Justin Bieber’s D*ck Is Totes Real, You Guys

Posted by Photo Boy

Confidence is a tricky game. As a man, when you get called out, sometimes it’s best to take the high road and not dignify with a response. Or you could pay a top tier legal team to threaten lawsuits against a tiny blog whose bullshit story wouldn’t even make a dent in your wealth, fame, or seemingly endless supply of amazing vagina. Oh, and you could also make your trainer, who you pay tons and tons of money, tell everyone your dick is huge. #HighSelfEsteemSwag Via TMZ:

BreatheHeavy just caved and you can literally feel the fear. The site says, “Bieber denies the photo is real, and I respect that and will believe him…But the site didn’t stop there, quoting Bieber’s personal trainer … who said, “I can definitely confirm that he is a well-endowed guy. I sound weird saying that, but yes.”

Top that all off four days later by Instagramming yourself flexing so hard you’ll herniate with the caption “Photoshop lol” and you’ve achieved a level of self-assuredness even Teddy Roosevelt would admire. “Speak softly and address every tiny slight with the full force of your affluence, but always try to stand behind a larger man if that’s an option. That last part’s important.”

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Photo: Instagram