Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz not broken up

June 23rd, 2006 // 146 Comments

Some random sources had reported that Justin Timberlake broke up with Cameron Diaz so he could be free during his overseas promotional tour of his new album, but it turns out it was all a bunch of nonsense.

“The couple are in fact very much together, as he prepares for the release of his album,” says the source, who is close to Timberlake. “Of course, made-up sources have had them breaking up, getting married, and having a baby ever since they began dating over three years ago.”

I can understand the confusion, since it doesn’t make any sense that they’re still together. One is a global pop sensation adored by girls everywhere and the other is the living incarnation of the Joker. I’m just surprised he hasn’t accidentally fallen into her mouth yet.


  1. biatcho

    fuck yourself meganharris

  2. Chicagoboy

    I second #1

  3. superstar26

    didn’t meganharris star as Cameron Diaz’s neighbor in ‘There’s Something BAout Mary?’

  4. superstar26

    Ooops — About

  5. spanglish

    I don’t get their relationship either. She only looks pretty when she’s airbrushed in a photo. Eversince The Mask, she’s looked like crap. It appears she does her own hair and makeup for events, which is not a good thing.

  6. Chicagoboy


    HaHaHa Magda! Who was also Munson’s landlady in Kingpin!

    “What is it about good sex that makes me have to crap?”

    “You really jarred something loose there, tiger!”

  7. superstar26


  8. jane's eyre

    Cameron, you shouldn’t make that face. How would you like it if it got stuck like that?

  9. Don’t kill me, but I think they actually look good together.

  10. Grphdesi23

    I heart Justin Timberlake.

  11. jane's eyre

    I’m sure she does.

  12. cruzin333

    LMFAO she does look like the joker. But I still find her more attractive than Justin, who sounds like his voice has yet to change. And that brillo pad on his head! UGH.

  13. jane's eyre

    I think the only time Justin looked hot was in that Rock Your Body video. Can’t resist a man who can dance.

    I HATED his goldilocks days, and this partial fro thing has got to go, too.

  14. ericisshort

    She’s hot. You guys are crazy.

  15. Equalparts

    I hate this fucking website. It’s boring. Who gives a crap that Christina A. went out on the town in short shorts, I can look out my window and see 50 girls like that right now. Isn’t there any such thing as juicy gossip anymore?

    All this lame-ass website does is post picture that were papparazzi throwaways.

  16. bigponie

    they just saw themselves on the big screen and they’re laughing themselves silly on how stupid they look.

  17. Musa_ acuminata

    You hate it yet you took the time to post. What a maroooooon. Byne now. Push off. Fuckyouvery much.

  18. biatcho

    15: Go to said window of yours. Walk out onto the ledge. Now jump. See, things are looking better already – for all of us!

  19. #15-i agree.

    How come on YO MOMMA Wilmer Valderamma says cash MANNNNNEY?

  20. chanel_bear

    I am puzzled by the amount of people who come on this website and post about how much they hate this website. If you hate it #1, who are you on it? and #2 why do you even waste your time posting? seriously, and where did you even get the mistaken impression that people care that you don’t like this website. go away and stop being annoying.

  21. pinky_nip

    They’re laughing because Cameron just pulled the “pull my finger” joke on an unsuspecting fan.

  22. chanel_bear

    and what the fuck does number 19 mean?

  23. i heart this website.
    it’s just that the stories posted so far today lack pizazz.

  24. CoJo

    Hilarious, Equalparts! Don’t you have anything to do today? It’s Friday. You actually took the time to get a username and password so you can say a site sucks. You sound like the type that would move to the country and complain about the birds. Seriously. Do you have any gossip?

    I heard Angelina had a paparazzo arrested for sneaking picts of Maddox at daycare.

    See, we all have a bunch of time on our hands today!

  25. biatcho

    Well if you’re all bored with this shit just click on Destination: Beautiful’s name. Because she has like the coolest myspace EVERR!
    You are a true poet laureate. fucking loser. join your buddy #15 with jumping out the window. That’s what real poets do anyways so you’ll be all cool & shit.

    And you’re not allowed to watch the Colbert Report. Only funny, cool are allowed to so stay the fuck away from it before you ruin it.

  26. sweetcheeks

    Here’s a pizazz-y story for you: Jessica Simpson got a nose job. It’s now even smaller than Ashlee’s. And it looks god-awful.


  27. ouch. that was mean. i didn’t realize i said anything that bad.

  28. TaiTai

    I’m pretty sure Justin Timberlake is Cameron Diaz’s “Katie Holmes.” She only lets him out every once in a while, and he has to smile uncomfortably for the cameras and act all happy, then she puts him back and gives him a makeover before the next outing. She calls him “Just.” Oh, and he recently had L. Ron Hubbard’s baby.

  29. imabeeatch

    Lamebananas – Being the loudest kid on the short bus is not something to be proud of.

  30. CoJo

    I think Wilmer Vilderama is attempting to create a catch phrase. It’s pretty lame. It’s so 1980′s Miami, no?

  31. sweetcheeks:
    omg. that picture is scary. i hope that’s not really her.

    cojo: it just sounds like he’s talking to someone named manney.

  32. biatcho

    27: you didn’t say anything bad. I just pick on people that deserve it and, as I have stated many times today, I am especially bored and just feeling punchy, but in a good way.

  33. El drama del Internet

    #20 is obviously confused.

    Pay attention now, beautifull:


    Megan Harris (in a very flatering pink shirt, i must say):

    Now go and bash correctly.

  34. rori

    @32 I heart you, but I would be terrified to let you see my myspace.

  35. biatcho

    Give me your myspace right now rori. I demand it.

  36. Musa_ acuminata


  37. Musa_ acuminata

    come on rori give it up…

  38. 32
    i think i’ve learned my lesson.

  39. biatcho

    You wouldn’t have mentionied it if you didn’t want to give it up rori… come on, let’s see it. And while you’re at it smoke this marijunan cigarette as well.

  40. Musa_ acuminata

    Everyone,s doing it…come on, be cool.

  41. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    They’re like the perfect McCouple.

  42. bigponie

    come on rori, give up the account, I mean it’s not like there’s stalkers around here

  43. biatcho

    #39 I really don’t think that you have learned your lesson. I still see poetry and goofy-ass pictures of yourself trying to look like a darkie washington. Why don’t you just wipe the slate clean & start over again.

  44. bigponie

    @41 it’s when a well hung ponie goes down-town in your ass

  45. Musa_ acuminata

    Banal–Drearily commonplace and often predictable, Trite.

    Town–A population center that is larger than a village and smaller than a city.

  46. Musa_ acuminata

    rori? myspace please.

  47. spatz

    let the myspace bashing begin!

  48. rori

    Errr…. Idk. Are you some sort of predator that’s going to show up on perverted justice next week?

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