JWoww: ‘I Was Under Anesthesia in Nude Photos’

Nude photos of Jersey Shore’s JWoww are in the hands of her former manager/ex-boyfriend which reportedly show the reality star before she became the stunning creature she is now. Her lawyers have been fighting to keep the pics unpublished, and now she’s decided to claim she was under anesthesia when they were taken which is women’s excuse for everything these days. RadarOnline reports:

What a joke! How are you under anesthesia when you are standing up posing for the pictures?,” Lippolis said to RadarOnline.com.
“They had not given her anesthesia when I took the pictures, she was actually standing up with her hands on her hips looking right at me.”
…. “The pictures were taken more than an hour before she even went in,” Tom told RadarOnline.com in the new interview. “She told me, ‘Take two pictures of me, one from the front and one from behind then we’ll take them after.”

Obviously we’ll know who’s telling the truth when the pictures are ultimately released and she’s drooling over the side of a wheelchair – *crosses fingers* – but I hope JWoww isn’t thinking this new anesthesia angle is going to somehow make people want to look at the pics any less. This is the Internet we’re talking about. 78 million people watched a video of a little kid after a trip to the dentist and Kim Kardashian was the most Googled celebrity two years running. We’ve got issues. Deep psychological issues. Case in point:

There’s literally no excuse for that. None.

Photos: Splash News