Justin Timberlake cheating with Kate Hudson?

February 21st, 2008 // 55 Comments

While Jessica Biel is in London filming her new movie, Justin Timberlake is supposedly keeping busy with Kate Hudson. In defiance of all logic, the two have been spotted together recently and it’s been more than friendly. Life & Style reports:

Justin was spotted in early February having lunch at a Whole Foods Market in NYC with Kate Hudson. And on Jan. 11, Justin and Kate were seen at the new club Villa in Hollywood and reports circulated that they kissed.

There’s no way this can be true. Justin Timberlake wouldn’t just wake up one morning and decide he hates having sex with Jessica Biel which is scientifically impossible. That’s like getting into Heaven and saying “Eh. It’s alright, I guess. Do you mind if I just slam my penis in the Pearly Gates instead?” Because that’s what I imagine sex with Kate Hudson is like. And also Matthew McConaughey is in the background bench-pressing a walrus. I should really see a therapist.

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. Matthew M.

    Don’t believe a fucking thing that walrus says.

  2. Mike

    FIRST you Jimbo sucking cunts

  3. gits

    Wow she really loves the queers trying to pass.

  4. people like boobs

    Kate is doing everyone who isn’t nailed down. Er, something like that. She’s a touch whorish, let’s say.

  5. Ript1&0

    Wait… I thought Kate Hudson was “hot” according to the average male. I don’t get it.

    Although, McConahay and a walrus? That’s some action I want to be a part of. Can they make out while I watch? Ok then.

  6. Max

    I’m not surprised. After awhile, even Justin Timberlake would get tired of being pounded in the ass by an angry repressed lesbian workout freak wearing a limits-of-pain strapon.

  7. Cindy

    They weren’t kissing. Kate was showing Justin her latest cock-sucking technique.

  8. Auntie Kryst

    So what’s the over/under on how many days before this soft boy tries to OD on heroin because he’s dating Black Widow Hudson? Maybe we should start up a box square pool instead? A buck a square sound fair?

  9. Tapeworm

    This bird-faced cunt is hideous. I wouldn’t fuck her with Rosie O’Donnell’s dick.

  10. Wendy

    Justin is more of an Owen-pussy than a Heath-pussy, so instead of drugs he’ll do the 15-year-old girl wrist-scratching thing. I’m guessing her vadge has some type of especially bad stockyard stench that drives these guys to suicide.

  11. Kate H.

    I AM the walrus.

  12. havoc

    Damn, she gets around doesn’t she?


  13. LL

    Number 6! Hahaha, that was funny.

    I’d choose Kate over Jessica ANY day. Jessica has zero personality, actually negative zero.

  14. LL

    Number 6! Hahaha, that was funny.

    I’d choose Kate over Jessica ANY day. Jessica has zero personality, actually negative zero.

  15. I agree with 13/14. Hudson’s cute, funny, and can act, all things Beil is NOT.

    Where’s D.R.? He needs to come to my office. The men’s bathroom stench is drifting in here again..

  16. Mack

    I could easily imagine Kate, Justin, and Owen in a threesome, with Kate there mostly to hand around the lubricant.

  17. Miss Fit

    I heard that Jessica Biel is a dead fuck and just lies there, so it’s no wonder he is now with Kate.

    In another 60 years, Kate with be a cute little hairball, just like her mother, you know, when you see a picture of Goldie, now, all you see is hair, hairball, and no face.

  18. Guys

    “Hudson’s cute, funny, and can act”

    don’t care, don’t care, don’t care. Biel has a much better body. Other than sucking, swallowing, and getting splattered with thick ropey semen, we don’t care what the chick’s head can do.

  19. Soul Survivor

    I imagine if you put that scrawny runt Timberlake between Biel’s legs it would look like she has a dick. A tiny little one with a knobby head. With Hudson they would just look like two pencils rolling around on the floor…

  20. Ted from LA

    I hope they had to do a lot of takes in that commercial where Justin gets hit in the nuts.

  21. roastbeef

    “thick ropey semen” is the most dusgusting description I have ever heard

  22. Lorena Bobbitt

    If Jessica Biel finds out, she’ll be angry enough to team up with Cameron Diaz and start penis-slicing their way to wherever Justin is hiding.

