Justin Timberlake is Doing Olivia Wilde Now

After plowing through Olivia Munn, Mila Kunis and Amanda Seyfried, the officially single Justin Timberlake has reportedly moved on to Olivia Wilde, according to People:

The Now costars hit The Roxbury in Hollywood Saturday night, and snuggled together in the VIP section until 1 a.m., when Timberlake, 30, requested they move to the patio so he could listen to hip hop.
… The duo arrived at the club together, both were wearing white T-shirts and jeans, and both drank vodka. They also left together at 3 a.m.
Sources say they looked like they were on a date.

If true, this means Justin will have to do battle with Jodie Foster in an arena under the freeway: “No weapons, save the one you’ve forged yourself,” are the rules which is why Justin’s is a Pog with a thumb tack on it. “No way. I ain’t sharpening a sword. My cousin sliced his finger on one and I passed out until my aunt helped me breathe into a paper bag. Nuh uh. Fuck that. I’m sticking with this Pog, or, wait, is that a feather duster? Give it here.”

Photos: WENN