Justin Timberlake likes to take drugs

July 18th, 2006 // 70 Comments

Justin Timebrlake admits he used to do drugs and says there’s nothing wrong with it.


  1. YoMamma

    I want to be caught with my pants down with J.T.
    Seems like Im the only one who feels that way around here….and thats fine.
    I’ll take him.

  2. sikofdis

    He’s done his “fair share”???!!! So fucking what! I’ve done mine, and his and a bunch of other peoples “shares”…what is inexcusable is that he danced around like a faggot singing that N’Sync shit. I would never have been able to do that; stoned or sober!!!

    Fuck this douche bag…he’s just pathetically trying to scrape together some “cred” in time for the release of his new album. Brilliant marketing strategy for the psuedo-edgy, soon-to-be-post-teens who used to be his fan base. He should shut the fuck up and go away for the rest of his life realizing how lucky he is to be able to bone Cameron (the Joker) Diaz whenever he wants!

  3. Hollywoodchick

    all i know, after seeing him in person, JT can do blow off my nipples ANY TIME HE WANTS! you go with your bad self!

  4. Slow news day I guess. I like the fact that he says, “I’ve already inhaled, and I’ve already…who knows.” As if he is always so fucked up that he doesn’t know what drugs he has even done.

  5. diamondprynzez

    My jokes are mediocre at best, and I have to “shout out” other people so that I can feel appreciated. Maybe one of these days, one of my favorites will “holla back.”

  6. BeaGass

    hopeless_screenwriter aka hopeless_suckup.

    like it really matters who anyones ‘favorites’ are. considering your ‘list’? tedious at best….but its ok….its only The Superficial, its not brain surgery.

  7. england06

    I wondered what he was on to be bouncing about on stage like a lunatic.

    now britney admit your tits are fake, its the least of your worries. but admit it.


    admit it.


  8. ffordegroupie

    I sometimes dream of Kurt Cobain coming back from the dead and kicking Justin until he cries for his mommy.

    It’s SO FUNNY to see this wigga loser (like a more socially acceptable F-Ked) going on about the drugs he’s supposedly done. He responded to a query about being president with a “oh, I’ve done so many drugs” reply.

    Yo Justin, we will never forget that you were a boy-bander. So stop trying to get street cred! You don’t have it!

    Seriously, he probably sniffs glue a few times a year, because his mama won’t let him do anything harder. Hell, he doesn’t even curse off camera — ever seen Punked? Such a tough guy. He sounds like a prissy little girl.

    Sings like one too — it really makes me question the guy’s sexuality when he comes across as so, so girly when he tries to look macho.

  9. Sister Morphine

    I’d still have sex with him.

  10. Seth Rogen's Lady L

    [::Random image I got when I read all that::

    Justin: "Drugs are awesome, I know from experience"

    Billy Madison: "No, you don't"]

    Sadly, I don’t believe Justin’s done enough drugs. He probably is saying that to have an excuse for all of the absurd crap he’s come up with in the past few years. I wish he did do drugs though– I want to see him get caught in a motel room tag-teaming Janice Dickinson with Leif Garrett while she licks the heroin residue from between his toes. Wake me up when that happens.

  11. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest


    Say what you want but if someone said they would give me millions upon millions of dollars to dance around on stage and sing pussy, faggot songs well, my only question to that is, “WHERE DO I FUCKING SIGN?!?!?”

  12. sikofdis

    #61 – I’d rather have artistic credibility, live comfortably, and…what’s that other thing…?
    Oh yeah..
    NOT SUCK!!!

  13. see, his pants were down because he doesn’t like taking all those drugs orally…duh. i hear he also likes to have his temperature taken that way…but with a penis…

  14. He won’t be a man until he tags Paris or Lindsay.

  15. He won’t be man until he tags Paris or Lindsay. If he could tag both, he could hit No. 1. on Billboard.

  16. Nikki

    This uberrich guy my friend is fucking has pics of he and Justin Timberlake doing lines of coke.


  17. england06


  18. 18_snotty_kinnarude

    yea i’d do him in a new york minute….. so hot
    *pants and groans*

  19. primaleyes

    He would rate well on a ‘ Top 100 boring list ‘

    He always looks a bit pale and ill… and spaced. I think he’s quite a lame guy… who people hyped-up too much!

    Too much money.. too little of anything else!

  20. He is sexy!!!!!!!!!

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