JWoww’s New Face is Breathtaking

August 29th, 2011 // 128 Comments

What you’re looking at is JWoww hosting at PURE Nightclub on Friday with her new face that she wants people to believe is simply the result of routine weight loss through diet and exercise and not plastic surgery which is an interesting thing for someone whose thighs I could live off of for the winter to say. I’m not saying she’s lying (I am. I specifically am.), but I’m also not saying that cutting out a few carbs will immediately cause your face to get sucked into your skull like a malnourished third world orphan. If the human body worked like that, my nose would be pointing out the back of my head every time I’m trapped on a flight that only serves chicken salad. Which, for the record, is how airlines get around having to serve a meal while technically still offering one. “Chicken salad, you say? Interesting. Here’s my proposition: How ’bout I sit here and lick the bottom of my shoe, and you alert the rest of the flight staff that I’m not a goddamn terrorist so they don’t freak out? Then we all win.”

Photo: Fame, INFdaily, RETNA, Splash News


  1. rtq

    Botox done it’s work.

  2. anonym

    holy fucking leatherface !

  3. W

    Looks like she’s on that sh?t…

  4. Hell, I’d fuck her. I wouldn’t enjoy it, but I’d still fuck her.

  5. paul

    Didn’t know she had a face…

  6. Sin

    If this is her face after plastic surgury, either the doctor fucked up or she was really, really ugly. Or both.

    • Olsen

      She was equally ugly before, but more naturally ugly before. Now she looks plastic ugly. She looks a lot older then Demi Moore or Madonna but she is like 30 years younger then them (???) I wish some hacker could find out the truth about this. I bet “Jwoow” got her nickname during the second worldwar, jacking off the germans..

  7. icu

    I’ve seen better looking heads on pimples. As my friend Johnny Mazzerati says “This chick got a busted mug!”

  8. josh

    How has nobody noticed how fucked up sammis face was at the vmas?

  9. forrest gump


  10. The crying Indian from that Keep America Beautiful commercial just keeps getting more and more fuckable.

  11. cookie

    too much botox

  12. JWoww Plastic Surgery
    Commented on this photo:

    She just got the trifecta of injections: (1) lips (2) boobs (3) hot beef

  13. What has she done to her fucking face? Lips for sure, but she looks like she got botox on the side of her face to make her cheeks and jaw look sunken in and angular. Instead of model cheekbones, she looks like a meth addict. She also has a scar under her right eye. Eye work? Bar fight? Both? I dunno, but busted face is busted.

    • Olsen

      She has just created cheakbones and since she is over 60 she doesn’t have any fat in her face left, which makes her look like that. She put lots of fillings in the lips and some chosen places though. She can inject tons of botox but she still looks like a granny. If your granny is a homeless crack whore.

  14. JWoww Plastic Surgery
    Commented on this photo:

    holy smokes….she looks way different, and not in a good way…she looks tired and like she’s been crying! this is what abuse of plastic surgery can do, use it very very moderately and only when you really need it, what a sad choice jwoww made…

  15. JWoww Plastic Surgery
    Commented on this photo:

    I see no difference whatsoever cause I have no idea what her face looked like before

  16. Michael


  17. She’s her own worst enemy. Always blabbing about how she “hates” the attention from media, but at the same time she craves it and is the one that lurs it in~

  18. Amy

    She looks exactly the fuckin’ same as before. Maybe a little Botox, a little weight loss and a whole lot of booze, but nothing major. Looks like someone is grasping for topics here?

  19. JWoww Plastic Surgery
    Commented on this photo:

    her lips and teeth were done …
    completely diff’..
    lotsa botox & silicone funbags which she admitted to …

  20. JWoww Plastic Surgery
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    lips look ridic’ …

  21. JWoww Plastic Surgery
    Commented on this photo:

    New face?! Looks like she cut it off a dead hooker.

  22. Ashamed

    It’s like Catherine Zeta-Jones & Donatella Versace had a baby.

