Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are engaged

January 12th, 2006 // 47 Comments

timberlake-diaz-engaged.jpgTed Casablanca from E! is claiming that Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are engaged, with Justin asking Cameron only “seconds after the goofy yet hot duo returned from their holiday ski trip in Telluride, Colorado.”

“Justin didn’t get down on his knee,” ‘splains my extreme insider. “They were just talking about it and were kind of like, Yep, let’s do it. He didn’t give her a ring, and she’s still not wearing one. But she is squealing, like, all the time.”

Cameron Diaz squealing, eh? That’s new. Because it’s not like she ever squeals. It’s also good to see that Justin is such a romantic sweetheart. Just because you’ve got millions of dollars left over in *NSync money doesn’t mean you have to drop $10,000 on an engagement ring. Or get down on one knee. Or do anything else that people usually do when they propose. I’m surprised he didn’t just club her over the head and drag her to Vegas.


  1. Binky

    ood to see both Cammy and Brad settling down with possible bread winners before HD TV puts a different ‘complexion’ on their careers.

  2. OMG!

    I heard CD say on TV about a year ago that she didn’t want to get married and couldn’t imagine ever telling someone that she will love him forever and spend the rest of her life with him.

    Yeah…I give this a few more months!

  3. blackblackheart

    This is so retarded >_< Who cares about those two? They’re not newsworthy…

  4. Jonboy in SF

    $10,000 for an engagement ring? Puh-leeeeeze!! If he gave her a $10K ring that would definitely stop her squealing, to be replaced by high-pitched shrieking that he was too cheap to buy her a ring befitting her position and fame. Even if he’s going by the 2 month salary rule, he owes her a ring worth millions!

  5. My question is why in the hell is he wasting his time on C.Diaz?

    Look at her: Puppet Face

    Justin should be trying for higher quality like Sofia Vergara. Not as though he couldn’t. LOL!


  6. I guess I’m a few years behind so maybe somebody can catch me up…I thought Justin Timberlake was queer.

  7. HollyJ

    Is it just me, or are Cameron’s eyeballs slowly being completely absorbed by her face?

    Her entire face is flat, like she ran into a wall going at high velocity. It frightens me.

  8. Does anyone else think that his eyes look like they are peering out of a void of nothingness?

    just a thought.

  9. nikki

    i feel so badly for Britney now. she shoulda never cheated on this guy.

  10. voiceofcynicism

    Wow, I never thought this would last! And to think, Justin used to be so fine, now he looks like he got beat with a bubba stick.

  11. blackblackheart

    This guy is a loser -______- I hope to god you were being sarcastic.

  12. Solaera

    They both make me want to puke.

  13. Haha yeah, he’s a loser with millions of dollars and decent pop music, but Kevin Federline is a loser with zero dollars and he calls paparazzi “pavarottis”. Yeah, Nikki must be completely sarcastic because that makes NO SENSE, Justin Timberlake or Kevin Federline…HMMMMMMMM

  14. Binky

    (I apologize for my last comment – Ok besides it was missing a “G” – Whenever I hear someone commenting on a person’s looks I think – Oh – what an asshole!)( It amazes me Leno and Letterman still do it – talk about senseless cheap humour (humor for those of u in US)
    KICK mE IN THE BALLS !! (especially U Cammie) I repent – It must have been happy hour !…

  15. Binky

    Then again maybe I’m just feeling a bit ‘anal’ and introspective from all the Brokeback comment people…

  16. meegs

    Im not entirely shocked by this, they’ve been together so long, that in celebrity years, much like dog years, its nearly a quarter century for those two.

    And why do I have a feeling that within Camerons wedding vow’s they’ll be something mentioned along the lines of “have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?”

    Oh Batman, you’ve provided me with copious memorable lines, an uncanny comparisons between the Joker and Diaz and lesbian fantasies involving Michelle Phieffer, catsuits and a whip.

  17. SugaryCherry

    Alot of people do without the superficial pleasures of an elaborate engagement. Some people are closer to earth to realize that when tthey click, they don’t need to wait for one person to decide they should be together for a lifetime.

  18. twodollartricks

    Who cares? Neither of them are remotely interesting anymore.


  19. WaitWhat?

    But things were going so well with these two…don’t they know that an engagement and/or marriage will ruin everything?? Damn :(

  20. TeamLacheyRools

    Jess Cameron, you can do soooooo mcuh better than that freakin fraggle rock lookeylikey

  21. aims_25


    Still….they make a good couple. Both blah in the looks department…both blah in their respective careers. Hmmm. Maybe it is a match made in heaven?

    And I thought it was just me who didn’t get anything special about Cameron Diaz? I am glad to find I am not alone there.

    And of course K-Fed is the much better catch. At least he got Brittany a ring- even if he did let her pay for it himself because he was too cheap to even get a plastic one from a two dollar shop.

  22. jugsgirl

    I’m sorry Jug. Your women Cameron is engaged. Can you move on?

