Justin Timberlake cheating with Kate Hudson?

While Jessica Biel is in London filming her new movie, Justin Timberlake is supposedly keeping busy with Kate Hudson. In defiance of all logic, the two have been spotted together recently and it’s been more than friendly. Life & Style reports:

Justin was spotted in early February having lunch at a Whole Foods Market in NYC with Kate Hudson. And on Jan. 11, Justin and Kate were seen at the new club Villa in Hollywood and reports circulated that they kissed.

There’s no way this can be true. Justin Timberlake wouldn’t just wake up one morning and decide he hates having sex with Jessica Biel which is scientifically impossible. That’s like getting into Heaven and saying “Eh. It’s alright, I guess. Do you mind if I just slam my penis in the Pearly Gates instead?” Because that’s what I imagine sex with Kate Hudson is like. And also Matthew McConaughey is in the background bench-pressing a walrus. I should really see a therapist.

Photos: INFdaily.com