Justin Timberlake’s Video Has Naked Ladies, Too, You Guys. He’s Still Cool!

July 8th, 2013 // 21 Comments
Justin Timberlake Tunnel Vision
WATCH: Justin Timberlake - 'Tunnel Vision' (NSFW)

Earlier in the year, Robin Thicke released a video for “Blurred Lines” that got a bunch of buzz after it was pulled from YouTube because it’s 90% Emily Ratajkowski dancing around naked and therefore awesome. So naturally Justin Timberlake tried to do the same thing for his new single “Tunnel Vision” because it’s impossible to have sex with Jessica Biel unless it’s on a pile of cash. I’ve done the math. Except here’s where he completely failed without even getting into the song because who gives a shit about that?

1. No Emily Ratajkowski.
2. No Emily Ratajkowski.
3. The nudity was so tasteful, YouTube didn’t even bother to pull it.
4. No Emily Ratajkowski.
5. You see this?

Emily Ratajkowski

Not in the video.



  1. Is Robin Thicke related to Alan?

  2. imagen

    “Tunnel Vision” = ART.
    “Blurred Lines” = BEWBS AND BALLOONS!!!

  3. Frank Burns

    Oh sure, but when I dance around with my junk hanging out while families sing ‘Happy Birthday’ at Chuck E. Cheese, all the haters come out!

  4. ace11

    Wonder how many chicks JT has banged since he married Lobster Jaw?

  5. The Illuminati Did It

    I don’t know why this guy is still relevant. His acting sucks and his music is so auto-tuned a monkey could sing it. He doesn’t even have his teeny bopper good looks anymore. He is average, at best.

  6. I actually like his new Mirrors song. He is an average actor and his songs are hit and miss, but his good ones are really good. He does not seem like a dick, so I am okay with him.

  7. Tom

    Barely fappable.

  8. anonym

    he even tries to copy robin’s stache and hair style.

  9. anonym

    Emily’s tits are very nice, but the blonde model in Justin’s video is better looking.

  10. I like Justin’s music with Timbaland. He seems like a pretty cool guy and he has a great sense of humour. I like him. He’s also fucking Jessica Biel. He’s got to be doing something right.

  11. More Dick, thanks.

    Really sick of always seeing the naked girls with fully dressed dudes. Hardly fair. Where the hell is all the dick?

  12. RMW

    OMGOMGOMG That Robin Thicke video was so deliciously awkward! Nothing says sexy like pasty, fake tittied girls in heeled Sketchers from 1998. And they had some serious moves…not! Wow, I’m really confused. Was that a joke? Or was that an actual video that someone made thinking it would be a “thing”?

  13. Your Mom

    There needs to be more photos of Emily on this site. That is all.

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