Justin Timberlake Is Afraid

justin_timberlake_thumb1.jpgJustin Timberlake and his fans have something in common, besides wearing ‘Princess’ t-shirts and thinking Aaron Carter is hot. They’re both scared of spiders. Justin Timberlake has confessed his arachnophobia is so bad he refused to enter his hotel room after spotting a spider lurking inside, and had to call hotel reception to get a member of staff to get rid of the tiny creature for him.

He told Britain’s Smash Hits magazine: “I’m really, really scared of spiders. I just hate them. I was staying at a posh hotel and I had to call reception because I spotted one in my room. I was too scared to get rid of it myself.”

Unless this spider was at one point feasting on orc-flesh in the caves near Mount Doom, I have a hard time feeling sympathy for Justin. If you have to call a five foot, fifty-year-old mexican grandmother to take care of bugs in your luxury suite, perhaps it’s time to re-evalute your life. And by re-evaluate I mean end. And yet, somehow, he’s with Cameron Diaz.