Justin Timberlake Banged Mila Kunis

February 3rd, 2011 // 61 Comments

“That’s right. Laugh into my erection, puppet. Laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh.”

Back when Justin Timberlake tricked Olivia Munn into thinking he broke up with Jessica Biel, it was also rumored that Mila Kunis shot him down while they were filming Friends With Benefits. Of course, that was when she was half-blind and under the impression Macaulay Culkin didn’t look like a 15-year-old drug addict, so cut to the SAG Awards this past weekend where a vision-restored Mila was all over Justin. People reports:

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis spent much of the night after the Screen Actors Guild Awards hanging out together at the PEOPLE/Entertainment Industry Foundation SAG Gala.
Then later on Sunday night, the singer/actor and his Friends With Benefits costar were “pretty inseparable” at another bash thrown by the Weinstein Company and Dewars, an observer says.

Look, I could sit here and say this is a simple case of two colleagues having a completely platonic good time together, but that would also imply that human biology doesn’t compel us to seek intercourse with aesthetically pleasing people in an effort to pass on superior genes. So in a way, these two had to fuck, and I don’t see how Jessica Biel can get mad about that. I mean, even I want to be angry because my last sexual encounter was with a sock, but as a wise man once told me, “Sometimes you have to put your hate-boner down and be a scientist about shit.”

- Carl Sagan. June 4, 1989.

Photos: Flynet, Getty, WireImage


  1. gogo


  2. melysa

    “Look, I could sit here and say this is a simple case of two colleagues having a completely platonic good time together, but that would also imply that human biology doesn’t compel us to seek intercourse with aesthetically pleasing people in an effort to pass on superior genes.”

    Hahaha. Very very well said. That girl is gorgeous! Who could resist?

  3. Well, that clinches it. Dick-in-a-box Boy must die.

  4. Second


  5. Hate Boner

    Hey! Don’t put me down!

  6. jojo

    She leaves the 12 year old dope show for this Chia Pet?
    Cha cha cha Chia.;)

  7. Dr. Hufurrrrr

    They don’t call him “Jusin Trousersnake” for nuthin.

  8. Macauley Culkin


  9. Bucky Barnes

    Pocket pool time, it’s your shot, Mila.
    Right ball, center pocket.

  10. Lucky Mila. I’d have let him bang too…he’s HOT!!!

  11. GravyLeg

    This picture looks doctored to me. The dude in the background should be staring at her ass and he isn’t.

  12. “So you’ll sneak me into the house for a night with Jessie and all I have to do is get Macaulay to meet you in the ruins of Neverland Ranch?”

    “Plus the face. No deal unless he makes the face when my pants go down.”

  13. Rough City, U.S.A.

    I don’t doubt it. The post ice breaking line “I just broke up with my gf” is one of the most effective ever but yet so unsubtle.

    BTW that line originated from middle earth inhabitants

  14. run-that-by-me-again

    She’s gorgeous – incredibly toned and curvaceous. Body language at SWAG’s – and pretty much any picture you see of them together – says they’re very familiar and comfortable with each other.

  15. Justin Timberlake Mila Kunis
    Commented on this photo:

    If she took her shoes off she’d be the perfect height…

  16. testington

    is Jessica Biel still alive even? Has anybody seen any pictures of her anywhere in the past 6 months?

    Also, Justin is apparently learning

    Britney Spears < Cameron Diaz < Jessica Beil < Mila Kunis

  17. Richard McBeef

    Why is that dude touching JT’s junk? Is he TSA or something?

  18. Cock Dr

    If this is her rebound guy then she needs to go back to the eye Dr.

  19. JP

    Cute couple!

  20. Michael

    I hate Hollywood. All anyone says is that they hung out at the party, now it’s all over the internet that they are banging. Thats ridiculous.

  21. slappy magoo

    …and then Justin came for the Jessica Biels, and I did nothing, for I was not a Jessica Biel…
    …and then Justin came for the Mila Kunises and I did nothing, for I was not a Mila Kunis…
    …and then Justin came for me…because there were literally no women left on earth he hadn’t fouled with his superior seed…
    …and I did nothing, for it would be the closest I’d ever get to banging a Jessica Biel or a Mila Kunis…
    OUCH! Jesus, JT, at least take your watch off, ripping out my ass hairs and shite…

  22. Justin Timberlake Mila Kunis
    some dude
    Commented on this photo:

    Carl Sagan was and still is better than you and everyone you love combined.

  23. Mandy

    I hate this skinny-jeans-huge-heels trend. Mila is gorgeous, but she looks like her ankles are about to break and she’s going to fall over.

  24. vix

    Uh, is it just me, or are her shoes WAY too big for her? Or maybe the back of her foot is freakishly long?

  25. TehWinner

    You can have dat skank puss, JT. ’cause I ain’t having none of goddamm Macaulay Culkin’s leftovers. Same goes for you dillweeds who rave about Jolie – Billy Bob Thornton fucked that up for everyone else, Pitt would give a shit if he wasn’t an even bigger pussy with his “Adopt All of Africa” shtick.

  26. sid

    “had to fuck”…
    You are not a biologist, blogger boy. Stick to your moronic hollywood-related bullshit.

  27. Justin Timberlake Mila Kunis
    Commented on this photo:

    Turn your head and cough please.

  28. Somewhere Macaulay Culkin is doing that thing where he slaps both sides of his face and screams.

  29. Bella

    And because Jessica Biel looks like a man.

  30. Rhialto

    That doesn’t look like this clickerdeclick what i’m standardly carrying around in my pocket now instead of the big gun…

  31. Nero

    Is she bringing his lunch or something?!

  32. Justin Timberlake Mila Kunis
    Commented on this photo:

    wrinkles and forehead veins.so hot. top it off with a large nose and you get super hot stuff.

  33. wim

    he did it just for the pictures & to please america in general.

  34. Alex

    Hahaha “puppet” — that’s such an awesome insult

  35. Eric

    Haven’t you ever heard the saying “no matter how hot a girl is, somewhere there is a guy who is sick of her crap” (or something like that)? Jessica Biel is hot, but apparently Justin is sick of her not being Mila Kunis.

  36. Muffy the Lesbian

    More evidence that American women have horrible taste in men.

  37. Bill

    Sounds like he’s getting the green light. If he’s not hitting that he doesn’t really like girls. Mila Kunis is top shelf, premier tail and you don’t let that walk away unless you secretly like pole. I don’t care how rich and famous you are.

    I still can’t believe she dated that Home Alone guy. He looks like an alien hybrid.

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