Justin Timberlake likes photographers

April 24th, 2006 // 52 Comments

Not bad, but Marc Anthony has him totally beat. The finger is just the finger, but the finger crotch grab is a statement. Maybe the two of them can get together and start a club called “Angry Men With Goatees.” They’d meet twice a week to discuss their goatees, and then end each session by yelling about things that make them angry. Like photographers taking pictures of their goatees.


  1. Eye-Dish Lass

    I love JT! He IS so sexy to me. I don’t know why people want to diss Cameron. She seems like she moved on relatively easy considering they dated for like 3 yrs. And Jessica “I heart my ass” Beagle….BOOOOOOOOORING. You can tell from pics that she is a TOTAL chameleon for JT. At least Cameron lived her life and JT came along for the ride, i.e., surfing. And Cameron’s body….wayyyyyyyyyyy hotter. Her perfect legs and stomach. OMG – amazing. Jessica’s legs are short and she is smuggling hamhock knees. She uses her boring butt on her boring disposition as a decoy. YAWN. I say once a man has an older woman, everyone else feels like babysitting. JB is on borrowed time. Waaaaaaaay 2 much of a drag. And why does it seem JT is always ANGRY?! PS: Go to “full service” you woos. I won’t date you JT if you are always cranky. I have my limits! Well, maybe just once!

  2. pig

    He can stick his middle finger up me any day.

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