Justin Bieber Punched His Ex-Israeli Military Bodyguard In The Chest And Gave Him An Ouchie

January 11th, 2013 // 30 Comments

The man you see walking next to Justin Bieber is his former bodyguard and ex-Israeli army soldier Moshe Benabou who no longer works for Bieber and is now suing him for punching him in the chest because, yeah, he’ll look like the world’s largest pussy but money. TMZ reports:

According to Benabou — who claims he worked for the singer from March 2011 to Oct. 2012 — JB berated him and punched him in the chest multiple times during a disagreement about how to handle a member of Bieber’s entourage.
Benabou is seeking unspecified damages for assault and battery — and more than $420,000 in unpaid overtime.

In related news, a fly bumped into my chest yesterday. I will bankrupt its family.



Yup, this looks like a guy who’d crumble after one punch from those twig arms. He’s got a good case here.

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  1. Smapdi

    Surely a punch in the chest from Bieber is the equivalent of a feather thrown at a brick wall. Or, perhaps the Israeli military is vulnerable to male teenage pop stars? Hamas should recruit One Direction to attack Jerusalem.

  2. JC

    I don’t blame the dude. No matter how much of a badass he is, you shouldn’t really have to put up with getting punched by your boss, even if said punches are like the kisses from a kitten.

    Between this and a story I was reading about Bieber running around punching people in the balls for fun, I feel like a savage beatdown would do him a world of good.

  3. The Right

    Violence is OK when the perpetrator is the smaller of the two. That’s the bloggers position here.

  4. That dude should’ve locked Justin in one those techniques he learned in the military. I’d go with the Kimura Lock. Justin seems to have the attitude of a child with too much power, who’s been getting his way for far too long. An ass kicking is in order.

  5. Kodos

    Well, the Jews DID kill Jesus; you think they want to add Bieber to that repitore?

    Not that I wouldn’t have minded seeing the old dude put a little Krav Maga on that whiney little bitch boy.

  6. cc

    Getting punched in the chest by Bieber would be kind of awesome…because you’d be well within your rights to punch him back. Tell me that wouldn’t be rewarding. Especially if you did it in front of Selena.

  7. Joe Blow

    Maple Syrup don’t play, yo. He hard from the streets, yo.

  8. Justin Bieber Shirtless Old Man
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Is this shot the toxin that made the SW server sick again?
    What’s the matter with the damned thing? It didn’t used to be so delicate.

  9. mouse

    Assault is assault even if it feels like puppy kisses, and I’m always happy to see someone stick it to this little prick.

  10. Natty Ice

    Justin: “Whew…that wave…man, it knocked the wind right out of me. Just overpowered me. Glad you were there to help me out.”

    Bodyguard: “We were only in the kiddie pool, Justin. But that little girl was splashing a lot. Made those waves come at a guy like you hard.”

  11. He may have been ex-Israeli Special Forces, but he was unprepared for Bieber’s Douche-Fu. His finishing move is truly something to behold…it involved open handed paddle-slapping his opponent on the chest and squealing in triumph “you’re a big meanie!”

  12. EricLr

    Well, there goes the legendary tough guy reputation of jews.

  13. Everybody in Israel over the age of 22 is ‘ex israeli military’, unless they stayed in, or never got in because of some disability. Makes it alot less impressive, especially considering this dude looks my fat grampa.

  14. judgingyou

    And then he had to kiss it better and comfort a sobbing Bieber, it was awkward, then he had to call Usher. No one damages ‘The Reliable Right Rubber’

  15. While he decided to humiliate himself by admitting the abuse, he couldn’t face telling us the whole story: Bieber just kept pulling the classics on him. “Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!”

  16. DumbBaastard

    He should sue Bieber being forced to wear matching swim trunks.

  17. Justin Bieber Shirtless Old Man
    Joe Blow
    Commented on this photo:

    What happened to Pamela Anderson’s rescue board? And her tits?

  18. Oh God, what I would pay to be on this jury just to make Bieber repeatedly punch this guy to seem how lame and weak he is and just laugh at him.

    What lawyer would actually take this case? How could you actually convince anyone that this 12 year old girl could hurt anyone, especially this man?

  19. zomgbie

    lol. that guy should be ashamed.
    next week: honey booboo knocks him out.

  20. kery

    he should gain some weight . he looks bad ;D

  21. Kimberly

    Really? Not for emotional damage?

  22. Katy

    Bieber’s ability to punch like fruit fly is irrelevant! He was highly disrespectful to an employee and behaved in a manner that is unprofessional and unacceptable, period! This little douche should be grateful that all he’s getting served with is a lawsuit. Side note, I once got hit by a snotty 4-year-old who didn’t like hearing “no”, and little scrappers can cause pain when they really want to.

  23. two points:
    1.there are indications moshe is not telling the truth, he lied about having worked for Justin Timberlake according to TMZ
    2. Bieber is not exactly a pushover, he knows boxing and once socked a guy who called him a fag. He has practiced and is friends with Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, and David Haye who said he is very good with his hands.

  24. Edvard Munch

    On one hand, its yeah sue that little fucker. Then on the other its, pfft, typical move for a jew.

  25. Derek

    He looks like the worst body guard ever. He didn’t wreck that paparazzo at all. First, he couldn’t take him down without a second person. Second, when he was left alone with the guy, the paparazzo grabbed his backpack and chucked him to the side. In a different situation, the guy could’ve booked it and would’ve gotten away. Seriously, this guy was/is a bodyguard?

  26. Team Anyone/thing That Makes Beberfetus Cry.

  27. grobpilot

    The only reason this guy didn’t put Bieber’s insides on the outside is because it looks bad if you take revenge on the feeble-minded who may not know better than to pick a fight with a pitbull. Sure, maybe he’s bit on the heavy side but you just know his hands are still registered weapons.

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