JWoww Looks Just Thrilled Her New Show Is All About Snooki Being Pregnant Now

When JWoww signed on for a Jersey Shore spinoff with Snooki, she just assumed it’d be another couple of weeks getting paid to act like giant drunken whores on TV thus inspiring future generations to strive for greatness. Except no one taught Snooki how condoms work, so now the show’s being transitioned into Bringing Home Baby: Does Huggies Make A Cream For Herpies? Edition and you can see just how happy Jwoww is about it in every single one of these shots. TMZ reports:

One Jersey City baby store has already been contacted by producers about shooting on location.
The owner of Bambi Baby tells TMZ, someone from 495 Productions — the company behind “Jersey Shore” — reached out to the baby store within the last few weeks … right around the time Snooki was adamantly denying she was pregnant.
We’re told 495 asked Bambi for permission to shoot some scenes inside the store — and after some initial hesitation … the owner agreed.

Of course, the real comedy is that I’m giving MTV and Snooki the benefit of the doubt that she’s not going to knock back Jager bombs and piss all over dance floors. “Ohmygod, shut up, you guys. Moms in Russia drink vodka all the time. Wait, what do you mean the baby fell out of me onto the floor? Ohmygod, I thought someone just dropped a really gross ham. Well, quick, perfume my vag and let’s go over there before anyone knows it was me. Do you think I’ll get laid tonight?”

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN