March 31st, 2010 // 85 Comments

There’s really not a whole lot to say here except for Michael Jackson is still our greatest photobomber, and Justin Bieber has to be like gay catnip. Has to be.

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  1. Ungo

    Look at the gay lil baby.

  2. Superevil

    Who’s the lesbian with Ryan Seacrest?

  3. mensa

    Aww come on now. Can’t a man in his thirties with flamingly metrosexual tendencies take out a young boy to a movie without anyone judging him?

  4. abby


  5. poopsmith

    nice, michael in the background just adds the perfect touch! bravo!

  6. nohea

    it would probably help if he didn’t wear a button-up V-neck like he just pulled it out of his mom’s closet

    (but not much)

  7. Anexio

    I knew it, I just friggin’ knew it.

    I knew that Justin Bieber was a cornholer!

    I bet Ryan wishes he wasnt in that picture and was back in his condo jammin’ on some smokin’ hot babe….which is what he does day in a day out.


  8. My little girl (6) loves this d-bag.

    I spent last weekend listening to Baby Baby Baby.

    I hate this chode juggler

  9. The Gregor

    One more semester and Justin will be taller than Ryan … and that will signal the end of these “movie dates.”

  10. GeorgeWBush

    cute gay couple

  11. Richard McBeef

    who is this justin queefer shit and why should i give a damn?

  12. JR

    Oh God. Oh, God! Aaahhhhh!

    I take back anything I ever said about Jennifer Aniston! Just make the creepy crawling feeling on my skin go awayyyy!!!

  13. WTF

    Nice shirt Bieber. Haha Did you mommy buy that for you?

  14. Chris Hansen

    Chris: “Hi. What’s going on”

    Ryan: “Umm, nothing why?”

    Chris: “Were you expecting someone else”

    Ryan: “Well, I was just coming to make sure Justin was okay.”

    Chris: “And that’s why you brought the Mike’s Hard Lemonades? What’s that in your pocket, condoms?”

    Ryan: “What?? Err, no, I mean yeah, I mean, oh shit. Is Simon Fuller going to see this? Fuck.”

  15. TekMoney

    It won’t surprise me if this boy turns out to be gay…

    … and taking pictures with Perez Hilton and Ryan Seacrest within two days won’t help those rumors go away either. Who’s next, Zac Efron?

  16. Melanie

    ryan’s face looks EXACTLY the same in every photo. Justin seriously looks like Brandon Teena



    fuck I bow down to you…

    how do you catch these guys? even on the internet!!!

  18. argh

    Someone cut his hair! And then his face!

  19. What’s gayer about this little homo? The hairdo, the oily cheeks, the stupid smile or the “French fag” sweater?

    There’s a lot of queer going on there. And I didn’t mention Seacrest or Jackson.

  20. Jammy

    This kid should just change his name already to Justin Recieber.

  21. Woodcock

    The gaypocolypse is near…and all this time I’ve been worried about zombies…

  22. LivewireT

    Tic Tac Toe–3 queers in a row LOL

  23. VD

    For all you haters, just be patient. I just saw a photo of Leif Garrett post drug bust (Feb 2010) and he looked like a mess.

  24. gen

    I like Ryan Seacrest! I do…. He’s cute and he’s actually really funny.

  25. Randal

    This young stud certainly has a way with the hearts of girls around the world, singing and wearing his own heart on his sleeve. His gentle plucking and strumming of his acoustic guitar while singing those love songs has made him a musical sensation. There’s a bright future waiting for him indeed!


  26. Frist

    Well, in Canada homo age of consent is 16, so Seacrest IN!

  27. I don’t believe it!

  28. They are both handsome man!

  29. chelsea

    wow.. i thought justin b-whatever was ridiculous before… but he wears a sweater vest….that’s ummm. interesting..

  30. Grazie mille! Questo articolo, me lo faccia sapere un sacco di cose che prima non ho capito!

  31. Clamhammer

    I see three Homer Sexuals.

  32. mary

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  33. Rasputins Liver




    Well, lessee now. There’s one living out-of-the-closet fruity-toot-toot, one living IN-the-closet root smoocher, annnnnd….one dead closeted chickenhawk little boy fucker pictured above.


    Nice. Was that photo taken at a weekly NAMBLA meeting in which Beibs is gonna be this week’s pass-around?


  34. i don’t know who that kid is–and i don’t care.

    why is this even up?

    i michael jackson poster is supposed to be funny?

    i mean maybe if like a fat retarded black girl with aids took a shit on the concrete in front of it and cut her throat open spraying blood all over the poster
    –THAT would be worth posting.

    but you’re just fucking boring dude. i come here from time to time to check and see if anyone’s dead or someone raped another whore and called it modeling but this is just fucking stupid.

    whoever this is that runs this site is seriously fucking retarded
    and i’m no better for wasting my time even responding.

    hope you all die in car fires with your relatives and babies.


  35. hahaha! Yeah…for real! Wow… Who do you think Michael would have picked as Hotter? Justin Bieber or Mccaullay Culkin?

  36. Mike Wazowski

    Hey Justin you little Canadian fagot!!!!

    I hate this little prick.

  37. DW

    It’s a gay trifecta. A Holy Trinity of gayness.

  38. Sammo

    Who’s the ugly girl on the left?

  39. nice, michael in the background just adds the perfect touch! bravo!

  40. Annie Loves Anal

    In Ryan’s defense, that kid looks like a little dyke. Maybe Ryan is trying to “turn” her? Oh wait, Ryan is a glitter farting homo. My bad.

  41. GIRL

    loololllollol i love that this post is 2 sentences long

  42. i just now read this post and i think that write something about this post but having no words to describe

  43. I bet Ryan wishes he wasnt in that picture and was back in his condo jammin’ on some smokin’ hot babe….which is what he does day in a day out.

  44. Wow a lesbian and a gay what a cute couple!!! awwww! haarrrrfffff!!!

  45. Justin and Ryan are together at last! Did they neck? Are they an “item”? Could I just puke?

  46. Whaaa

    I feel bad that this kid is dissed. he is simply producing music that young girls want to listen to… someones gotta do it and if he wants to, then let him.

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  49. Rough'ly by nature

    He woulda receive suuuuch a special screening of cap’n EO if MJ was alive.

  50. This kid has got to be the gayest thing I’ve ever seen. Perhaps even gayer than the retarded chimp we have in the white house.

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