Justin Timberlake and Scarlett Johansson make music videos

February 9th, 2007 // 70 Comments

Sorry for all the Anna Nicole Smith. To break it up here’s Justin Timberlake’s music video for “What Goes Around… Comes Around” which premiered on iTunes today. It’s basically the longest music video ever and is the supposed reason Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake broke up. So if you need to rinse Anna Nicole Smith from your brain give it a little look before it’s pulled off YouTube.


  1. Lowlands

    I’m so honored.

  2. MissDior17

    Cameron Diaz or Britney Spears? It seemed like it was directed at Britney since he recorded the song while he was with Cameron.

  3. ballsweat

    First!!! Whoohoo…..

    That Scarlet Johansson makes my balls sweat!

  4. ballsweat

    Fuck, I guess that makes me third… should have pressed send faster, eh??

  5. Thatshot


  6. cheatedhearts

    I hate to admit it but i actually like this song.

    Scarlett Johansson is so pretty!

  7. missykissy

    It’s no dick in a box… I could have used a little more cowbell.

  8. Whammer Jammer

    Nice hat Justin!

  9. Pointandlaugh

    scarlett johansson is so damn HOT.

    that video was not really mirroring the story in the song though.

  10. MissDior17

    So he secretly wishes death upon Cameron or Britney? That’s harsh.

  11. Binky

    I can’t even get the friggin’ thing. Do I have to torrent less porn at the same time ? Or what ?
    (Just kidding ladies – it’s torrents of Chomsky lectures)

  12. dannielynn'sdaddy

    Pardon me, I appear to be lost. What does this have to do with Anna Nicole Smith again?

  13. Binky

    I agree #12 but at least he(?) said ‘sorry’.
    Saying sorry for no apparent reason is the first ‘level’ in becoming a Canadian.
    Beware world ! We’re everywhere and spreading… (like that green stuff at the back of my fridge.)

  14. sol

    scarlett’s tits remind me of anna’s, and i am in mourning once again.

  15. JennaJo85

    Is he ever gonna get over nasty ole Britney cheating on him? I have to admit tho using a car wreck to symbolize Britney’s wreck of a life is awesome!!

  16. pookiedoo

    I will never get sick of celebs sending their exes a “Fuck you” via a music video. I’m just jealous I can’t do the same.

  17. Binky

    The Vid finally came through.
    What the hell was that?
    To put out that level of crap you should have to serve a year or two in Iraq. Then some people might appreciate the ‘effort.’
    But I’m still not convinced ‘Karaoke Boy Band’ is the best vehicle to further civilization.
    Like – I’ll still need some convincing – even though Timber seems to have all the current payola support.
    (Just kidding – I like a tune or two in the elevator)

  18. Binky

    Oh. Ok, dear. Of course I thought it was deep.
    Was that Fellini ? What drama.


  19. Carsten5577

    Shlock t.v.

    What’s the story line? If you need to ask that question after watching a video, then it didn’t make any sense. Looks like he was getting set up by the girl and his pal. In any case, if Timberlake was better looking and more talented, I’d say he’s the George Michael of his generation.

  20. Bigicedaddy

    Jesus fuck that was some BORING shit!!Rather watch my balls 4 10minutes straight then this shit, at least they r more original. Can t imagine how much clamps they must have thrown at Nick Cassavetes 2 have his name in this puddle of mud/shit/crap/vomit/urin drenched blood stains/!

  21. TurdFerguson

    Dick in a box was better.

  22. oh, you sly boots.

    That a long BORING music video.
    JT only entertains me when he dances.

  23. oh, you sly boots.

    *That’s :|

  24. LyraBelacqua

    Well that was certainly no “Thriller”. Not even a “Dick in a Box”. Length of video: totally unjustified. Basically an excuse for Timberlake to make out with Scarlett Johansson as much as possible. Not that I can blame him, but it still sucked. Should’ve had Scarlett cheating on him with the hoopnotic dancing girl!

    I will give this piece of crap vid credit for one thing: the slow-mo car crash was hilarious! Especiallly if you picture Britney behind the wheel.

  25. heyheyhey

    wow, i know Eminem doesnt like JT but he should really rethink this stance…they both have abnormally hostile reactions to getting cheated on. Eminem writes songs about dumping his wife’s body in a lake, JT makes videos of Britney getting killed in a car crash. get a grip guys

    but him and Scarlett were definitely fuckin off set, fasho

  26. imsoseriously


  27. RachelSunshine

    #2 I don’t think it was directed at anyone, the reason they broke up is because he was kissing Scarlett in the video, etc. etc. the storyline isnt about him and Cameron

  28. magickal

    I would totally let him throw it to me. Possibly even in the ass, depending on my mood.

  29. spineofsnake

    this video is ridiculous.

    but i would lez out so hard with scarlett it’d make rosie cry.

  30. pokeytoesmomma

    WOW…..that was an up lifting video.

