Justin Timberlake doesn’t approve of K-Fed

March 30th, 2006 // 263 Comments

justin_timberlake_dislikes_kfed.jpgJustin Timberlake reportedly disapproves of Britney’s husband Kevin Federline, according to Star magazine.


  1. Kelly

    Aww Justin. Be a man and tell that bitch you were the best dick ever. And that you guys were so pretty together that we got diabetes just looking at your cuteness together. If she was with you she would still have a career though you probabl would not because she would not have inspired you to write a FU song. But yes you were her best dick ever!!

  2. snark

    “He’s pretty sad at how things turned out for her.” What a smug prick. It’s not like his career has been smokin’ lately, either. And Cameron Diaz might be even stupider than K-Fed.

  3. bone_daddio

    dance off –> around the brittney giving birth sculpture! yes…with her spraying on them…awesome! can’t ever be No. 1…

  4. Jacq

    He can pretty mych say anything he wants about her because he’ll always be the only guy who got her virginity. He is, however, number 896,656,468,463,875,196 to speak out about not liking Kevin Federline.

  5. Wait, I thought they were the same person…

  6. Blaze

    Well I dont knwo about you but I am in love with Britney Spears!! She is just so real. SHe doesnt’ care what you say, what I asy . or what Justin says..

    I hate K-Fed. He’s nothing but a dick weed.

    You’ll all see one day she will return back tot eh top of teh charts.. you wait adn see, when Country goes out again she will be teh reason.


  7. KittyKat

    I don’t like Britney or Federslime, but this sounds pretty cocky of Timberlake to say. Perhaps he still has feelings for her & is jealous?

  8. Italian Stallion

    I can just hear him singing to Brittney right now.

    “I want rock your body, come back to me, dance with me.”
    “I’m gonna get your FAT ass, back into shape, dance with me.”
    “No need to cry about, Kevin being gay, come back to me.”

  9. Grphdesi23

    I may be the only person who thinks that Justin wasn’t being insensitive and rude that he said he’s sorry things didn’t turn out better for Britney.

    I think he might still care about her and wishes they had lasted. Now he’s stuck with fugly Cameron and Britney with nasty K-Fed.

    Karma’s a bitch.

  10. You guys are always hilarious, but the idea of a dance-off is truly priceless. You should pitch ideas to Saturday Night Live. Maybe then the show would be funny again. PRICELESS!

  11. aimatcha

    Are we supposed to care what this snot-nosed boob thinks? Go cry to your mama.

    Britney made her bed…now she’s gotta lie in it…with sheets that smell like Cheeto and K-Fed stank.

  12. Jayne

    Cameron Diaz isn’t much a beaut either.

    hey, neither are you Justin.

  13. Never thought I’d say this, but I agree with something Justin Timberlake said. Whether I like Spears or not, it is kinda sad to see all the money that she busted her ass all during her teen years to earn, being blown by this waste of space. Anybody on this site could spend that money better than that douchebag. (Most would spend it on a lawyer who could figure out how to keep it without staying married to the dumpster queen)

  14. prideofchucky

    Looking at that picture Justin should be more concerned to find a
    GEE-ZUS Timberlake, how much do you pay for those Brazilian’s?

  15. Jewbacca

    K-fed would kick timberlakes ass.

  16. PapaHotNuts

    I’m sure the feud between these two thugs will be played out on the streets of Compton with 9mm guns turned sideways, a jumbled mix of Cry Me a River and Popozoa blaring from their Escalades sittin’ on chrome 20′s, a dazzling array of gang signs, and a complete and total misuse of the word “nigga”.

    Gangstas will be gangstas, regardless if one used to be on the Mickey Mouse Show and the other grew up on the mean streets of upper class Fresno.

    I personally can’t wait for K-Fed’s response. 2-1 it involves Timberlake being “a lil’ bitch”, “getting dealt wit”, or “wishin he had mad skillz like me”. Whatever he says, it will more than likely be journalistic gold.

  17. krisdylee

    Justin, be the hero, go and profess your love to her, kick K-fed’s ass, take Brit and SP and run away, where y’all can live happily ever after. It is the fairy tale of the modern ages, right?

  18. snark

    That’s gold, PapaHotNuts…gold!

  19. heifferzzz

    It’s obvious guys, JT is sooo totally scared of the competition from K-Fed’s music. No truly…

    “But you can call him Daddy instead”

  20. Maeve97

    This just in…Justin says that he is sorry to hear that Elvis died. He also thinks that Michael Jackson is really creepy.

  21. asha

    Justin obviously still cares about Brit, but I think only as friends, and its true though ever since him, things just went downhill for her, and Justin ended up dating Cameron who looks like the Cheshire Cat so he didnt do that well either, by the way PapaHotNuts, your hillarious!!!

  22. How gracious of Justin to take time off from popping Cameron’s zits to issue a statement displaying a pity as false as his faux blackness. Please God, let there be some resurgence of rock to wash all these talentless fucks away forever.

  23. Nyt

    On the plus side for Justin, atleast both he & Cameron have their own money & don’t need an allowance.

  24. auh2o

    He’s wearing lipstick, right? I mean, that’s totally lipstick, right? Hello? Anyone? Dude looks like a lady, no? Nevermind….

  25. gogoboots

    They’re both gross whatever!

  26. boogaloo

    speaking of the dance-off around the scultpture….I KNEW I saw the brit birth pose in print before – aside from porno that is. anyone else see the similarity between that & the “Lemonade” sugar ray album cover?

    coincidence? I think not.