  23. JWoww Plastic Surgery
    Dave Mustaine
    Commented on this photo:

    Why do some girls make that face? They think that they’re models and try to subtly pucker lips that they don’t have? This applied to JCoww

    STOP IT!!!!!

    While I’m at it. Woman who are fat, shouldn’t wear tight pants or anything else tight or show their ugly stomach!

  24. JWoww Plastic Surgery
    Dave Mustaine
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    Also. Dude’s balding. Get off the sauce!

  25. JWoww Plastic Surgery
    Dave Mustaine
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    Everything fake. Can’t wait to see these turds 10 years from now.

  26. JWoww Plastic Surgery
    Dave Mustaine
    Commented on this photo:

    His forehead is eating his hairline. Reminds me of the video game Pacman.

  27. JWoww Plastic Surgery
    Dave Mustaine
    Commented on this photo:

    She can even make a proper smile because of all the surgery.

  28. JWoww Plastic Surgery
    Commented on this photo:

    What a shame! She actually had a really pretty face before. So sad how everyone is so insecure.

  29. JWoww Plastic Surgery
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    how do you host a nightclub? just curious

  30. JWoww Plastic Surgery
    Commented on this photo:

    Every girl’s thighs look massive when they’re sitting down and the picture’s taken from that angle. Durrrr.

  31. JWoww Plastic Surgery
    Commented on this photo:

    if only she was smart enough to know that when one does NOT have plastic surgery, one is actually able to smile without literally attaching a pull chain from an F350 to the back of their skull.

  32. JWoww Plastic Surgery
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    Her face looks it’s stuck in that clown-like grimace in every picture; way too much botox.

  33. Guest

    What a shame! She used to be so pretty. People are just so insecure it’s ridiculous.

    • Olsen

      hahaha did she? When? 50 years ago?? She is such an ugly person inside, she just can’t have been even if she ones were young…100 years ago

  34. Bilvis

    Who knew Snooki would come out looking like the hot one.

    • Olsen

      Snooki is 40 years below Jennis age. She just neede exercise and proper diet. Snooki is really a pretty girl

  35. JWoww Plastic Surgery
    Commented on this photo:

    It looks as though Heidi Montag got into a fight with spray tanner.

  36. Audieme

    I thought plastic surgery was supposed to make you look NOT tired? She looks like she’s been up for 56 hours, and then was punched in the face…

  37. jessica

    she looks better now just not in this pic

  38. JWoww Plastic Surgery
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  39. 656-Parker Farley II

    It’s hard to dislike or like, but she’s alright.

  40. JWoww Plastic Surgery
    Commented on this photo:

    She most definitely looks different, with a plastic look to her face. If you look at her face carefully, it appears she has had her top lip plumped out—too bad, she was pretty as she was and didn’t need it, although she may have thought her top lip was too thin.
    The plastic surgeon who said she did not have plastic surgery was right. (Garth ?)
    Technically, having your lips injected with fillers is not plastic surgery, as there is no surgery involved—just injections.

  41. Olsen

    I just wonder how many men in the business this 60year old crack addict has threaten to rape to get the part in jersey Shore in the first place. I can imagine she beating up the producers and threatening them “say that I am 21 years old and give me the part or I’ll sit on your face with my rotten worm-p***y and then bite your head off!!”

  42. JWoww Plastic Surgery
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    they look like they both smell like cheese.

  43. JWoww Plastic Surgery
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    Who is that hotty in the background?

  44. JWoww Plastic Surgery
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  45. JWoww Plastic Surgery
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    omg she looks so old!
    what did you do to yourself, girl?
    ain’t mamma ever tell you – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

  46. JWoww Plastic Surgery
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  47. JWoww Plastic Surgery
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    Can you say Fugly? She got a butta face.

  48. Dan

    This article is narcissistically written, verbally diarrhetic literary masturbation.

  49. JWoww Plastic Surgery
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    ugly bitch

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