Justin Timberlake is a biker now and other news

August 14th, 2009 // 55 Comments

- Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner in the full New Moon trailer. [PopEater[

- Robert Downey Jr. in track pants carrying a man purse. I have no fucking clue. [Lainey Gossip]

- Audrina Patridge and her wonky breasts get denied a chance on Dancing with the Stars by MTV. [Celebslam]

- Nick Lachey probably masturbates with his tears a lot. [The Blemish]

- Rachel McAdams does The Daily Show. [PopSugar]

- Jennifer Aniston will sing in her next movie. Hopefully as a topless ninja or else that movie’s gonna bomb. [Just Jared]

Photos: Flynet

  1. debagger

    I’d do him

  2. novicenurse


  3. youwishyourwerethird

    im always third, you wish this was you

  4. Dre

    Biker? I think not. Is that a Honda? Get a real bike JT.

  5. jules

    everybody would do him

  6. angelchrome

    He needs to put on a real helmet. Bikers, wear your fucking helmets! You only get the one skull!

  7. jules

    angelchrome, I watched the movie, when biker died coz didn’t wear helmet

  8. angelchrome

    I don’t know about movies, but a good friend of mine died last year because his stupid ass didn’t wear a helmet. Wear real helmets, folks.

  9. jess

    Timberlake & Brad Pitt could form a bad boy motorcycle club…The Posers?

  10. Assless Chaps

    That’s actually a Harley. He must be a total badass then.

  11. t-bone jenkins

    Looks like Justin’s on his way to the ol’ gay bar…I wonder if he’s going to change into his assless chaps when he gets there…

  12. Zutes

    I bet he has the baffles removed too, for the loudest pipes possible. Typical weekend warrior asshole.

  13. deddog

    @4 dre haha you fucking hater, that’s a fat boy or a soft tail… 100% harley… i bet you drive a kia… matter of fact i imagine alot of people posting on this site drive a kia

  14. Sampson

    @dedog – a fat boy is a Softail.

    Can’t tell much from the picture, but it’s definitely some variation of the Softail. The front end looks like it’s taken from the Dyna Fatboy (the bars and the headlamp mount to the triple tree). The wheels are custom – never seen a stock Harley with anything like that.

  15. Zutes

    Only two types of guys ride harley’s and choppers. Old ass homeless dudes who will shank you for a beer, and weekend warriors.

    Enjoy it harley fans, drink that shit up.

  16. john

    stop trying to be like brad pitt

  17. Dre

    @deog – You don’t even know that fat boy and a softail are the same thing and you’re talking smack? LOL.

    Go get a set of training wheels, then a scooter, then a boyfriend…and ride off a cliff. Thx!

  18. jt

    what a douchebag

  19. Albin Bainbridge

    Yeah, JT can’t do tough. If anything, the leather clothes and bike only emphasize his pussiness. Like a little kid prancing around in his dad’s clothes.

    If Timberlake snuck up on me in a dark alley I would tell him I didn’t swing that way and he should work some other corner.

  20. datroof

    All leather (black), shiny chrome helmet and a harley?

    I just checked the wikipedia and that means you’re really ruff n tuff.

  21. Dread not

    Jessica Biel would be more believable riding that iron horse, than, Justin Timberflake. Dude… no. Then when a TMZ cameraman asked him what was in the napsack, Timberflake threw him some ‘tude? The man makes the bike and the leather, Timberflake, the bike and the leather doesn’t make the man. Shouldn’t there be two huge black, round rears on that helmet? Mickey Mouses’ Sewer Rats, the equivalent of, Hell’s Angels. Give me a break.

  22. Canada

    I think his helmet is on backwards!!!! Notice how the ears holes aren’t being used by his ears!!!!! Your funny JT

  23. yomomma

    @Sampson – You corrected dedog about the Fat Boy being a softail and that was very nice because that statement is very true. But what is a Dyna Fat Boy??? If dedog was smart he could have made fun of you back. But I’ll take the pleasure!

  24. Problem with him is…he just ain’t that good looking.

  25. Rhialto

    That biker helmet looks cool but i wonder if that’s going to save his life when ever he gets involved in a serious accident.

  26. Darth

    Does this helmet get delivered together with a shoehorn? Could be handy after an accident.

  27. AmericanWhiteTrash

    He is so hard core. What a bad ass…

  28. aprilstp

    No surprise about about Downey’s man purse…after all he sleeps with Jude Law in their Sherlock Holmes movie. Way to go Guy Ritchie.

  29. Tell the truth

    Justin got more money than you broke a$$ that are sitting on your couches hooked to your pc bi#ching.

  30. I’d get a helmet with a jaw gaurd, not a dog water bowl.

    I’d get an MTT because they don’t sound like elephants with diarrhea.


  31. datroof

    How did the streets of Beverly Hills ever survive the rampage of this ruthless badass.

    Seriously though, that’s actually the “Brando Package” from Harley Davidson of Beverly Hills: Brand new Harley (black). Brand new leather jacket (black) w/American flag patch and skull logo patch. Brand new t-shirt (black). Brand new too-long jeans (black) so you can wear ridiculous cuffs like they did in the 50′s. Brand new helmet (chrome).

    I imagine him walking into the Harley store asking for a “hog” and “duds”. They ask which bike he’s interested in and he says “black”. After having the “cool” clothes pointed out to him he grabs them off the rack and changes while they push the bike out to the curb. He winks at himself in the mirror while telling the salesperson to “bill me”, and motors away (only stalling twice) to find the nearest pack of paparazzi.

  32. clpierced

    its sad i am still hot for justin timberlake. but for real he has gotten hotter over the years. he probably would be an amazing fuck. but probably get himself off and leave me hanging. yeah the honest truth. fuckk

  33. Max Planck

    I didn’t think he could ride a two wheeler.

  34. Overcompensating? He looks kinda hot, tho.


  35. Aerialgreen

    @31: that’s exactly what happened, I’m pretty sure… except we don’t see the fleet of bodyguards following him, battling to stay on course because of their massive eye-rolling seizures.

  36. Meseret Hailu

    sissy boy. just i need a pan firend and good relation siph plece writh me

  37. XX

    It surely isn’t the first time he was seen driving a motorcycle with a helmet on. Old news is old.

  38. 4_is_an_idiot

    @4, Don’t be a douche bag. All Honda’s are water cooled. This big is not. It is a custom bike most likely based off of a Harley frame with an S&S motor. It’s actually a pretty sweet setup.

    Save yourself, and shut the hell up… it’s obvious you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about.

    Also… a bike by any manufacturere is a “real” bike you moron.

  39. DJ

    What a f@ckin’ fag!!!

  40. DJ

    What a f@ckin’ fag!!!

  41. He looks like a goober with that Harley helmet. The helmet is soo uncool.

  42. Aurelia

    God, he is such a tool.

  43. ash

    i hope he crashes the fucking thing into oncoming traffic.

  44. He is gorgeous….if only britney would have stayed with him.

  45. devilsrain

    Funny thing is he rode it 5 ft and got off. IM A BIKER NOW!!!!!

  46. 31. You fucking nailed the bitch.

    39. 40. What he said.

    Seriously, does anyone believe that Timberlake isn’t into dudes? Anyone at all?


  47. Melissa

    Oh my god, that Robert Downing, Jr. post was fucking hilarious.

  48. In case any of you fanboys are interested in posing like your boy JT, you’ll need to find that elusive homo chrome dome he’s wearing.

    Click the link, asshats. You’re welcome, but you’ll have to look up the gay jacket on your own. My charity has limits.

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