Justin Timberlake doesn’t approve of K-Fed

March 30th, 2006 // 263 Comments

justin_timberlake_dislikes_kfed.jpgJustin Timberlake reportedly disapproves of Britney’s husband Kevin Federline, according to Star magazine.


  1. lawgrrl…just because you are anorexic, doesnt mean everyone who weighs more than 100 pounds is fat…stop being a stuck up bitch

  2. Binky

    #79 – Is this a test ?
    People People – get your sites str8 !!
    Perez = Gay
    Superficial = misogyistnistic, Frat Boy ‘Cagin’ Gay.

    Have fun Karl…

  3. lawgrrl…just because you are anorexic, doesnt mean everyone who weighs more than 100 pounds is fat…stop being a stuck up bitch

  4. krisdylee

    So I just poured myself a glass of wine, Cheers all of you… and holy crap, why all the nasties on these posts? Can’t we all just get along, and learn to slag the hell out of the celebs like the good Lord intended? See, it’s easy.. watch:
    That fucking J Timberlake is such a faggy ass and Britney, well, she should get her lumpy ass off to the gym before K-Fed leaves her for another unsuspecting fool and knocks her up too.
    Not hard, go on, give it a try…

  5. krisdylee…my favorite comment so far! <3

    I just dont like people calling other people fat, especially when they cant see them…saying anyone 5’5″ at 135 is fat is bullshit…

  6. QOTD

    Poor Brit!! Poor us that we have to see her dumb fat ass posted on every magazine on the stand. I mean come on, she’s a total idiot for still being married to K-Fed. If you ask me he’s the brain in that operation, he know’s exactly what he’s doing & how to get what he wants. Not to defend the poor excuse for a man that he is, but people get away with what other’s let them get away with. Watch him file for a divorce & take her for what’s she’s got, including custody of the baby!

  7. brooke

    i love justin k-fed is a loserr wannabee white boy rapperr who is an idiot pot headd loserrrr who shud go0 away nd britt shud leave his sryy ass nd teach this ass a lesson!!!!!!!!!!!!! imm all for justin!!! justin baby dnt wry bout brit! u can alwayss have me?!! haha i lovee u babeee

  8. PapaHotNuts

    I love the people who post on this site.

  9. St.Minutia

    Ok, a really looooooooooooong round of applause for Rogue and her well-researched rant, but for fuck’s sake people, enough with the novel-length posts.

    Papa, I <3 you. I’d buy your novel.

  10. Ultraviolins

    #58:…so…why did you mention a chemical site? Only people who live near Three-Mile Island or DuPont get eating disorders? I’m sorry if I missed something.

  11. lawgrrl

    jezebel, pushing a buck-fity are we?

  12. krisdylee

    am i fat???

  13. pissinbuttworthy

    i’d hit it…
    but that i mean papahotnuts

  14. pissinbuttworthy

    i’d hit it.
    by that i mean papahotnuts

  15. brooke5301

    lwwgrrl….i agree w/ jezebel…you are a dumb bitch…5’5 and 135 is considered “fat”? you must be reading bulimia-r-us weight handbook….!!

    and F.Y.I…i’m far from 150, and call me fat if you must, i could give a rat’s ass, but you are smokin’ crack…geez…

  16. Hara

    *Jumping on the Papa-love-train*
    btw, how do we know Timby even said this? I’m sure his original quote had more “knawwmean?”, “son” and “drop it like it’s hawwt”s anyway. Don’t ask me how that fits — take it up with JT. He’s the one who said it.

  17. paige

    #57, #18, #78
    You are all freaks – go find some other daddy figure to idolize you stalking, fanatic, crazed loons.

  18. Grphdesi23

    You wanna know why Brit stays with K-Fed?

    One word: publicity.

  19. Evangelia

    yeah, i was wondering that too.

  20. Jasmine

    lawgrrl…that’s it, put down the muffin. Food is evil…every morsel you consume is going to stick to your ribs. You don’t want to be 135 pounds, do you? That’s a girl, put down the muffin, go to the bathroom, snort a rail, and vomit up your acidic stomach bile. Now you are beautiful. Meth-mouth and protruding bones are hot; body fat is not!

  21. TXBlonde

    #118 – you think? I have always believed she has stayed with him because she’s too proud to admit she made a massive mistake in marrying his sorry white-trash ass. On the other hand, that sort of self-preservation tactic doesn’t really jive with showing one’s fat belly on the beach for everyone to see. That sort of publicity is not pretty. At all.
    papahotnuts, you have a way with words, cowboy!

  22. NewGuy

    I’m cooler than all of you. All of you are really gay. Im at least 86 times cooler than all of you and I literally JUST got back home from making sweet love to a chick at least twice as hot as the best looking chick you retards ever bumped into on the subway.

    Kill yourselves. I am #1, the second highest ranked person at life on this site is #3,540,398,324. Friggin pathetic.

  23. NewGuy

    And no, I did not make a mistake. The 86th coolest person in the world isn’t on the site right now, the next highest rank, as I said, is #3,540,398,324… It could be you. Remember that before you try to say anything.

    You suck.

  24. Binky

    Tanx for that Tom.
    (or is that U Perez ? – u gay undercover fox )
    (lame fairy.com )

  25. PapaHotNuts: Thanks for the kind words. And the insult.


    At least, I think.

  26. Binky

    I’ll insult u too if you want # 125.

    “Interesting. But try those again with the lens cap on. With ‘feeling’ this time.”

