JWoww’s Side Boob Looks Natural, Healthy

February 26th, 2013 // 66 Comments

Atlantic City was recently listed in Forbes as one of America’s Most Miserable Cities which I’m sure had absolutely nothing to do with JWoww‘s scarred, rhombus side-tit showing up at local casinos. “We actually like that,” local residents said. “For a fiver, she’ll even let you rest on a drink on them. Or the head of that pig-girl she’s always with, what’s her face, Cookie! Cookie Pickles. Oh, she goes back to her bridge so happy.”

Photos: Fame/Flynet, INFdaily


  1. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
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    Is that a Snork in there?!

  2. If you click “View Full Size” you can make out the manufacturer’s serial numbers.

  3. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
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    Body by Dow-Corning, brain by Pablo Escobar.

  4. I wouldn’t touch that with a rented dick.

  5. Suck it

    To be fair, that red mark isn’t a scar, it is part of her tattoo.

    • JC

      To be unfair, getting a tattoo that looks like an infected incision scar right underneath one of your bolt-ons is a pretty dumb move.

      • Suck it

        lol I’m not not new around here, I was here back in the days before the original “Randal” popped up. (as if that proves my long time loyalty/superficial street cred?)

        I was just pointing something out that I almost missed at first glance. I thought is was her implant scar at first.

        I’m as happy as the rest of you to make fun of wonky bolt-ons and hideous tattoos.

    • Anthony

      To the left of the red fake scar is a real scar, maybe it’s to take your eyes off that one?

      • I can’t tell if that’s the incision scar, a stretch mark, or a combination of both. The margins look a bit jaggedy.

        Either way, there is no debate on the fakeness of those of titties, so there is going to be some sort of installation mark somewhere.

  6. What a disgusting pig.

  7. marvin

    No matter what it is it looks unnatural and disgusting. It always amazes me what idiots will do for attention. She should concentrate on fixing her rough looking face. I could see her in a women’s prison movie.

  8. cc

    So, the doctor who performed the surgery used a sawzall?

  9. I like Photoboy’s Play-Doh boob maker.

  10. Legal Secretaries Need Love Too

    Is it wrong of me that I’d like love to shtoing her?

  11. cc

    JWoww goes together with ‘drunk’, ‘bar’, and ‘laid’ like ‘ham and eggs’.

  12. anonym

    look at that skin. I could make a nice chair out of that leather.

  13. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
    Commented on this photo:

    You can’t even jerk-off to her without a penicillin shot.

  14. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
    Someone Else
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    I think Republicans and Democrats can all agree the part of ObamaCare where certain people are required to display a visual warning that if you get too close your penis will be burning is a good thing.

  15. Despite my better judgment, I totally would. Just for the story.

  16. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
    Commented on this photo:

    Half of me is frantically searching for the zoom feature, the other half is relieved it is gone.

  17. NE1

    Hello surgery scar and blotchy skin next to a gross tatoo. Obviously she’s down to trying to get press for showing nasty skin.

  18. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
    Commented on this photo:

    If this were my daughter, I would perform an honor killing….ON MYSELF!

  19. I never thought anything could make me want to go back to that Calista Flockheart spread, but here we are.

  20. mike

    Breast implants ALWAYS look wonky…no matter what..they either look freakish in bed you always see ripples in certain angles,or you can see the ridges…YUCK.

    • Suck it

      Not true. Mine look great. Just have to go to a good doctor and don’t go more than 2 cup sizes.

      • Mama Pinkus

        yeah they always say that – then you see them doing something like, oh, exercising, and they don’t move naturally. BECAUSE THEY AREN’T NATURAL – they’re foreign objects implanted into the chest – GROSS

      • Interred Ferguson

        Suck it is right….there are some excellent rack jobs out there, especially when it comes to women with cans that are already relatively good size, and they’re mainly trying to “shore them up”…and we’re not just talking looks….I’ve hand my hands on a few pairs, and they can be impressive when done wisely.

  21. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
    Dick Hell
    Commented on this photo:

    Those do-it-yourself boob-job kits leave a wicked scar.

    • I’ll bet she got her boob job at Sears. Believe it or not, that’s where I got my vasectomy. The results were satisfactory except every time I get an erection my garage door opens.

