Justin Timberlake: Britney’s a Madonna wannabe

March 11th, 2008 // 108 Comments

Justin Timberlake took a pot-shot at Britney Spears last night while inducting Madonna into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Us Magazine reports:

Timberlake punctuated his remarks with, “The world has always been full of Madonna wannabes and I might have even dated a couple.”

Justin Timberlake, we’re not so different, you and I. We both like to have sex with Jessica Biel and enjoy a good Britney Spears joke. Listen, I know I’ll get the short end of the stick on this deal, but if you want to make fun of Britney some more, why don’t you do my job for a day? As for me, I dunno, I guess I could have sex with Jessica Biel for a day. It’ll be tough, but, I respect you as an artist so I’m willing to make the sacrifice. I’m like a beacon of the human spirit and generosity and stuff. But, really, how soon could you get her here?

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  1. Also, Britney complied? Is Britney a dog, or something? Madonna is shallow and she uses people and then dumps them.

  2. Cindy's Friend

    There is a difference between aging gracefully and just aging. Somebody needs to recognize this isn’t the effect of old age, but the lingering traces of former hard partying. Madonna looks like she has Prader Willy Syndrome. It is time for the bags over the head and Madonna. You would think she could afford a face transplant, nevermind a face lift, with all of her wealth.

  3. tobor the 8th man
    ‘Rock and Roll’ isn’t actual ROCK music, its the original R&B music. Thats Rhythm and Blues, if you don’t know. Maybe you became confused because ‘we’ call Elvis Presley the ‘King of Rock and Roll’. The ultimate ironic bullshit sham of music industry.

    Oh and Justin Timberlake, you’ve NEVER copied anyone in your life, ever. You’re a total innovator.

  4. honeyrose

    Didn’t she used to have a gap between her two front teeth? What happened to it? I think she looks ghastly but then have you seen Cher lately..my gaad…….

  5. honeyrose

    Didn’t she used to have a gap between her two front teeth? What happened to it? I think she looks ghastly but then have you seen Cher lately..my gaad…….

  6. meesh...

    justin’s a hag!!!!!
    i’m just wondering why he keeps on making fun of britney spears…
    maybe he can’t still get over with her…
    i even think he still loves her but can’t accept the fact that her friend turned out to be that way…
    i really saying those were just his defense mechanism…

    ergo, JUSTIN’S AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!

    i love him laughing WITH britney…
    NOT laughing AT britney….

  7. jake turner

    Well i love Britney and i like Madonna and Justin ( 4 minutes is great ) . They have all made some really great dance songs over the years. I think Justin is a good-looking guy and a lot of the men on here are just jealous of him—plain and simple. What he said about Britney wasn’t that bad and Britney herself has said she’s a Madonna fan and Madonna loved her Blackout cd. I’m sure everyone out there has one Britney-Madonna-or Justin song they secretly love…

    Now with all that said -Justin can be an aggravating jerk with an urban accent that can be hot or annoying depending on my mood — but a sexy jerk and Madonna can be scary at times too but no one is perfect … except maybe George Clooney or Colin Farrell or Ashton Kutcher !!!!!!!

  8. Johan

    What hypocrisy!!!


    He copies her ways in his sexualizing his songs,his vocals,lyrics,titles,like that

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