Justin Timberlake: Britney’s a Madonna wannabe

March 11th, 2008 // 108 Comments

Justin Timberlake took a pot-shot at Britney Spears last night while inducting Madonna into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Us Magazine reports:

Timberlake punctuated his remarks with, “The world has always been full of Madonna wannabes and I might have even dated a couple.”

Justin Timberlake, we’re not so different, you and I. We both like to have sex with Jessica Biel and enjoy a good Britney Spears joke. Listen, I know I’ll get the short end of the stick on this deal, but if you want to make fun of Britney some more, why don’t you do my job for a day? As for me, I dunno, I guess I could have sex with Jessica Biel for a day. It’ll be tough, but, I respect you as an artist so I’m willing to make the sacrifice. I’m like a beacon of the human spirit and generosity and stuff. But, really, how soon could you get her here?

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  1. Cheeseburger

    Nobody’s an original.

  2. meeee

    He should be helping Brit not kickin her while she’s down.

  3. sam

    Madonna was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and was given the award by Justin Timberlake? Is this some kind of an early April Fool’s joke? Or have I woken up in Bizarro World, where Madonna’s talented.

  4. meh

    Is it just me or Madonna looking more and more scary in her old age?

  5. tina

    Madonna is a pretty woman. There are so many fans of her. And they set up the groups related to stars. You can even check out their sexy and beautiful photos, videos and blogs at Richsoulmate.com.

  6. sidv

    There is nothing sexier than an old grandma with yellow teeth and peach lipstick on. Especially when she looks like Carrot Top from the neck down.

  7. grits2005

    I have never understood the hype about Madonna. I have never thought she had any talent either. Then again Im only one person and if we all thought the same things the same way then this would be an awful boring place. I just wish all these stars would give some of there millions that they will never even need to go towards our deficit or maybe give it to finance cancer research. I dunno I just think that its crazy how much they make doing a whole lot of nothing while my husband is a US Marine and risks his life for such a small amount fo money we qualify for WIC lmao. Ah enough of my ramble. It is what it is after all.

  8. caljenna66

    What’s Jennifer Aniston doing there, and why is she topless?

    Ok, I actually don’t have an issue with Miss Aniston, I just couldn’t resist. Kudos to Iggy Pop for his lovely shiny hair.

  9. L.Linus

    My problem with Madonna is the people she stepped-on, while she climbed to the top. When parents were asking her to not pushing the gay stuff, the sex with anyone stuff, the disrespect to the parents stuff and wild and craziness. But now she has a couple of kids, she won’t let them know that she was the #one slut in the world. Be real, be yourself like told everyone back in the 80′s and 90′s.

  10. loki

    Nobody’s an original — except the first one.

  11. Obviously Obvious

    Jeez …………. Ya Think ?
    She hasn’t been sighted squatting over a mirror naked like Madonna – yet

  12. shane

    No, the site was called SellMySoulForRiches.com and Madonna has since taken her profile down, so it’s safe to assume that she found a match.

  13. nini

    that´s a really Ugly dress !!!

  14. zuzuspetals

    Wow what an asshole. I’ve always wondered why he’s famous and how he could get anyone to date him. My best guess is that Cameron Diaz was slightly out of her mind to stay with him for so long.
    I’m convinced that he still wears underoos. I think that when he said he was bringing sexy back, he really meant underoos.

  15. tobor the 8th man

    @4 – Bizarro World for sure. Madonna and JT in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?? Neither rock. And Iggy in Versace?? Has the world gone mad?

  16. Guy

    Wow, hes saying that Madonna is the original pop icon or something?

    Madonna is notorious for copying everything, changing her style of music all the time, etc…

  17. fergernauster

    Yeah. Jeezus… yellow, gapped teeth and pale-peach lipstick. Yummzas.

    Peach lipstick is the SOLE indicator of granny-dom.

    And what’s with the arm-behind-the-back pose, you ripped granny-panty poseur…

    The only thing I envy about this person is her money.

  18. Harry Ballzack

    @6 –
    If you think she’s so freaking pretty, why don’t you follow her around and snort up her skanky smelly vaginal ooze – She was the #1 Slut in America 20 years ago, and now she’s a born again self appointed “saint” who writes books for kids who have never had to witness her ugly ass in every magazine. Gawd my eyes are STILL scorched. I know for a fact, it would be a {{frigid}} day in hell before I even let MY kids look at one of her books.
    I remember it well. It scarred me for life.

  19. Well… she sure has come a loooooooooong way from the time she randomly picked me up in her limo on the Lower East Side to show me those “tonsil tricks” and… oh my… I’ve said too much…

  20. sam

    She’s an untalented whore who paved the way for all the stupid pop tarts that followed. After Madonna, possessing any musical talent became completely irrelevant for female artists.