      • Dick Hell

        Nah, they’d have the proper Craftsman tool for the job, not the rusty box-cutter that was apparently used.

  22. Deacon Jones

    lol, AC is one of the most miserable cities? Never would have guessed it.

    Between the neon buzzing of Trumph’s cheesey ass casinos, and the liquor, freid chicken, and pawn shops, and toothless black hookers that look like they just stepped out of a hurricane, I dont know what the hell the writers were thinking!

  23. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    You can’t blame this woman for milking her 15 minutes of fame for all it’s worth. She has decades of haggard middle and old age before her and will need every dime.

  24. It’s not a scar, it’s an access port. Buying cheap bolt-ons is like buying Ikea furniture. Every year or so you’ve got to tighten things up with an allen key.

  25. Brooke

    I think I’m having a class-act overdose taking in this girl’s charm and beauty.

  26. chicka

    never thought I’d be more grossed out by someone who’s not Courtney Stodden! ick!

  27. the wrecker

    what is that word for “grrrrrrrrossssssssss”? there should be an official agency that certifies and hands out cards for people who possess “celebrity” and those who do not so people like this sow will know they aren’t worth a moments attention to anyone but their mothers.

  28. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
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    Who in the hell fucked up her tits?

  29. grobpilot

    I’ll be Randal for a minute: “She looks like a beautiful Picasso, with flowing lines and bumps in all the right places”. That’s enough of that.

  30. From the neck up, she’s hard to look at. From the neck down I find myself wondering if she was in a fire.

  31. keninnorcal

    Whatever she paid the tattoo guy (or girl), it wasn’t enough to cover the therapy they are going to have to go through. Ministers, bartenders and tattoo artists share a sad trait–they have to accept people as they are, then fuck them up even more.

  32. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
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    She made all that money and she still hasn’t gotten her Trogdor tattoo fixed. The Burninator deserves better!

  33. DSB

    Actually, if you look above that horrid red tattoo line, it looks like the implant scar is visible. UGH!

  34. lawn



  35. lkl

    That’s one nasty looking fake tit.

  36. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
    Nuclear option
    Commented on this photo:

    NIce ! pointless stare exhibiting her lack of function neurons make me want her even more… oh wait , I’m not a jersey idiot.

  37. Bomb

    Its def not very attractive. I have a feeling 99% of u are fat ugly chicks who probably were made fun of and rejected your entire life until you settled down with your WOW playing boyfriends who still wont touch you with a 20 foot poll. Clean it up JWOW

  38. Candlejack

    I’d fuck her and hate myself for it afterwards.

  39. Does she have Lego blocks for boobs?

  40. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
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    I bet even her asshole is wonky.

  41. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
    J Ripper Esq
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    Bleached but wonky

  42. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
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    Madame Tussaud’s gets better and better.

  43. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
    Commented on this photo:


  44. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
    Commented on this photo:

    The baby is going to get silicon poisoning.

  45. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
    Interred Ferguson
    Commented on this photo:

    If whatever falls out of her J-Hole is somehow able to mate with the demon offspring of Snookie, and produces something that can exist outside the womb, Earth will be left in tiny shards within days. Nostradamus is crapping/doing backflips in his grave for missing this one………

  46. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
    Fancy Face
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    This post brought to you by JWoww’s impressive looking implant scar. That thing is so big it’s getting its own reality spin off.

  47. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
    Commented on this photo:

    Does she just need to take a bath and scrub,
    or is that a tattoo of a flaming sperm on her gut,
    shooting through bacteria and STDs into the hole.
    Perhaps it’s a visual aid for her partner?

  48. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s right kids, when the lice and STDs get so bad you can’t
    grow hair any longer, you have it sewn on. Goes with the rest of
    the whole “I got ready in 60 seconds” Jersey look.

  49. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
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    She has bigger forearms and shoulders than most guys.
    Add to that an expressionless face and skanky skin art.
    At least she matched her lipstick to her belt.

  50. JWoww Side Boob Dusk Night Club
    Commented on this photo:

    Her closed mouth “smile” is fucking annoying. She must hate her smile.

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