Justin Timberlake doesn’t approve of K-Fed

March 30th, 2006 // 263 Comments

justin_timberlake_dislikes_kfed.jpgJustin Timberlake reportedly disapproves of Britney’s husband Kevin Federline, according to Star magazine.


  1. PapaHotNuts

    I actually like NewGuy and happyday, but try not to be so obvious that you are the same person. Wit that stupid can only come from one person, because God would have never created two mindless pieces of shit like ya’ll in the same century.

  2. happyday

    Uh, well, I think someone already used that observation earlier about you and newguy being the same person, but thanks for staying current. Sorry papa, you loss on that one, not very original. I’m beginning to think that newguy is on to something….really though, fascinating.

  3. happyday


  4. MizScarlett

    PEOPLE…. PEOPLE… Can’t we all just get a bong?

    Personally, I’d take Justin over Kevin FertileLoins ANY day. At least Justin has brought home an actual paycheck once or twice in his life.

  5. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Hey, did I miss something? I just got back to work from my crazy weekend of wild sex, champagne-drinking, and coke-snorting. It looks like you guys stayed busy – way to keep the posts coming!

  6. NewGuy

    Translation: I just got back from a sitting around by myself in my parents basement all weekend humping watermellons, drinking Green Mad Dog, and huffing Spray-Paint.


  7. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I would never drink Green Mad Dog. Everyone knows Banana Red is the best.

  8. beyond8

    sHe’s mad because Britney got that ass first. Whatever, Justina Timberfake…we’re starving for that killer comeback album!!!

  9. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    #59 and #61? um yeah i think shes got some issues.
    XD!!!!! i missed ya!!! and not to mention our agreement about slobba tross!!!! ;) #158??? / am 5 feet tall, and i WORK OUT FOR 3 HOURS 6 DAYS A WEEK!!! i weigh between 100-104 lbs and im HEALTHY!!!! i eat right, im a vegetarian ( although i believe humans were MEANT to eat meat, and i do NOT BELIEVE that eating animals is wrong– sorry had to get that out before i got ATTACKED!! ), and i believe in staying fit and healthy….um, brit? fat slob. just like kristen cavallari!!! oh, brit, please, get on the elliptical!!!!

  10. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    PS– #28 i totally agree with you completely. let that skank do what she wants, get fat and preggo with the second child ( i wonder if k-fug will leave her like shar??!!!!oh man, KARMA shitney….KARMA…) but still, shes so gross and brit? maybe you should just stop partying in vegas, nyc, whatever with him, i mean, YOUR PREGNANT FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!!
    whatever, she “stands by her man”— i mean she stands by her moocher
    PS XD— LUV YA!!!

  11. misty

    -to obnoxious ppl who gets appears to be hurt
    by this remark

    guess no one’s ever heard of responsible journalism anymore..

    so just put on post instead..
    source- A Bullshit Spinster

    Its just another stinking column that thrives at others displeasure but
    hey scandal sells.. life

  12. wow, the ex doesn’t like the new guy? weeeeeird….

  13. he was just jealous like all other men

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