  21. Guy


    Yep, just a computer and voice synthesizer

  22. cap'n Pickles

    I remember timberlake’s superbowl commercial. He spoke, and I turned to my brother and said “That bitch has no tits”. Seriously. How can a high-pitched skinny pasty dude like that get any trim. Oh, yeah. Forgot. Money.

  23. Dalilamar

    She can´t move her face!!!!!!!!! Oh my god this Botox!

  24. fygu

    So her marraige is over, right? But she doesn’t want it publicized right now because of all the press she’s been getting for positive things.

  25. Sid

    Wow, poor Britney. Accused of being an imposter…by a wigger.

  26. cb

    “She sings better than she looks, she dances better than she sings, and everyone knows a girl who is a better dancer.” – Clive James

    “A thimble of talent thrown into an ocean of ambition.” – Mick Jagger

    “She is closer to organized prostitution than anything else.” – Morrissey

    Justin apparently forgot to work these quotes into the introduction.

  27. havoc

    Justin’s a pussy.
    Madonna’s a hag.


  28. steve

    Not just a wigger, but a gay wigger who pretends to be straight.

  29. Ed

    She’s only a musician because she can’t act. All she really loves are microphones and cameras.

  30. Andy

    Hey Madonna — nice 1000-yard stare. Did you just finish a combat tour or did somebody forget to replace the batteries?

  31. Dee

    Justin said he loves focusing on a girl’s ass.

  32. She looks so lifelike. It’s amazing what those people at Madame Tussaud’s can do.

  33. D. Richards (Scum.)

    What-a cock. Now, I hate Britney Spears as much as the next asshole, but what I really despise in this world is a hypocrite:

    Like Timberlake isn’t a fucking Michael Jackson wannabe; Stealing Jacko’s dance, high-pitched singing, ambiguous voice, and all that shit. Fag.

  34. guest1234567

    #30 She’s not a musician.
    The R&R H of Fame is now officially a sham.

    Fuck her and her fake accent.
    Fuck Justin for kicking his old friend while she’s down.

  35. Zang

    What happened was JT said “yo, I even dated couple doze bitches, no’m sayin?” and then an actual black man stood up and shot him. Everybody cheered.

  36. rockdust

    Is that Sarah Jessica Parker’s mom?

  37. sibi

    Madonna made a career out of pandering to a gay audience. She then joined a homophobic cult, all the while retaining her fanbase. This is why every entertainer knows that gay fans are money in the bank.
    Speaking of gays, people better post more comments before Madonna’s fans wake up from a late night of clubbin’ and start calling her a legend and an icon, ’cause it’s gonna happen.

  38. Julia

    Justin Timberlake has a very short memory. Who over the age of 14 had actually heard of him before he started going out with her?

  39. Susan

    “This is why every entertainer knows that gay fans are money in the bank.”

    True. That’s why Fish is careful to include lots of butt shots for the…’guys’ here.

  40. itc

    isn’t justin a george michael wannabe too?

  41. Lo

    Those who actually use the term “wigger” seriously should be put down to save the world from their stupidity. Sounds like someone is bitter because a white man, once again, did the “black” music thing better and made more money with it.

    Don’t hate the artist, hate the people that buy the shit that supports the artist. Just like everyone else, JT is only doing his job. His just happens to include hot bitches, great parties, and platinum records.

  42. Abdo

    Wow!..Madonna .You can’t run away from forces of nature.
    @41..Justin&Usher are always Michael Jackson wannabe

  43. havoc

    He forgot to say ” and what-not”

  44. Lo = IQ level

    He didn’t do it better. The “white man” never does. White musicians take the edge off black music, along with the originality, and market a radio-friendly “pop” version that can be supported by a huge marketing machine that was never available to the original artists. There’s every reason to hate the sell-out “artist” (that term should be reserved for creative people, not vanilla copycats).

  45. Who do all these aging chicks start wearing spiderleg mascara and keep their eyes open wide like that? It does NOT stretch out the crow’s feet.

    I thought she was the ultimate in the 80′s, when I was a kid. She just got too fricking weird.

  46. Barack

    “His just happens to include hot bitches, great parties, and platinum records.”

    Save the “it’s all about the benjamins” bullshit for the n i g g e r s. Whether he accepts it or not, JT is white, and white men are expected to live by more highly evolved standards than that.

  47. sapphire eyes

    Madonna looks an awful lot like some messed up version of Sharon Stone in these pictures. I can’t believe how much plastic surgery she’s had! It even changed her voice — from Midwestern accent to English accent, all in a few years.

    Maybe Britney caught the crazy bug from Madonna when they had their (in)famous tonsil tickling event.

    Maybe JT can induct all of us into the Music Hall of Shame. If all you need to do is have no talent to sing, dance, or dress, hey, I’m in!

    Once I get my face botoxed to my ass, first.

  48. madonna looks like iggy pop’s grandmother

  49. god

    She looks still sexy. I saw her rpofile on millionaire personals site “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m” last week. Is she single now?

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