  27. horriblecherry

    Lipstick? That’s lipgloss!!! Whoah, maybe he regrets leaving brit because he misses the days he could wear her lipstick and now all he has is Cameron Diaz’s shitty shiney lipgloss. And perhaps it was Brit who used to lend him the tweezers. I think that line of hair missing is where he went at the eyebrows with a shear and missed.

  28. playahater101

    That last part of the superficial post was so funny. I actually read an article that claims JT saw K-fed out in Vegas and that K-Fed was fooling around with some girls. And he called Brit to warn her that her hubby was a scum but she ignored his warnings. So this kinda makes me think that is true. But JT should worry about his own life and let Brit ruin hers.

  29. justin also said that k-fed was a booger-eater…

  30. snark

    As far as a dance-off is concerned, K-Fed probably also has more stamina from the exertion of hauling his belly fat in and out of the SUV and walking into the gas station to buy cigarettes.

  31. HughJorganthethird

    You’d think that JT wouldn’t want to draw attention to the fact that even K-fed is more manly than he is. Say what you want about douchebag Federline, and we always do, but at least he wasn’t in a BOY band with 4 other effeminate pussies.

  32. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    When JT disapproves, who in their right mind can approve?

  33. playahater101

    #31, you have a good point. At least we are all positive K-Fed is straight. The jury’s still out on JT. He sounds a little jealous of K-Fed and his relationship with Brit. Maybe JT wants him instead.

  34. BigJim

    This is an ex-lover’s quarrel, except Craterlake is pissed at Federslime because the latter dumped him for Britney. Here’s a ditty that Justin wrote about his hurt feelings:

    Rump ranger
    Protein exchanger
    Not a stranger
    To anal danger

    Front rider
    Salami hider
    Vaseline slider
    Butt cheek divider
    Bone smuggler
    Nut juggler

    These are the names I call my ex-boyfriend to piss him off
    Pickle poker
    Heinie poker
    Chicken choker
    Man-hood stroker

    Butt slammer
    Poop jammer
    Rear rammer
    Intestine crammer
    Jump humper
    Scrotum lover

    These are the names I call my ex-boyfriend to piss him off

  35. thisone

    Britney dug her own grave. Justin should be pop-n-lockin’ all over the rooftops that she didn’t drag his ass down with her hillbilly ass.

    I’d pick an effeminate, shower taking pussy like Justin over a douchebag like Kevin any day.

  36. “We had a lot of great years together.” Why is he commenting on his ex?

    Clearly Justin is not yet over Britney. Justin is using Cameron Diaz to get Britney jealous. Justin doesn’t love Cameron. If he did, they would have adopted a baby from Uganda by now.

  37. Bugman4045

    16. Posted by PapaHotNuts
    I can’t top that.

  38. All his manliness went out the window the day he cut off his frosted curls.

  39. jugsgirl

    And Who Cares?

    What I want to know is why is George W. in Cancun during Spring Break?

    Why wouldn’t he meet with the Mexican President in the Capital mexico City?

    This timing is a little fishy Mr. Bush.

  40. bjpack

    Why the picture of Sinead under a J-tim story?

  41. bjpack

    Why the picture of Sinead under a J-tim story?

    Also, #39, he heard they were filming “Bush Gone Wild” and thought it was going to be about him.

  42. bjpack

    God damned double posts.

  43. bjpack

    God damned double posts..

  44. that-dog-is-shifty-eyed

    This is a total crock. K-Fed has been on Justin’s payroll this whole time. Needless to say Timberlake has been laughing his ass off for a couple of years now. Who knew revenge could be so cruel?

  45. hafaball

    It’s too bad there’s no more Celebrity Death Match…this would have been the best. PLus, it seems without CD there’s more and more people to make fun of… I hope it comes back! :/

  46. ob1

    Sounds like these two wankers need a good fisting. I hear Clay Aiken’s busy. Hey Jacq, how bout you?

  47. Zed

    First the whacked-out Scientologists put up signs at TC’s (Xenu’s) house to tell Katie (Rosemary) Holmes that she must shut up during childbirth but make understandable motions with her hands.

    THEN we’re subjected to a photo of that gay guy Ryan Seacrest smoochin’ with desperate Teri Hatchett-face, who is earnestly seeking a new mate and who is about 90 years his senior. Not to mention she is a w-o-m-a-n. Hello?

    And NOW Justin Timberlake turns out to be the very first person in recorded history to say he thinks that smooth dude, the warm and fuzzy, highly intelligent, socially together Kevin Federline is gross. Kevin? He said that about Kevin? Can you imagine??

    The worm has turned, I tell you.

    I hope you all have your heavy-duty crash helmets on because we’re all in for a very rough ride from this point out. Armageddeon here we come!

  48. LB

    Christ, the flamingly uptight Anglican college at U of T had a Dance Off last week. Us rational Catholic college students looked on in abject horror as a fool in acommunist flag and some fat chick wiggled and waggled their way across a carpted smoking room floor to the cheers of their fellows and the jeers of their foes.
    So yeah, I propoes the danceoff take place in a very, very expensive looking Smoking Room to the tune of Holla back girl.

  49. mija289

    Starr reported this so why even go further.

  50. Jacq

    HEY! OB1 – EAT SHIT!!!
    I was kidding around in my Mariah post, but you’re obviously an ass-clown. I’m sure the only reason that you can’t make the double fisting party is because your hands are alternately:
    a) one thumb in your nose and the other hand is up your own butt
    b) one on the mouse and the other on your crotch
    c) you’re morbidly obese and they’d have to knock out a wall to get you there (had to throw that one in for good measure)
    BTW – When was the last time that you talked to Clay? When he was begging you to come to his hotel room?

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