Justin Timberlake is Doing Olivia Wilde Now

April 4th, 2011 // 79 Comments

After plowing through Olivia Munn, Mila Kunis and Amanda Seyfried, the officially single Justin Timberlake has reportedly moved on to Olivia Wilde, according to People:

The Now costars hit The Roxbury in Hollywood Saturday night, and snuggled together in the VIP section until 1 a.m., when Timberlake, 30, requested they move to the patio so he could listen to hip hop.
… The duo arrived at the club together, both were wearing white T-shirts and jeans, and both drank vodka. They also left together at 3 a.m.
Sources say they looked like they were on a date.

If true, this means Justin will have to do battle with Jodie Foster in an arena under the freeway: “No weapons, save the one you’ve forged yourself,” are the rules which is why Justin’s is a Pog with a thumb tack on it. “No way. I ain’t sharpening a sword. My cousin sliced his finger on one and I passed out until my aunt helped me breathe into a paper bag. Nuh uh. Fuck that. I’m sticking with this Pog, or, wait, is that a feather duster? Give it here.”

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    Someone buy Timberlake a freakin’ razor!

  2. My Name Peggy


  3. Justin Timberlake Olivia Wilde
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    Curse you Timberlake. I refuse to settle for your sloppy seconds.

  4. minx

    Will someone explain to me what’s the big appeal of this woman. She’s attractive, but nothing to write home about.
    I’ve never seen a more freakishly square face on a woman, the boobs aren’t impressive, the rest of the body in shape but nothing out of ordinary. WTF?

  5. Justin Timberlake Olivia Wilde
    The Ugly Truth
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    I thought she was married to a prince? this sounds like bullshit.

  6. Justin Timberlake Olivia Wilde
    Cock Dr
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    I don’t understand. Except for the bank account he’s not very attractive.
    He looks like a cancer patient in some of these shots.

  7. Dan

    I don’t get how Timberlake hits it and quits it over and over and you can read about it in the fucking paper, yet women still date him.

    He must be one really smooth operator.

    • Btannen

      He probably just has a big cock. These celebrities are in an exclusive consequence free club that the rest of us are not a part of yet seem to emulate. Drugs, sex, women–all of it to sell what corporate America is pushing. And why not?

      We all want it because it’s in our genes to want to be alpha and fuck as many people as possible to pass our genes around and be dominant.

      I can do that in less than 5 minutes given a warm vjay and a minor “slip” problem solved.

  8. guy rossi

    I hate him. Women love douches. White Usher needs to die.

    • Well stated, Sir.

    • James

      “White Usher” – LOL! :-D

      Seriously, I wonder what it’s like cruising through life, with millions in the bank (since you were a teen, basically), getting ALL the pussy and basically any woman – famous or not – you’d ever want.

  9. Thanks to stinky and McFeely i want to stick my dick in her armpit.

  10. Satan's bitch

    These two could potentially make some mighty ugly babies.

  11. Rough, it takes a village

    Sick april fools joke, right? How do we know, they are not remaking when harry met sally,which Olivia’s only line will be “Ill have what she’s having?

    Because,there’s no way this guy is that good at dominos.

  12. JMack

    Dammit Superficial writer… it would be so much more fun if you’d make the subject line “Justin Timberlake is humping this” or how about…. “Booboo bear is mating with this”

  13. katie

    Another falls prey to King Douchire the III

  14. karen

    Yeah, but what dude is doing Justin Timberlake?

  15. Chinto

    Damn, from the headline, I thought they were actually doing it, you know, now. As in, right now.

  16. It's Me

    Cute smile, short legs, heavy butt.

  17. Glenn

    She looks like she forgot to wipe the corner of her mouth in this shot.
    Something running down her right cheek.

  18. My impression of this girl turned 180 degrees after watching the new TRON movie and thinking: “holy shit… she looks exactly like Bai Ling.”

  19. Justin Timberlake Olivia Wilde
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    I’ve never seen David Beckham smile before…looks good on him.

