Justin Timberlake’s genitals win an Emmy

Justin Timberlake’s short film “Dick in a Box” won a Creative Arts Emmy over the weekend. Justin made the film with SNL star Andy Samberg who gave the acceptance speech while Justin performed out of town in Vegas for the 2007 MTV VMA’s. TMZ reports:

“I think it’s safe to say that when we first set out to make this song, we were all thinking ‘Emmy!'” Samberg dedicated the award to a real “up and comer” – his “D*ck in a Box” creative partner, saying Timberlake’s “clearly very talented and could use a break. So, Justin, if you’re out there, congrats to you, kid.”

That’s nothing. Allow me to list just a few of the awards my wang has acquired over the years: Emmy for Best Actor in a Daytime TV Series, J.D. Powers and Associate Car of the Year, Largest Structure in the Galaxy Winner and a Nobel Peace Prize. Your genitals only serve waste and reproductive purposes? I’m ashamed to be talking to you.