Justin Timberlake talks like a girl

December 7th, 2005 // 17 Comments

jtimberlake_voice.jpgDue to his failure to secure adult roles because casting directors think he sounds like a 12-year old boy, Justin Timberlake has hired a voice specialist in an effort to deepen his voice. A friend said:


  1. derekd

    You mean Stiffler from the “American Pie” movies is able to land action roles and this guy can’t? His precious ego must be shattered! At least he can go swimming in his scroogemcduck money swimming pool to ease the pain.

  2. Wolfy23

    One word, “Edison.” To see JT(I like to say JT for short cuz I’m cool like that with the kids) act opposite some of the greatest actors of our time and still come across as no-more than a sissy, sissy girl is quite an accomplishment. Maybe if they punch him in the crowd jewels it might have the reverse effect and make him the most manliest man that ever was …or the pretty girl at the ball. It’s a chance he should be willing to take.

  3. Mermaid

    Note to JT: You are a 12 year old boy.

  4. Kim

    I think that if Toby McGuire (who sounds and looks like a scrawny 12 year old boy) can play spiderman, Justin should easily be able to play a superhero.

  5. He’d probably have heaps more luck if he just embraced the Rip Taylor approach to “method acting”. And made the occasional guest appearance as Jack MacFarlane’s slightly “camp”-er girlfriend/boyfriend in “Will and Grace”.

    Although, with that hair and that body, I reckon JT may technically classify as a more lesbian shade of gay.

  6. hafaball

    Ah yes, well, that makes sense, I just wonder what movie he was planning on ruining. Maybe he’ll be the next Spawn? But it would of been nice if the they had quit being so polite and told him, “Yes, you also need to learn how to act if your going to be in movies.”

  7. Popz9

    *scratches head*

    think nicholas cage for a sec… anyone ever watch “Peggy Sue got Married”… yup… from screeching monkey to deep and scary…

    hey nick… stop being a dick and give him the number of the guy you used…

  8. misskatydid

    honk, got your nose
    yeah, you thought I was about to hit you didn’t you.

  9. Sarcastikus

    Maybe Justin needs to slap on a few testosterone patches for a while.

  10. If Clooney is being considered as the voice of Optimus Primte in the upcoming Transformers movie, then who would Justin be?

    Bumblebee? No, Wheelie — that little gay robot who busted rhymez.

  11. mrschickee

    Sorry Justin, but no amount of day and night voice lessons are gonna make those balls drop. Girly man.

  12. TheLuciousDeluxe

    He should ask Demi Moore what she did to get her deep voice and do that. I heard she scratched up her vocal chords or something. But Justin may not want to do that since he’s a “singer”. Oh well, guess he’s out of luck. Maybe he can get a job doing voiceovers for cartoons.

  13. BoredToTears

    He has a vagina too, so that may have something to do with it.


  15. cottonpunk

    To post #9, if she was born in June, 1962, that does not make her 43. She will be 46 in June if that is her birthdate

  16. midnight madness

    Who cares i think shes is hot and yes i don’t like the show. Just give her to me if she’s so lonely. There are worse shows out there believe me, just look at mtv.

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