Justin Timberlake Banged Olivia Munn

October 27th, 2010 // 82 Comments

Even though she’s been overexposed to the point of no longer being considered hot, Justin Timberlake apparently pulled the always reliable “Nah, girl, we broke up” on Olivia Munn thus paving the way for a three day sex-fest behind Jessica Biel‘s back. Us Weekly reports:

Munn resisted his advances, telling him it was a no-go if he was still with Biel, 28, the source tells Us Weekly. But Timberlake “has been telling people it’s over with Jessica, even though “the reality is he’s just doing it behind her back.”
Believing he had left Biel and that her relationship with Timberlake might develop into something serious, Munn took him to her hotel, the Gansevoort Park Avenue NYC, Sept. 27 and 28, where “they were openly affectionate,” the insider adds.
The insider tells Us the two “had amazing sex” that night.

According to Lainey Gossip, Olivia eventually figured out what was happening and called it quits which was no skin off J-Tim’s penis considering he has a platoon of women on reserve for just such an occasion. Except one of them is not Mila Kunis who reportedly shot down his advances because Macaulay Culkin is a powerful wizard who also saw her murder an entire orphanage once. That has to be it.

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  1. “The source”
    “The insider”

    Read: Fat guy asking for an autograph who Olivia brushed off, so now he’s angry.

  2. Olivia Munn Slept With Justin Timberlake
    Commented on this photo:

    She is probably awesome in the sack. I would plow every hole twice, and then blast it on her jugs

  3. Drew

    She’s so disgustingly mediocre. And that’s being nice.

  4. Rough skills and power tools

    There you go, J.T. displaying some rough skills…lol “We broke up”

  5. jumpin_j

    “She’s been overexposed to the point of no longer being considered hot”. Amen to that, bro. And congrats on the mobile site. It was long overdue and appreciated!

  6. Rough skills and power tools

    She may not be considered hot due to overexposure but that’s some good side dish, when on down time (lil white lie, which she knew) with your main squeeze…Congrats are in order to JT.

  7. Photoshop Police

    hot chick – poorly fitted dress

    dammit, timberlake. stop tryin to be john mayer

  8. Melissa

    “The insider tells Us the two ‘had amazing sex’ that night.” How does this person know, did they hide behind a curtain and watch?

  9. guy rossi

    Eventhough he’s a lame white Usher , he could do A LOT better than her lame mediocre ass

    • Yeah, he’s lame. JT is so lame he’s doing Jessica Beil and has a bunch of tarts like the one above on the side. He’s a multi-million album solo artist who has street cred from some of the biggest names in the R&B business. He is a multi multi millionaire who could buy small countries with the income he makes off his music and budding acting career and all this before he even hits 30!!! Damn lame ass that he is. I wish I was that lame.

  10. Meesha

    wow… i can’t believe how much i do not care

  11. Aaron

    Pre-meltdown Britney, Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansen, Olivia Munn…JT is my hero.

  12. Lady Blah Blah

    The only question about Munn is whether she is or isn’t even a butterface. I vote for “isn’t even.”

    • Melissa

      I dunno… she kinda has an Audrina face.

      • Lady Blah Blah

        Patridge is iffy, I would say, but more attractive than Munn. I mean, if Munn and I were taking a walk and she fell behind, I think I’d instinctively pat my thigh and say, “Come on! Come on!”

      • Steve K

        OMG you’re so witty! Jealous much? Seriously, stfu. Pat your thigh my ass… just rub those Hindenburgs together, that alone would deafen any dog within a 4 mile radius (and take out a few random windshields as well), AND serve the dual purpose of attracting crickets via mating call (at least *something* would be willing to fuck you).

        Now youre going to tell us all how ‘hot you are’ right? Carry on, carry on.

    • Lady Blah Blah

      Hi Steve K, I’m not hot at all. I’m so ugly that after I tried to burn my face off with battery acid, my co-workers asked me if I had a beauty treatment or something, “Because we’ve never seen you look so good. And BTW, Lady, there’s a toilet backed up in the men’s room, clean it up ASAP, bitch.”

    • Twinkle

      But-Tah! I really don’t get the hype.

      The body could stop a truck cause her face killed the drive.

  13. legacy84

    ANND ugly mediocre bitch is always blabbing about how she only likes big penis’, maybe she has one of her own? What a ‘ho!

