Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel: A Love Tested

March 27th, 2009 // 81 Comments

Justin Timberlake’s wandering eye is causing problems with Jessica Biel, according to OK! Magazine:

“They’ve been fighting lately,” says another friend, adding that the main issue is JT’s incorrigibly roving eye. “Justin has always loved women – singing about them, looking at them, flirting with them. He can’t help it!”
But does the “Sexy Back” singer know when to hit the brakes?
“Jessica’s seen Justin flirt, but says it’s all in good fun,” the pal tells OK!. “But she has told him that if they get engaged, it’s got to end. Things seem a bit tense with them, but they’re trying to get past the rough patches.”
On the other hand, the insider reveals to OK!, “Justin asked one of his longtime best friends how much time he’d need to give Jessica if he asked her to move out of their New York City apartment without seeming like a jerk.”

And that’s when I told him “Look, you can give a woman time to shoot you in the testicles with a crossbow. Or just change the locks.” Now, normally, I don’t like to quote scripture, but this was an old friend in a tough situation…

Photos: Splash News

  1. Jrz

    All he’s gotta do is say, C’mon baby….I gotta DIAB just for you.

  2. smith

    Jessica has become such a stuck up snob. She sucks as an actress, has a good body, but requires a lot to keep it from turning into a slab of bacon.

    The best role she ever had was when she was dead for the majority of the movie.

  3. He needs to go’ head be gone wit it.

  4. ada

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  5. Im guessing JT gave her the test of walking backward already…keep her hanging JT…

  6. i'vegotawoody

    He looks like a young Woody Allen in these pictures.

  7. Jrzmommy

    Last night I stuck my thumb in my butt and it hurt.

  8. kels

    her hair looks greasy in these pics..reminds me of asian girls who wash their hair once a week and it ends up looking all greasy and smelly looking by day 2…

  9. kels

    her hair looks greasy in these pics..reminds me of asian girls who wash their hair once a week and it ends up looking all greasy and smelly looking by day 2…

  10. Jrz

    Pfft….c’mon…Jrzmommy is so ’07. Get with it, motherfucker. Damn.

  11. Walrus?

    @7 is that you wally?

  12. @ that’s original, troll.

  13. @11 – that reeks of Wally.

  14. Sandy

    Too bad about the face. There’s nothing wrong with each individual part but it fits together oddly and gives her a harsh, not particularly attractive look. Great natural looking body, though. Oops – and very little acting talent. So: too bad about the face…

  15. Jrzmommy

    I lost my kid at the NJ State Fair back in ’07 so I changed my name.

  16. jrz

    I do believe I was just called a tight ass? Something? I dunno.

  17. PunkA

    I like them both, so I got nothing snarky to say. Although, I really don;t care if they are together or apart. It would be nice if Jess’s hot piece of ass was back on the market though.

  18. Jrzmommy

    My kid was a fucking gimp with Bell’s Palsy…I’m glad I lost the little fucker…..with his stupid fucking frozen face. I don’t even miss ‘em.

  19. mike

    The quote from the magazine is sort of hilarious, as written. Jessica is jealous of Justin looking at other women not because she wants him to be faithful, but because she wants to fuck the other women first. Meanwhile, Justin is flirting with all the women so that they’ll introduce him to their boyfriends. And if they move in together, the only thing we know for sure is that there will be lots of lube and dildos.

  20. Jrz

    I’m confused. Too many trolls.

  21. Wally?

    @18 i resemble that remark! PLEASE BE MY FRIEND!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

  22. The Real anthonyOA

    you show me a perfect girl, and i’ll show you a girl some other guy is tired of fucking. never rung truer than right here folks.

  23. EuroNeckPain

    I hate these hats, they are horrible. Paired with glasses, it gives the impression that there is a fake nose, you know those carnival outfits.

  24. Things just got weird in here… I know that sounds redundant, but still…

  25. Jrz

    God damn #18, that’s fucking harsh. Ya’ll are some cold-hearted motherfuckers man. Damn.

  26. Max Planck

    Looks like Jessica and her rabbi.