  23. thebor

    I can feel a new reality show coming, a real life Dumb and Dumber. Justin must smoke weed, it’s the only way anyone could be around her for more than three minutes at a time. I doubt they ever make it to the altar.

  24. ghostwriter

    I was just going to say that the two dim bulbs are a perfect match, then I noticed that Herr Timberlake, in the photo posted with this story, looks like a younger version of the face on the “General Demented” Wacky Package. It’s providential. And besides, everybody deserves at least a little happiness in their lives. Congrats, C&J!


  25. HughJorganthethird

    Is it just me or when you see these two together doesn’t it remind you of that guy in high school and his cool mom that all the guys wanted to bang?

  26. hafaball

    I remember when I thought she was hot too, now she looks like a freakin monkey. All the girl celebs now are either not hot, coked up, anorexic or just getting to old for me to like anymore (Salma Hayek ‘.’;;) What am I supposed to do? :/

  27. Mallory

    Cameron is so overrated it makes me crazy. She’s not even pretty anymore and the look-at-me-I’m-so-goofy act is tired. Justin doesn’t bother me – I think he could do better.

  28. KarenOttaino(954)725-4346

    I think “Glow in the Dark Hams” will be available in the grocery store way before you will ever see these two walk down the aisle.

  29. giromide

    The engagement ring and getting down on one knee is a false tradition created by DeBeers. You know, so you feel obligated to spend way too much money on falsely scarce goods so you can have regular sex.

  30. sammygirl

    Look KarenOttaino(#28), glow in the dark hams ARE coming to a store near you:


  31. must dislike dogs

    Sammy girl,

    Is your boyfriend’s name Sammy?

  32. sammygirl

    No, my proctologist is named Sammy.

  33. I still remember way back when eating at PF Changs in the Beverly Center and watching Justin, Alyssa Milano and a bunch of bodyguards walking in. They sat in the back by the restrooms surrounded by security. Oh, The Brat and one on the VIP girls was there too. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, PF Changs, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

  34. Why does she want him? I think that’s his first beard.

  35. Autumn

    Her hat says it all. With all her money she still manages to dress terribly. Why did Justin do this, he seems like a great guy, never in the tabloids. Just does his thing. I hope they don’t make it to the alter.

  36. tess

    I think they’re a perfect match because they both look like ugly trolls who just escaped from the Irish woods. Peter Jackson should cast them in his future movies because their features are so weird that they won’t need any special effects or make up. They should team up with those skinny hobos called MK & Ashley Olsen. Nicole Richie could join them as a scarecrow and that could make a perfect sequel for the LOTR.

  37. must dislike dogs


    After reading your comments you certainly act like something is stuck up there!

  38. BadGoat

    Yawn… ZZZZzz

  39. derekd

    What a fuckin sucker! I knew he was a pussy when on that episode of punk’d when they staged that IRS confiscating his shit he called his mommy while tears were welling up in his eyes! And Cameron Diaz, I know your not looking forward to 2007 when supposedly EVERYTHING will be in HD. I am starting to count the pock marks right now. 1,2,3,4………

  40. BeefJerky


    Pussy? You’re trying to tell us that if all your shit was being confiscated it wouldn’t bother you? I call bullshit! If that happened to you, you’d be crying too, and calling mommy and daddy (assuming you know who he is), just like anyone else!

  41. Ben_Danglin

    should make for another good tabloid break up in three months

  42. Mori

    CD looks like she has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome; a wide flat face with wide set eyes. Too many shooters for Mama Diaz…

  43. LaydeeBug

    Ugh…just another case of bandwagon jumping. Engaged…that is the stupidest concept. So what have they been doing before that, hanging out? I agree it’s all publicity. No one is getting married and if they do (as if anyone really effing cares), it will end in divorce in two years if that much. Honestly, I don’t enjoy watching Cameron Diaz on screen. She is a concept that has been shoved in the face of America. I used to think she was a “cute” actress until I realized she plays the type in every movie. Oh, by the way, I HATE the fact that they paired up CD with Toni Collette and made TC the uglier sister in that stupid movie. What was it called? Cameron Diaz doesn’t even come close to Toni Collette’s ankles in talent. That’s why I love the IFC.

  44. lcheney2001

    Diaz is my number 1 dislike…I simply CANT understsnd why man like her…It must be true that man really dont care whatwho they have sex with…Well i guess they could always use the old paper bag….lol

  45. I*Love*JT

    ok. i loveeeeee Justin Timberlake. i am his number one fan. and all you people talkin bad about him you guys are just jealous. now about Cameron Diaz.. i dont like her. why? because im jealous because she’s engaged to MY MAN!!!!!im hoping that this relationship doesnt last. and i hope that they dont get married. anyone else says something bad about JT. well im gunna have to bust some ass.

  46. It’s so funny reading about them getting together, and what??? their done. like all couples in HWood.

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