    Moral of the story: Don’t fuck around on Mr.T or you will die in a fiery car crash. He said he warned you!!!!

  31. beifiori

    So, let me get this straight, in order to be original and be a hit, you have to be repetitive for 25 freaking minutes with a video shot where the words come before his mouth has already sung them? I think I’m hearing something, wait wait here it is: sessy jussin, iz REALLY, Reaaaaaaaaaallllllly sessy jussin! I juzzzz lub yewwwww~ brit brit

  32. WiseMan

    They broke up because Justin wanted fresh pussy. Cameron must have been some rusty pussy and Justin couldnt clean away the cobwebs anymore. Simple as that. Now Scarlett is some fresh meat.

  33. Chemicakitty

    Ha Ha Ha! Teenage girls all around the world have paid to see this shit. I can do the same for free by analyzing the contents of my toilet bowl after a particularly nasty bout of diarrhoea. And that won’t take 9 minutes.

    That fight was fucking hilarious, though. He fights like a girl!

  34. PatreeseD

    Oooh, Justin said “fuck”… a lot.
    His mommy’s gonna be mad!

    Justin and Scarlett are both pretty hot. Woo! I like this video, especially when he grabs her face. Cause I’m kinky and rough like that. ahaha

  35. woodhorse

    Having Scarlett on there is the only redeeming quality of that video, Justin is a puke and a sorry excuse for a man. Can’t wait til it comes around.

  36. empress,bytches

    This video would have been a lot better if he just showed clips and pictures of Britney’s life for the past 2 years. That would have been the perfect example of what goes around comes around!!!!

  37. Becca

    Well that was 10 minutes of my life wasted.

  38. EgbertNobacon

    A wank of epic proportions. Ludicrous!

  39. Prazzie

    What a boring mess.

  40. sikofdis

    I can picture JT in the studio writing this song…”hmm…now what rhymes with ‘about it’?…wait, wait…I Got It! ‘About It!’”

    Sheer lyrical genius! Scarlett is way hot though.

  41. Bioplant

    The song doesn’t refer to Britney or Cameron. It refers to Justin’s best friend Trace, and his ex-girlfriend who cheated on him, Elisha Cuthbert.

    The video, by contrast, simply refers to the relationship between Scarlett Johansson and my weiner. True story.

  42. fame is funny

    just a fyi for whomever said it: the words don’t match up because thats a frequent problem on youtube, not because of the actual video.

    the song is decent…the video is really boring. he should have made it a 10 min video of scarlett just sitting there…i could watch that all day long.

  43. MissDior17

    I doubt it’s about Elisha because she broke the engagement off in November and started dating Sean whatever in December. I doubt he’d write it about someone else and plus everything in the video points at Britney. She cheated with his friend, loves to drown herself and drive cars wrecklessly. Unless of course Justin is trying to tell his friend that he made out with Elisha when he wasn’t looking.

    The only reason Justin Timberlake hasn’t confessed that it is about Britney is because he does not want to look like he still can’t get over it and people would accuse him of “kicking someone when they’re down”.

    Who cares who the song is about? It has a good beat to it thanks to Timberland although what goes around doesn’t come back around. Sorry to dissappoint but that’s life.

  44. Ava

    I think it’s time for JT to move on, I mean c’mon man. I’m not surprised Cameron broke up with him. This video is kind of sick. Does anyone actually know for sure that Britney cheated on him? If so, who with?

  45. danigirl

    why does he insist on making videos about breaking it off with ex gf’s??? is he a hero? no….do we care really??? hmm…no. ok sooooo…the point is…..

    to be continued.

  46. beifiori

    number 42, not saying it’s not youtube, because it could end up being that, but I’ve never had that problem with it before….anyway, if jussin timmerlake can’t get britney out of his head, he should just declare his love and get over this open aggression and hostility, it just ain’t a pretty thing for a man who is only minimally cute.

  47. krwlng54

    Scarlett Johansson shoulda gotten fully naked.

  48. nicole

    yeah i so agree. i want to just slap him across the face. its been like 4 years now that him and britney spears have been broken up. who gives a shit anymore for his sad stories. Hes a grown man, he should act like one. and obviously this was pointed towards britney because he made the song wen him and cameron were still together you retards. GROW UP JUSTIN!

  49. why is he still bitter about britney? has he SEEN britney lately? his songs should be about jesus and thanking the good lord for giving him the sense to break up with her before her life became a trainwreck of a punchline.

  50. This whole “I’m Scarlett and I’m bored” thing is getting
    really tiresome in my opinion. She did this whole bit
    for Woody Allen and it was tiresome then-this is just
    over-kill–excuse the pun.
    I can’t believe that Britney could ever cause someone-
    with the exception of her boys-this much pain and
    angst–she’s such a bimbo. Must be the lesbian thing
    she does–isn’t that what Kim Mathers was into
    Go figure!

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