I’m Pretty Sure Amanda Seyfried Just Called Justin Timberlake Gay

February 2nd, 2012 // 57 Comments

In the March issue of Glamour, Amanda Seyfried sets the record straight that she did NOT bang Justin Timberlake and then takes it one step further by basically outing him which is the only way to read this:

Oh, I think any female that meets him at first is like, “I want to date you.” He seems so perfect, but you get to know him, and he’s a good pal.

Of course, Justin Timberlake’s clearly not gay because he just made a lifelong commitment to Jessica Biel and everyone knows marriage is a sacred and holy institution that causes deceivers to burst into flames should they try to use it a ruse. (And before anyone mentions Kim Kardashian, two words: Flame-retardant plastic.)

Photos: Glamour, Bauer-Griffin, Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN


  1. Petra

    Scorned women can be so nasty.

    • If he wanted to seem more straight, he could stop threading his eyebrows. I’m just sayin’.

      • vekfan

        Why do you feel the need to qualify your statement with “I’m just sayin’.” It’s retarded. You’re allowed to express yourself, you don’t need to make excuses for it. No-one will beat you down with a hammer, if you’ve got something to say then say it, but for the love of God, don’t make yourself look like an uneducated moron by apologizing for it.

  2. Johnny P!

    One eye’s giving you the ‘come hither’ look, while the other is firmly focused on the toenail painting. Who says googly-eyes can’t be practical?

  3. EricLr

    She just looks weird to me. If I was told that there were aliens hiding out among us and not quite pulling it off–she would be one of the first suspects I would turn in for questioning.

    • cruzin' for some bruisin'

      I always thought she looked weird. Her facial features annoy the shit out of me. I can’t explain it…

      • Elsa

        I think she dabbles into drugs. With no makeup or photoshop, she looks really dopey eyed with tiny grainy looking zits on her forehead

    • Agreed. Didn’t think about her being a space alien though. She looks likes she’s possessed by a demon of some sort.

    • mamamiasweetpeaches

      I could never pinpoint why she lookd weird to me, then when me and my husband were watching CHLOE he said “That girl looks like a BRATZ doll”. LOL He nailed it.

    • lily

      lol she has some kind of disease that makes her bug eyed…no joke. she is odd looking, but i find it unique and pretty, in a weird way…

    • danny

      that’s because you’re a moron

  4. Bob

    Not gonna lie, my dick gets hard everytime I see a photo or video of her.

  5. Cock Dr

    I’ve seen a couple pics from that Glamour spread; once you put some color on this girl’s face she is one pop-eyed hot tamale.

  6. diegoga

    me calienta toda la pija!

  7. Amanda Seyfried Lovelace
    Commented on this photo:

    ET phone hooome.

  8. Frank Burns

    “Justin is such a good pal, that he loaned me his toenail polish!”

  9. Disco Dave

    She reminds me of a chameleon.

  10. I dunno. Maybe he just didn’t want to breed with an alien.

  11. Translation: she told him she wanted to mount him, and that’s when he noticed the stuffed miniature horse.

  12. ccc

    If anyone doubts both Justin and Jessica are gay, they are an idiot.

    He didn’t want to marry her because he thinks he has a reputtion to uphold as a player. As soon as the gay rumors flare up with him, he wants to marry her. He’s an asshole. She’s attached to him.

    It was gross how he used all those actresses to act like he was a pimp sleeping around.

    The morals of the gay community are sometimes deplorable.

  13. ccc

    They are very clearly bearding for eachother, Jessica and Justin.

  14. jim

    lol, oh that ugly broad.

  15. forrest gump

    she is as right as she can be……..

  16. Amanda Seyfried Lovelace
    Commented on this photo:

    wheres her torso?

  17. Schmidtler

    Basically what she’s saying is, she offered to bang him, he turned her down, so anybody that would turn her down for sex must be gay? I’ll buy that. JTLTC!

    • danny

      that’s not it. Amanda isn’t that easy. that’s a pretty huge assumption to make and it’s disrespectful so shut the hell up

  18. SFfan

    In the plain clothes photos she has brown eyes, but in her movies and magazine shoots she has blue eyes. They usually aren’t this easy to catch.

    • danny

      she has green eyes dickwad. her eyes are brown in the lovelace film because she had to have contacts put in because linda lovelace had brown eyes!

  19. Zach Galifinakis

    I like that Fish went from “He’s banged the hottest bitches in Hollywood, lucky bastard” to “Oh yeah, he must be gay! All those other women were covering for him. Whew! :) ” Uhh, believe what you want, buddy. JT is a man who likes wimmenz.

  20. Amanda Seyfried Lovelace
    Commented on this photo:

    she is damn for an Ewok. She surely must give Wicket mad boners.

  21. TumTum

    How’s about a Amanda Seyfried/Jessica Biel sandwich? I’d bring the special sauce… ;)

  22. Amanda Seyfried Lovelace
    Commented on this photo:

    Amanda doesn’t look anything like Linda Lovelace.
    Strange casting for that movie.

    PS:… and Sarah Jessica Parker looks nothing like Gloria Steinman,—- even w/ that long blonde wig on! .

    Another strange choice in casting.

  23. Joey

    Yep, she’s kind of weird… I’ve always thought her eyes are too far apart…
    Nevertheless, I think she’s hot!

  24. Ida

    I honestly think Justin Timberlake is gay…I think a lot of Hollywood actors are closeted homosexuals.
    I mean, have you people seen ‘Friends With Benefits’. He was HARDLY believable as a straight person.

  25. Love Amanda Seyfried… and I wish Justin was gay, haha.
    PS: I love this website!

  26. Amanda Seyfried Lovelace
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh if only LiLo had gotten the ig

  27. danny

    there’s fuckin rude comments on this page

  28. Amanda Seyfried Lovelace
    Commented on this photo:

    she still looks cute without make up

  29. Amanda Seyfried Lovelace
    Commented on this photo:

    well hello there Dakota!
    rocking the dark hair!

  30. Instigata

    My 100% gay cousin did see TIMBERLAKE at a gay party years ago; he was on the downlow, maintaining a mellow profile in a hoodie. So, makes one wonder….

    He’s most likely BISEXUAL, as many men/actors are in LA/Hollywood. (unless he’s totally gay and the Jessica Biel situation is a beard-for money situation, like a Leo DiCaprio deal with all the models..or maybe she’s just clueless?) She seems pretty savvy, so who knows….

  31. a married man can be gay there known as closeted, closeted gay men do date women and would even marry a women now if it’s a closeted gay celebrity their only gonna be seen dating hot women if he want to prove he not gay why did he marry jessica biel she freaking ugly or did he just tie the knot to promote his 20/20 album.

  32. i agree with barry JT lifelong commitment to Jessica Biel means nothing cause closeted guys do get married. and marriage is a commitment to one person but let not forget there is also divorce so the commitment mean sh!t.

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