Justin Timberlake likes to take drugs

July 18th, 2006 // 70 Comments

Justin Timebrlake admits he used to do drugs and says there’s nothing wrong with it.


  1. LaLindsey

    OLD! Come on guys!!!

  2. BrianMolko

    It sounds as if he’s desperately trying to sound interesting, he reminds me of my friend a couple of years ago who thought it was amazing that she’d smoked weed and done pills. Loser.

  3. nc72

    Give it up already that boyband image is staying for good!


  4. jane's eyre

    Is he still trying to get rid of his gay boy band image? Has he heard shells hit the pavement too?

  5. theparanoir

    i think being caught with your pants down is just an expression…

  6. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest

    This guy got caught with his pants down at a glory hole with Dave Navarro on the other side. I tell you what though, I bet he is LAUGHING HIS ASS OFF right now at Britney. Even though Cameron Diaz needs to smoke some proactive.

  7. jane's eyre

    He’s such a badass.

  8. RichPort

    Sounds like a sheep herder with a collection of Velcro gloves to me…

  9. Rimmer

    That makes me think of the time when Bart and Milhouse got plastered drinking squishees at Apu’s.

    Man they were wild.

  10. YouWannaBMe

    *gasp* Justin? Drugs? NO! Is that the reaction he was hoping for? Because let’s just say I’m not surprised. I’m sure that when you’re getting pummeled in the ass every day starting at 17 yrs old you have to be taking something to “numb” the pain.

  11. jane's eyre

    I wish they would open a Quick-E-Mart where I live.

  12. YouWannaBMe

    Oh, and in order for someone to fuck butta-face Cameron Diaz I’m sure you’d need beer goggles for that one…. Nope, Justin, not surprised that you’re into the substance abuse…

  13. First!!!
    Sucker-ass Suckers!!!

  14. spatz

    yeah right, this kids never touched a drug in his life. what a fucking liar. #2s comment was spot on. he probably smoked a joint once and is trying to show off about it. not buying it.

  15. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest

    If he was saying this to try and sound cool someone should tell him the 60′s are over. Sucking cock is the new cool taboo. Maybe he should publicly reveal that.

  16. pop

    ho-hum…this news has already been reported to death…see here:


    you guys sure are on the ball – what’s the next new flash? Tom Cruise is gay?? Stephen Hawkings is in a wheelchair?

  17. Italian Stallion

    So what, who doesn’t?
    Atleast he’s not tongue kissing Dave Navarro or Tommy Lee. Although I have seen pictures of him kissing a little Mexican boy, I think his last name was Diaz. But don’t quote me on that cause I’m high right now…………….

  18. jrzmommy

    He’s still Justin with the Bad Hair from that Faggy Boy Band–drugs or no drugs. (What band was it anyhow, N-Suck? Backdoor Boys?)
    “I’ve already inhaled and I’ve already … who knows?

  19. RichPort


    Agreed… smokin’ the pole isn’t the same thing as smokin’ a joint, no matter how wiggerish Justin DeeAss pretends to be.

  20. CoJo

    Okay first, thank you because if I refreshed and saw that picture of Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro one more effing time I’d throw up.

    Second, JT doing drugs just explains so much all too well. Obviously, he can’t birth an “I’m all growns ups now” baby like Britney, so this is either simply an attempt to assert himself as a grown man, or give himself some street-cred. Either way I can care less, without Brit and that nappy curl he had, J.T. is an effing HOTASSSSS! Besides that, and most importantly, you would have to be stoned to find Cameron Diaz remotely attractive, intelligent, talented or funny, and when I say funny, I mean “ha ha, nice joke” funny, not “look at Justin Timberlake with that retarted skinny blond girl” funny.

  21. yupyup

    Someone should tell JUstin poppers don’t count…

  22. The drugs may be why he’s made such idiotic comments as of late. In one interview he stated he was the one who was going to save pop music, that there was no one else who could do it but him. Aside from being obviously full of himself, since when has pop music been on a respirator? And even if it was, why would anybody save it? I pray every night for a new harder music style to come like a tidal wave, much like grunge did in the 90′s, and wash poor little Justin and his faggy sidekicks away forever. I hope when his new album drops it drops like a rock and this half-fag gets a good dose of reality. As Little Richard can tell you, the only way a boy can sing that high a falsetto is if he knows what it’s like to be a girl… biblically speaking.