    (I thought they were good)

  27. boobtube

    Nothing more pathetic than losers throwing insults back and forth on this.

    kudos to jt, the jealousy finally came out. the upcoming remarks by k-fed should be delightful to read! it would be nice some day if britney sees the light and tries to get back with justin – ohhh, but such a cruel life celebrities with assloads of money live..

  28. Binky

    Great analysis of the sitution “Boob-tube.” Will you marry me ? How about we elope to Vegas ? You rock !!!

  29. Binky

    Hey – wait a sec. Maybe I read this before somewhere. Oh. oh. It could be a case of ‘deja lame’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Binky

    “Nobody likes me
    Everybody hates me
    I’m going to eat some WORMMMMs
    Long slim slimmy ones
    Ittsy-bitsy tiny ones
    Fuzzy-wuzzy, tiny weeny worms !”

    (Sorry was I off topic again ? It’s late and I’m waiting for somebody)(Oh – I heard JT is gay…I stopped reading the lead posts in about January)

  31. Britney obviously listened to Justin, she’s come to me for a makeover!

  32. Britney obviously listened to Justin, she’s come to me for a makeover!

  33. ? shhexycorin ?

    gah. silly double post nonsense. sorry

  34. Discordia

    He thinks Kevin is gross? What about that giant Pez dispenser he’s been fucking?

  35. Discordia

    He thinks Kevin is gross? What about that giant Pez dispenser he’s been fucking?

  36. Discordia

    Hmmm… what the hell happened there? I was replying to # 16. Oooh well.

  37. Kayla

    This post doesn’t merit 136 comments. :-/

    (Oh, the irony. I just made it 137.)

  38. CheekyChops

    Wait a min… Justin Timberlake is a expert because…??? He was in a boy band and he’s shagging a giant zit. He really has no room to comment on anyone IMO.

  39. boobtube

    binky you require more quotations and silly exclamation marks in your comments !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Binky

    “k”. Sorry #139 !!

  41. I don’t know why my mental picture of a face off of these two losers (K-(in)Bred and Timberfake) insists on playing out like those Abercrombie and Fitch skits on Mad TV? They would probably just end up in a sweaty pile together and lock Brit and Cam out of the room for the duration. As to their “faux blackness” do you think they would be surprised to learn that white chocolate actually contains no REAL chocolate at all???

  42. Conductor71

    #98 Thanks for keeping it short and to the point.

    K-Fed’s brain is actually a half-eaten corndog.

  43. whodatiz


    THANK GOD. I agree with you, but only to an extent. The females running all these insipid magazines are victims of the culture themselves. You see, the real, not man-hating feminists would say that this world is “male dominated”: certain ideas we accept, such as objectivism, is a male principle. Long story short, this holds women back (of course, accepting the idea that there is any difference between men and women and all (and there is)). If women had an equal say throughout history, all this bulimia-anorexic nonsense would be non-existant. And as I explained in my Vanity Fair post, stick-thin women aren’t “mens’ fault”: there are many who believe it is women who brought this up by trying to make themselves less attractive. But instead, men liked it.

    Out of the three, I’d bang K-Fed. He’s a manipulating mastermind.

  44. St.Minutia

    Dear New Guy,
    Doesn’t hanging out with the gay retards on this site lower your master-of-the-universe cool factor? You should leave now to prevent further slippage.

  45. MonkeyBrain

    5’5″ and 135 lbs isn’t FAT… but it sure ain’t thin, either. It’s “average” by US standards… but seriously, who the fuck wants to go by US standards?! The greasy ass homeless looking guy sitting in the corner of McDonald’s using his gut as a shelf for his Big Mac is AVERAGE by US standards. Isn’t like, a size 12 or 14 considered the “norm” now? What… the fuck?! Okay.. I can see where people are trying to go with this, but…. no. Just… NO. Seriously! That’s not right. That is not a nornal woman, or a healthy woman. That is someone who’s heart is gonna explode in like, 2 years. More importantly, that is someone who is going to take up another inch of MY seat on the subway, dammit!

    But yeah, in conclusion.. 5’5″ and 135 isn’t fat.. but I would say, it’s kinda squishy? Chunky? Fleshy? Basically, if your stomach hangs over your pants, even just a little, when you’re standing up (and I think it would at this height and weight) you may not be fat, but you’re definitely NOT in the clear.

    Go take a jog or something.

  46. MonkeyBrain

    P.S. I think I can safely say that I believe Justin is NOT jealous of Britney and K. Fed, nor does he harbor any feelings for her.

    I mean, Jesus, at this point who WOULDN’T feel sorry for her? Really. I used to LOATHE that biatch and even I feel fucking bad for her. I find myself kind of wishing she WOULD go and make a comeback, just because she’s so disgustingly pathetic and sad that I’ve grown to pity her immensely.

  47. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Did #89 call me “OnionsinhisAssholes”?

  48. No – I think Onions was #69.

  49. sundaybl00dysunday

    #146 I totally agree!!

    And we gotta admint since Britney left Justin, her life, carreer, image and everything she had felt appart, I mean just look at her!!! deffinitely her best days were when she was with JT, then she was the “pop princess” or so, she had a clean image, and a clean hair and clothes too lol, and now she totally looks like taken out of a trash container yuk, everytime I see her makes me want to puke.

  50. innit

    5’5″ and 135 lbs…. mmm, I love me some cottage cheese

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