Holy Shit, We Can Post Stuff To The Internet

January 4th, 2013 // 22 Comments
JWoww Butt Photoshopped New Years Eve Video
WATCH: JWoww Claims Her Ass Was Photoshopped

Hey, everybody, The Superficial Writer. Not sure if you remember me.

As some of you have noticed, the site epically shat the bed today and only now at 6:30 PM EST have we finally been able to make a post which we’ll be the first to say is goddamn ridiculous. Fortunately, we already found something that’s even more ridiculous, this JWoww video where she tries to claim the multiple agency shots of her ass on New Year’s Eve were Photoshopped by bending over in heels, so let’s focus entirely on that and forget everything else I just said. Live in the now.



  1. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    I’d give 5-4 odds the guy wielding the camera got his dick wet after that footage ended.

  2. What a gross dude.

  3. jonandkateplushate

    when did my intertubes get smellarama……peeeeuuuww…….oh, that’s mee……er ….uh……that’s my dog…..bad dog, bad dog

  4. Welcome back. Now I can read dick jokes while procrastinating again!

  5. geeforce

    She’s got a point…where’s her tattoo in the new years eve pics?

    I can’t believe her ass looks looks like Phyllis Diller’s after the autopsy.

  6. ruserious

    totally photoshopped look at the shadows

  7. Yaay! Love you guys! Hugs all ’round! :D

    Hey how about the trailer for the Evil Dead remake? Kooohl. Now I want to go watch the original again.

  8. Tom

    I love how she feels compelled to stick up for her ass like it’s a matter of national security.

  9. MissMoppet

    This video is kind of pathetic. Just show up at an event looking amazing and be done with that nonsense. These celebs give us schleps way more power than we deserve. Girl you know your body is fine. Relax. You don’t need all this external validation….

    Oh wait, I have just been informed that she is a shameless skank powered only by booze, tanning lotion and external validation. Carry on then.

  10. Clay

    I’d still put it in her. Definitely not without a condom, though.

  11. MFer

    I’m skeptical. Bending over straightens out the cellulite. True story.

  12. Sue

    I still don’t think the other photo was shopped, and I wouldnt have even known about it if she didnt call attention to it. An unflattering angle and unflattering posture… it happens.

  13. BbyBluThghHghs

    She needs to stand straight up with her back to the camera and stop bending over….she’s just stretching out her butt mush and not proving her point. Every angle/position she’s giving in these videos aren’t the ones that she was pictured in to begin with.

  14. BigE

    Videos can’t be photoshopped? She’s going to shit herself if she ever sees a movie with CGI effects.

  15. Desperate to stay relevant guido trash.

  16. friendlyretort

    Prove you have no cellulite by standing out in daylight and zooming in for a closeup on your thighs and ass. Easy. Bending over in ambient light while someone stands a few feet away films you from a high angle doesn’t mean anything.

  17. 33-Leon Washington

    People are just horrible at Photoshopping, including people are just douchebags and perverts too

  18. Alysha

    She just set back the women’s rights movement back like 800 years…

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