  14. Just A Horny Dude

    These Hollyweird actresses are all whores. Lordy, how many men have these wenches screwed in their short lives? Who is going to want them when they hit the wall, ruin their looks with plastic surgery, and prowl around bars looking to hook up with anyone. Pathetic losers.

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      Many of us prefer women who have looks of partners, they fuck better. It is the number of kids they have that cause them to loosen up.

      • Legion

        Many of you also probably have herpes! I can work with the inexperienced, but I’d rather not poke around a women that has sucked half the dicks in town and sat on the other half! I do agree that the whole kids thing is even worst. It makes the ladies loose and dealing with another man’s spawn such a pain in the ass.

  15. lok

    Well, that’s how it works. She wanted to bang him, but she needed to hear the “we broke up” thing first – even if she knew it wasn’t true. The fuck like rabbits, both have a good time, and she looks like a victim, which is good P.R., and get to enjoy J.T’s long slong.

  16. Minerva Smelibut

    She looks preggers in that pic

  17. I really don’t think JT cares. Even if Jessica Beil dumps him for this, he won’t stay single for long.

    Diss him all you want, but the guy has game.

  18. Olivia Munn Slept With Justin Timberlake
    Burl Ives
    Commented on this photo:

    lucky fucker. she’s smoking hot. if you think otherwise you are wrong.

  19. Tom

    She’s done now. Pretty soon she’ll be living in a house with Flava Flav for a month on VH1 and selling herpes cream on late night cable.

  20. wiskey

    seriously, She is hot as hell, BUT so annoying, she found a glitch, the Nerd world. Of course she was going to be super famous, In a NERD tv show, But this bitch cannot even compete with other models/actresses in the Hollywood world, she wouldn’t stand 10 seconds against the girls of the WB Channel, or MTV, or supermodels, She is hot, but the “hot girl at the supermarket cashier” hot, Not Hollywood hot,

    • Hapa

      Thank you. I’m much much hotter than her. AND I ACTUALLY play video games. I love being half Japanese but this Olivia munn bitch is ruining the image of
      hapas (I know, she’s half Chinese but still).

  21. atotalcad

    He gave her a dirty Geronimo.
    She didn’t expect it and she was yelling so loud it could be heard down the hallway.

    Just sayin.

  22. moe

    Totally butter face!

    Justin oh Justin Timberlake, how jealous i am of your Penis, If I found the Magic lamp and the Genie granted me a wish, I would wish to become Timberlake’s Penis for a month, Dear God, he has been with the hottest girls in Hollywood,
    I really cannot stand him, and his getto act, but dear god how much delicious pussy he gets,
    is just not fair, this world is so fucked up

  23. She's an idiot

    I will never understand anyone’s interest in Olivia Munn. She’s got flat tits, a flat ass, cankles and she’s STOOPID. I mean, we’re talking amazing stupidity here. And, not funny at all; shitty timing, doesn’t understand what a joke is.

  24. too bad really

    If you are rich or famous (both is better) you can fuck pretty much any woman.

  25. jkhjkh

    she looks like a ninja turtle here. splinter taught them to be ninja teens… [hes a radical rat!] leonardo leads, donatello does machines! [thats a fact, jack!]

  26. Olivia Munn Slept With Justin Timberlake
    Commented on this photo:

    Makes me wish I had been in a boy-band.

  27. Davinci

    intreseting comments. lol in regadss to comment made by tom and s**t moe u sound real desperate with that comment homie

  28. oooaaahhh

    I thought she got married recently?

  29. J-Sin

    Munn’s the one who probably gave up all the info. Woman scorned and all that.

  30. Lance Bass

    some guys have all the luck…

  31. Olivia Munn Slept With Justin Timberlake
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Another orange starlet.
    I don’t know who that guy is, but he’s better looking than Justin Timberlake.

  32. Anon Ymous

    Call it jealousy, whatever, but it is kind of disappointing how all these females bash Timberlake to look cool to the male audiences but all along they secretly desire him behind closed doors.

    Olivia Munn is a poor representation of a “nrrd girl” Basically because she is a fraud. She is more along the lines of a “hipster” She also seems to be the go-to quck-fuck-booty call for young males in hollywood who have just broken up or pretend to break up with their girlfriends.

