright

    Sexual congress and / or the thought of missionary – position coitus with this I find reprehensible

  33. chev70

    Last time I saw a face like that I was mugged.

  34. chev70

    B.O.B.F.O.C. I’ll just leave it at that.

  35. chev70


  36. cheeri-o

    She looks so old for being born in 86. She looks like she’s 40

  37. Jersey Shore JWoww
    Commented on this photo:

    Why did she have the upper lip and chin of an old man grafted into her armpit?

  38. Rancid

    Anybody here see “The Wrestler”?

    She got that sad mug, too.

  39. Rancid

    The host should know that if he deletes posts that are truly non-offensive, he makes it clear that a person isn’t welcomed.

    I won’t be posting anything else here under this name or any other. Anybody can rip on me – that is fine. But I will keep my word.

    • Simple explanation on this one:

      Your comment as “Nigel Fogbottom” hit the moderation queue and never was posted – It is now. – Sometimes when a commenter comments a lot, and especially if they switch names, it gets flagged by Akismet as Spam and won’t show up in the thread until I push it back in. This could be anywhere from a few minutes to whenever I’m done drinking.

      Sorry for the confusion.

  40. Venom

    Hag with nasty bolt ons and the white trashiest of white trash tattoos.

    It would be awesome if I came on here and did not see the Kardashian man all over the page. TYVM

  41. Jersey Shore JWoww
    Commented on this photo:

    HAHA, so funny you said that cause i was actually just lookin at before and after pics from a plastic surgeons site and the lipo pics had weird belly buttons just like that! DAMM ur right, thought (minus) the boobs she just had a naturally super fit nice body

  42. terry

    I really don’t believe she’s 25 years old. She is like 41. Ugh! That chick is tore up from the floor up.
    I’D jizz on them tits though.

  43. Jersey Shore JWoww
    Commented on this photo:

    Holy fuck is she 60? Damn, life has been hard on her.

  44. the one

    when she sits quietly in a wheelchair…………….

  45. Jersey Shore JWoww
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s disgusting, and I’d still fuck her. Thanks, silicone!

  46. Safety man

    So ugly, she would scare rats off a cheese barrel, even if they were the “Three Blind Mice”.

  47. Jersey Shore JWoww
    Commented on this photo:

    Why does she have a tattoo of a T-rex vomiting?

  48. Jersey Shore JWoww Snooki
    Commented on this photo:

    how does one manage to have camel toe even while wearing loose sweat pants? giant vagina.

  49. See Alice

    She looks like a tougher Carrie Heffernen

  50. Jersey Shore JWoww Snooki
    NYC I Banker
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks 60 in this photo

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