  20. Parker

    Funny how he only goes out with the chicks who prefer all anal, all the time. He’s stealing my idea!

  21. smash

    i dont find him attractive at all….. remember when elton john wasn’t gay?.. yeah it was just like this.

  22. Deacon Jones

    Wow, man.

    At this point, his penis reminds me of that carbon fuel converter in Back to the Future II that ran on banana peels and beer cans.

    • Deacon Jones

      “Doc!! What do you have for me?! ”

      “marty, marty, marty! I’ve got Amanda, two Olivias! Damnit, I shouldve picked up Marilyn Monroe yesterday while I had the chance! (smacks forehead)”

  23. Doc Scweinstrudel

    Nice of her to go to that women cancer foundation

  24. The guy pounds more trim than a nail-gun.

  25. Justin Timberlake Olivia Wilde
    Commented on this photo:

    She has a weird, big head. I don’t get why people think she’s attractive.

  26. That Guy


  27. I’d like to put my dick in her box.

  28. Mel

    Get it out of your system now Justin. You are not fooling anyone. Classic pre-coming-out skirt chase. Everybody knows Justin. That boy is as fruity as a nut cake.

    • Zombie Nellie Oleson

      See, with all the A-1 primo poontang he’s been tappin’ the whole “he’s GAY!!!!” thing sounds more and more like jealousy.

      But I do hope I’m wrong and you’re right.

  29. WE GET IT, TIMBERLAKE, YOU’re “NOT” “GAY!!!” “”

  30. noooooooo

    After seeing Munn’s shot last week as she was walking along, I can’t really blame the guy.

  31. Snake Reynolds

    Nice beard.

  32. Justin Timberlake Olivia Wilde
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    What the hell is on the corner of her mouth in the 1st and 7th pic????

  33. Ed

    She already tweeted that they are just friends – of course, he has a movie coming out called “Friends With Benefits”, so who really knows.

  34. anonym

    why do women fall for timberlake?

  35. GAK!
    Can’t get over the tenhead.

  36. Cpm

    Jessica Biel could snap her like a breadstick.

  37. That Bastard Tony

    I blame Brittany Spears for this. She was his first true love and she cheated on him and broke his heart, turning him into a skirt-chasing dickhead that bangs women who definitely deserve better than him (especially Milla). Not that I feel sorry for anyone in this situation considering they know what they are getting into to at this point.

    (drinking the cure for my hater poison)

  38. Justin Timberlake Olivia Wilde
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    You bang many squaw, Pale Face.

  39. the one

    how many times we must say this: SHE HASN’T GOT A PENIS!!!

  40. dramkit

    It’s not the crazy amount of hot Timberlake is pulling that gets me in this story – it’s that it was reported by People.

    Timberlake is doing Wilde, by People. Wow.

  41. Justin Timberlake Olivia Wilde
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    yikes…are those cankles? and a little pudge around the knee?

  42. right

    Timberlake prefers 8======D, this is Rock Hudson 101.

  43. Justin Timberlake Olivia Wilde
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    Hint, it’s the stuff between the knees and the shoulders

  44. oh


  45. Morgan

    If this is true, fuck you Timberlake. Yes I’m jelly.

  46. Except for Cameron Diaz, all his ladies are hot. He’s gotta have an enormous d*ck. No other explanation.

    • Morgan

      I’ve heard contradiciting rumors, but what does it matter.
      He’s rich, charismatic and a talented artist.

      You only need 1 those 3 o get laid really.

    • Of course, you’re right, Morgan. It doesn’t take much at all it seems. However, you can be charismatic and talented and not be rich. None of these ladies is poor themselves. They don’t have his kind of money, but they do well. So, I have to believe it’s his weenis. Gotta be.

      • dramkit

        Nope, it’s the hotness grav effect. Like somebody said before, women know a guy is with hot chicks and suddenly he’s +100 attractive.

        He’d have to have a peen the size of a baseball bat for size to be a factor.

  47. Justin Timberlake Olivia Wilde
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    Yeah this chick has some weird shit going on below the waist. Her legs belong on an NFL linebacker.

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