Justin Timberlake Banged Olivia Munn

October 27th, 2010 // 82 Comments

Even though she’s been overexposed to the point of no longer being considered hot, Justin Timberlake apparently pulled the always reliable “Nah, girl, we broke up” on Olivia Munn thus paving the way for a three day sex-fest behind Jessica Biel‘s back. Us Weekly reports:

Munn resisted his advances, telling him it was a no-go if he was still with Biel, 28, the source tells Us Weekly. But Timberlake “has been telling people it’s over with Jessica, even though “the reality is he’s just doing it behind her back.”
Believing he had left Biel and that her relationship with Timberlake might develop into something serious, Munn took him to her hotel, the Gansevoort Park Avenue NYC, Sept. 27 and 28, where “they were openly affectionate,” the insider adds.
The insider tells Us the two “had amazing sex” that night.

According to Lainey Gossip, Olivia eventually figured out what was happening and called it quits which was no skin off J-Tim’s penis considering he has a platoon of women on reserve for just such an occasion. Except one of them is not Mila Kunis who reportedly shot down his advances because Macaulay Culkin is a powerful wizard who also saw her murder an entire orphanage once. That has to be it.

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  1. Whatever???

    She IS hot and very intelligent.

  2. jk

    When your have no talent you have to fuk your way to the top

  3. Flap

    Ok wow she is actuly much hotter then the majority of the women in Hollywood. She might act dumb at times but don’t be fooled she is very inteligent and has talent.

  4. Olivia Munn Slept With Justin Timberlake
    Commented on this photo:

    I only hope he made her pregnant.

  5. Rob

    Dude, Justin is the man!! What a list…..Britney, Alyssa, Janet, Jessica, Olivia…..bow down to the master!

  6. I’m flabbergasted by the ignorance and hate in this room. I’m beginning to wonder if most of these comments are all women and adolescent male teens. Its Justin’s life, preference and who f*in cares.

    Don’t make it any bigger.

  7. Mikenish

    God this chick is ugly. I seriously can stand her and wouldn’t touch her with another man’s junk. There are thousands of more attractive women walking around in my neighborhood that don’t deep throat hot dogs like a lame whore.

  8. xbox 360

    Good Post! :-)

  9. Chodaboy

    I doubt olivia fucked him. He’s probably hung like an elf.

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