    It’s obvious she is in over her head, and is getting played and passed around. Oh well…

    • t

      my friend works at G4 and she has, no joke, fucked over half her coworkers there. Directors, hosts, guests, cameramen, scriptwriters. my friend even got a turn and he says shes quite loose down there.

  33. Olivia Munn Slept With Justin Timberlake
    Commented on this photo:

    She is a total sperm demon

  34. LOL

    HELLO: Cover story dropped by the Timberlake team, this guy is GAY GAY GAY.

    Pick a sex symbol, weirdly open about having HAD SEX.

    Thi guy badly needs to be outed. Justin Timberlake is gay. Totally gay.

  35. Ash Bones

    She’s not on my “like” section on facebook anymore.

  36. nouu

    you fanboys are too obsessed, she is cute but not smokin hot.

  37. Beer Baron

    Nice man-hands.

  38. Lady Blah Blah

    Looks like Jon Gosselin in drag.

  39. Rico

    When did she get breast implants? I am familiar with her from being on G4 and she never had breasts like that. She was near flat chested. She looks like she got implants.

    • t

      she also had eye lid surgery to make herself appear more white. I don’t know why when most nerd guys like more asianness. she’s a tool , end of story.

  40. EnvyEyes

    I had no idea that the mentality of the public had wisened up on this non-copacetic bish Olivia Munn and came to realize what her insignificant arse is really worth. Not a god darn thing.

    Hate this bish. Fame whore to the max and probably put this whole thing in motion for exposure. Ugh. I don’t want her getting famous. Wonder how Kevin feels. Hope her NBC show fails miserable balls.

    • t

      No worries Envy, her show will fail. No doubt. Her fanbase literally consists of around 300-400 nerdy, virgin, sweaty, gross guys. Her show will fail, I just feel sorry that the Waitress from Always Sunny has to go down with her.

  41. A-Ron

    God Damn she’s effing hot.

    Oh and… damn you Timberlake. Just….damn you.

    • t

      you must be a virgin. a 14 year old virgin to think she’s hot. And she is NO “Poor man’s megan fox” whoever came up with that needs to be shot. Seriously, theyre putting things into Olivia’s head that aren’t in the least bit true. she honestly thinks her only competition is megan fox. even with all the shit megan has done to her face she’s still 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000X hotter than olivia.

  42. Obvious

    Guess she wanted to bang a homo who pretends to be straight.

  43. kitt

    olivia munn looks like she has down syndrome…

  44. meh

    What’s up with these orange tans?

  45. Ben Doverman

    Seeing her bunghole will settle whether id do her or not. Some one get on it post haste!
    ps- JT is a lil bitch, I still remember when he cried on the show Punk’d for his lil guitar brokeh. Where the bullies at? I need JT bitchslapped awhile.

  46. LOL

    she is sooooooo channel normal snooze

  47. Gobo

    Another fake girl gamer doing it for the attention.

    Let’s be honest here folks, girl gamers just don’t exist.

    • Tifa

      That is simply not true, my friend… Okay I really liked Olivia Munn at first but the longer she was on G4 I realized she was completely clueless about everything especially games. It was embarrassing and unbelievable whenever she spoke about or helped “review” a game I am sure she has never even touched before. She was fed lines from a teleprompter and was not the “nerdy gamer girl” she was being sold as for so long. Morgan Webb/Alison Haislip > Olivia Munn when it comes to personality and being true to who they are on G4 and Olivia Munn > when it comes to looks.

      I was one of her many female gamer fans and I thought it was awesome to have a hot funny gamer chick on AOTS – but anyone who really knows about games can see right through her.

      Oh and Justin Timberlake can go eat a dick.

  48. v-tard

    I have tons of respect for Mila Kunis for being faithful.

  49. joe

    Hate to say it , acting slutty to get attention,
    and then like a prude…. when guys responded
    to that sort of “humor” makes you a hypocrite.
    Also, Olivia was more fun to watch before she
    got all political on us, we don’t like you for your,
    politics sweety. Show us some leg…then, love.

  50. ccc

    hey i’ve never commented here but it sounds like you’re in love with justin timberlake and want to kiss him. you defend him alot in these comments and list all his life’s accomplishments from memory and even think about the skin of his penis in this blog entry. just my observation.

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