  23. pinky_nip

    I love how this clown thinks he’s GOD when he’s drunk.

    “If Courtney Love shows up to a function it’s like:

  24. gammanormids

    LOL AT #9

  25. spatz

    this story may be old news, but jt is really inspiring some of the funniest comments ive read on the superfish. wonderful.

  26. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    He’s already inhaled… semen, that is.

  27. IFuckingHateYou

    Tat’s one bad mutha fucka.
    I bet JT & K-Fag are going to collaborate on an album soon.
    Working title: “Smokin’ in da hood”
    Fucking wiggers.

  28. hopeless_screenwriter

    Justin Timberlake who cares. Bet he was never forced to suck his uncle Rob’s penis.

    Bet he doesn’t have to kneel through hours of painful therapy sessions.

    Therapy has not been working for me at all.

    Therapist Robertson: “Yes Jimmy. I can see how disturbed you are about all the tricks your uncle Rob has played on you in order to get you to look at, touch, stroke, jack, beat, twist, wack, spank, slap, smack and all the other terrible things he forced you to do with his genitalia. I am especially interested in the time he asked you if you would like to try tapioca pudding, and you never had tapioca pudding before. In order for me to help you you are going to have to trust me. Do you trust me Jimmy?

    Jimmy: Sure I do doctor Robertson.

    Therapist Robertson: Good. Now this exercise is new to psychotherapy. I kind of invented it. It’s called meta-pseudo-reality-role-playing and in this case our main focus is on the tapioca pudding experience. By bringing you back to this time and place in pseudo-real-time and action you will be able to confront this ‘Head-On’ and you will be on your way to recovery.

    Jimmy: O.k. Dr. Robertson if you think it will help me.

    Dr. Robertson: Oh, trust me Jimmy it will. I promise.

    Stay tuned for “Role Playing with my Therapist Who Is Not My Uncle Rob Pretending To Be My Therapist. I think”.

  29. IFuckingHateYou

    #28 – I can see why you’re hopeless.
    Make up a new persona with a hot 18 year-old chick going down on her Aunt – much better than your gay Uncle.

  30. ValeWolf

    Bitch please…

    I must admit I was a little bit shocked by his candid confession until I realized: the guy is desperate to be an actor an be respected and all, but his first movie was so bad it went straight to video. So he really wants to sound cool and bohemean and interesting. When in fact he’s just a stupid pop junkie.

  31. IFuckingHateYou

    #28 – if you really are troubled, maybe you shouldn’t be seeing somebody called “The Rapist Robertson”?
    I’d try for somebody named Therapist Jessica, at least your ass wouldn’t hurt so much and you wouldn’t need to get semen pumped from your stomach every month.

  32. jrzmommy

    any self-respecting hetero man does NOT use the phrase, “It’s like Oh My God” EVER! NEVER FUCKING EVER!

  33. hopeless_screenwriter

    @29 Ummm. I am an 18 year old girl and I went down on my aunt Rose. It was very disturbing…………….. ………
    ………and I can’t explain how disturbing it fucking was and I can’t even write about it, because, fuckface I am not an 18 year old girl who was cunt-raped by her fucking aunt so go fuck yourself.

    Can’t you see that I am disturbed. You filthy cunt. Leave me alone. No come back. Where are you going? Come back. I told you to leave me alone? Leave me alone. Come back. Please don’t go. I fucking hate you. I never want to see you again. Where are you going? Don’t leave.

    Cutefully yours,


  34. IFuckingHateYou

    #33 – yes, I can see you are disturbed. Crazy people are always the highlight of the party.
    Until somebody gets tired of their act and bitch-slaps them anyway.
    Good luck with the rapist/uncle Rob or any other issues you might have.
    Unlike your Uncle, I won’t be fucking with you ever again.

  35. hopeless_screenwriter

    @ 34 That breaks my heart because you are one of my favorites, I’m sorry if I offended your delicate sensitivities. Can we start over. It’s very important to me. Really. That we become cyber-friends. Here, let me start over. I’ll be nice really. I’ll be a good boy. I can be nice watch. Here goes.

    Jimmy: Hi, IFuckingHateYou. How was your day today?

    IFuckingHateYou: Fine thanks for asking Jimmy. How was your day?

    Jimmy: Well, I have to tell you, IFuckingHateYou, that it was not such a good day for me. My therapy session didn’t go so well. I’m kinda sore, my jaw hurts and I have and awful belly ache.