  27. Max Planck

    Looks like Jessica and her rabbi.

  28. Jrz

    Well, so much for some Friday afternoon fun on the Fish…..Fun has been Trolled Out again.

  29. Blue Eyes

    #18 – You are a LOSER. I really hope u are not a parent. Maybe you should get lost…..don’t think people would miss u much. Not with a heart like that!!!!

  30. Jrz

    Has anyone ever tried to read the mindless bullshit on Gwenyth Paltrow’s website called goop? oh. my. god. there’s 3.5 minutes I’ll never get back.

    29–that’s my troll.

  31. Jrz

    Actually, it’s my troll’s troll. It’s all very complicated and gay.

  32. Deacon Jones

    Man, rock and a hard place Justin.

    Let’s analyze this:

    1. Stick with Jessica. Have doggy style sex every night with THE best ass in town. I mean, there’s actual websites devoted to her ass. If she gives up the balloon knot, propose tonight, no exceptions.

    2. Break up. Be able to go anywhere in the world (Turks & Caicos, French Riviera, Europe, etc) and fuck all kinds of exotic women with no regard.

    That’s always one of the problems of going on vacation. I was in Puerto Rico last year with my girlfriend. The whole ftime all I could think of is how much more fun it would be if my college buddies were there becuase we’d be fucking all the pieces of ass at the pool bar for a week straight (is that bad).

    eh fuck it. Dump her man, you’re rich, you’re a celebrity. You can “settle down” when your 50. Live it up

  33. Monty P.

    Trolls, trolls, trolls.
    It’s a site all filled with trolls.
    You’ll never have to lift the seat; there’s no one here but trolls
    Trolls, Trolls, Trolls, Trolls
    Trolls, Trolls, Trolls, Trolls

    We’re trolls and friends until the end and none of us are sissies,
    At night we sleep in separate beds and blow each other kissies
    (And blow each other kissies)

  34. Judy Doody

    Well, duh.
    And he looks like Woody Allen.
    Together, they have the sex appeal of a rabbit turd.

  35. tigerbaby

    What is the appeal of this man? I don’t find him sexy or cute in the least, and I’m a heterosexual woman–supposedly his target audience.

    Plus, his music sucks ass.

  36. Judy Doody

    Oh, and I hope they break up so Britney will think it’s about her. bwahahaha

  37. Jrzmommy

    What does “complicated and gay” mean?

  38. Jrz

    Complicated and gay could mean several things…..it could mean anything from the past history of some of us here to Zac Efron’s relationship with Vanessa Hudgens.

  39. Blue Eyes

    JRZ – See I’m very confused…..guess I haven’t been around long enough. Maybeeeee if I stick around, I’ll get it…..or maybe not. Either way doesn’t matter all very interesting. Hope ur Friday’s a great one thus far.

  40. KumQuat

    Hang on to her ears and don’t let go until it comes out her nose. THAT’s how she’ll move out on her own…and he won’t look like such a jerk. Win – win.

  41. Tom Cruise

    If they do move into an apartment together, I’d be happy to give Justin pointers about how to decorate his closet!

  42. crazypants

    He should be a gentlemen and break up w/ her.

    That guy can have sex w/ about 85% of the entire world’s population of hotties. A different stunner every night.

    He should be truthful and admit that as much as he loves Jessica he really in good conscience cannot pass up all of the grade A ass the world has to offer.

  43. Blue Eyes

    #41 – Tommy Boy – Pay attention, doesn’t say move in, it says move out. They already live together.

  44. Deacon Jones


    Amen brother.

  45. Tom Cruise

    #43 don’t be glib.

  46. Quackenbush

    if he walks around NYC in that stupid hat and that stupid scarf I hope he gets his ass beat.

  47. Fuck U

    Who the fuck cares…seriously?

  48. PunkA

    Jessica is the type of girl that I’d totally let beat my ass on a regular basis so long as she also beat me off. Fair trade, I’d say.

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  50. I cant believe little girls think this boy is hot, look at him, he looks like a nerd- without the intellect.

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