  23. D.Stowater

    That strange man Perez Hilton says she’s pregnant. But he does say a lot of silly things.

  24. #18 with talk like that I’ll bet you LOTS of action..

  25. Guys

    FRIST, I’ll take your LOTS of action and bet you alcohol-fueled mistake sex.

  26. rly


  27. Chip Douglas

    Was it wrong when she and I had sex that I yelled out “Goldie!!!”

  28. Truth


  29. D. Richards (Load.)

    Kat the Whore comes from weak stock that ages twice as fast as normal human-beings: beauty is ever fleeting, and fast.

    Don’t believe me? Two words — Goldie Hawn.

  30. Jamie

    Yea I saw somewhere that she is prego…if you go to people.com or us magazine there are pictures of her and she does look a little think in the waste but it could be the clothes. Wouldn’t that be something kate prego with Justin’s baby! Didn’t he and Britney break up b/c she cheated on him???

  31. Rick

    I’d rather fuck Jennifer Biel, exactly because she’s an angry lesbian. The last thing she wants is to be penetrated by a guy. That’s why she works out so much and is so buff. Wrestling her over to the bed, ripping her clothes off, pinning her down, and watching her face as she fails to prevent sudden deep DRY ripping penetration…goddamn, I’m rock hard just thinking about it.

  32. Yoko Ono

    # 23 Perez Hilton… Speaking of getting splattered with thick, ropey semen.

  33. Danielle

    Jessica Biel looks like a man. Her face is DISGUSTING.

  34. Shep

    Justin would rather do Kate Hudson then Jessica Biel? Just another reason why I think he’s gay cause he obviously has no taste in woman at all. He’s just like “she has a vagina so if i have sex with her it will make me look less gay”

  35. Netsurfer

    With Kate doing every male in Hollywood under the age of 45, when does she have time for acting?

  36. hairdressertothestars

    Hmmmm…rumor is she’s preggers, too. Justin’s the baby daddy??

  37. La Frascatana

    This woman’s pussy is like Vietnam, it crushes your spirit and leaves you a broken shell of a man.

    Soon Justin Timberlake will be propped up on a cane onstage, bandages around his head, forgetting the words to “SexyBack,” and crying even though he won’t know why, shortly before shitting himself and dropping dead.

  38. misery bunny

    the REAL issue is why anyone is interested in Justin Timberlake.

  39. misery bunny

    other than wilder valderama. or whatever his name is.

  40. traciil

    she is so gorgeous.Her album is the most popular one at the celebrity and millionaire dating site named”SearchingMillionaire.com”

  41. lala

    why is everyone bashing kate hudson? shes GORGEOUS and actually talented (have you seen her in Almost Famous!?). Jessica Biel sucks… cant act and is mediocre looking, at best.

  42. Rebecca

    #41 is right on. You guys are retards to say anything about Kate Hudson. A shit ton better than man-body Jessica Beil. At least shes feminine. Besides, Jessica Beil looks like a fucking thumb with eyes.

  43. 23apples

    I dunno.. Jessica seems like a bitch. Justin is too sensitive for a harsh relationship… Don’t you remember? He was in a boy band… end of discussion

  44. The Laughing God

    I like rough sex.

  45. D. Richards (Scatman.)

    Frist . . . Shut-up.

    Hold on! The men’s room stench, does it smell like Taco Bell?

  46. Joe C

    Man! She is just a little hussy. I think her mom looked much better in her day. Kate had about six months a few years ago when she looked hot and then has steadily gone downhill.

  47. James

    Cheating on Jessica Biel with Kate Hudson is like trading in a Lexus for Dodge.

  48. sweet mama

    justin with the hollywood slut ………………. haha priceless she is so talented he wont commit s for her

  49. Pete

    Kate Hudson is far hotter than Jessica Biel … Jessica Biel does not have a hot body, she has the body of a fucking man, I fail to see how that is sexy? These Hollywood gimps need to stop doing so much exercise, it makes women look worse not better. By all means stay fit and healthy. But no ass and defined muscle tone is not sexy on a woman!

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