    IFuckingHateYou: I’m sorry to hear that. Would you like some Pepto bismol?

    Jimmy: That’s o.k. IFuckingHateYou. I think I’ll be o.k. if I lay down for a little while.

  36. bigponie

    “gettin caught with his pants down doin drugs”, WTF, they’re gettin high smokin each other’s johnson or what?

  37. spatz

    hopeless it seems to me that you are trying very hard to be funny. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.

  38. The_Dish


    Thanks for pointing out that you wrote an article about this before superficial did. I wonder if Anderson Cooper calls Stone Phillips and talks himself because he delivered a story first. You suck.


  39. bigponie


    sounds better this way:

    hopeless; i fuckin hate to suck your cock

    ifucku ; you hopeless bastard, suck my cock

    hopeless; I fucking hate you

  40. hopeless_screenwriter

    @37 That’s just fine. It’s pretty easy to pick on the disturbed raped boy. Yeah, have your way. Would you like me to bend over the sofa or the kitchen table?

  41. @ CoJo – I think you made an accidental and wonderful joke calling Diaz retarted. That is my new catch word, do I have permission? “She is such a tart she is retarted.”

    Am I the only one who thinks Justin and LiLo should hook up and try to act cool together?

    Oh I won’t pass up a chance to say this – I would do drugs too if I were him. Cameron Diaz is really mean. (check out the commentary track on The Sweetest Thing – it’s just a big catfight, I felt terrible for Selma Blair!! And I wanted to kill Christina Applegate, a previous fave of mine!)

  42. I drank too much at a pool hall once, and let a girl talk me into standing on top of a table and stripping down to my boxers. The manager had to come over and ask me not to do that again, true story.

    hopeless_screenwriter, is there any hope of you compiling all of your “Uncle Rob” stories in one place? They make me smile, but I really don’t have the attention span to drudge through all of Superfish’s archives to piece together the whole sordid affair.

  43. booface

    meghanharris is cool because she knows what butter is.

  44. BarbadoSlim

    The facts of life:

    1. greed, is good.

    2. evil, will always win, because GOOD, is dumb.

    3. Cocaine’s a hell of a drug.

    So, being greedy, doing evil deeds while tore- up on blow, makes you, a God.

  45. hopeless_screenwriter

    @39 LMAO. Good to know someone has a sense of humor. However, I do know the uncle Rob thing is getting old, and IFuckingHateYou and Spatz have a point (it’s time for some new material). If anything I would hope a few of you appreciated the, “confront the issue ‘Head’ on part. Who doesn’t enjoy sexual innuendo’s and double entendre’s?
    Anyway I guess it’s goodbye uncle Rob.

    For the record ‘Bigponie’ You are one of my top favorites along with janes eyre and jrzmommy, papahotnuts, Richport, Krisdylee, Osh, Tranny who ripped me a new asshole last night and sweetcheeks who is fucking kidnapped in bumble fuck Virginia and I know I’m forgetting a few others, and oh yeah, I don’t want to forget IFuckingHateYou. Please feel free to ream me whenever you want and I will ream you, because quoting Trannygranny, “That is just how I am!”


  46. CoJo

    Januaryanne, go forth, my child. Remember to use your powers wisely.

  47. hopeless_screenwriter

    @42 Praz. I’m glad they make you smile, and I’m sorry you’ve missed them. I’ll give you the first one and that is all. It starts with a simple definition and it is brief. I hope it gives you a smile.

    Uncle: noun. The member of your family most likely to wake you up in the middle of the night to show you his penis.

    Uncle Rob: Hey Jimmy wake up.

    Jimmy (me): What is it uncle Rob.

    Uncle Rob: I have something to show you.
    Close your eyes and count to five and you will get a big surprise.

    Jimmy: One…two…three…………..

    That is all.

  48. Moriarty

    #1… agreed.

    OLD news.

  49. yay!! thanks cojo!

    btw i think the real cojo is one sexy mofo. but i have a feeling he would go for navarro before he’s go for me. there is a poem to be written about all this, in there somewhere. mofo cojo’s mojo means varro is nolo so-lo.

    OH IT”S CLEARLY 5:00 you can tell by my rambling. going home!

  50. bakismaki

    JT is so corny. GEt over Britney already and stop trying so hard….. dude’s a cheesepuff.

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