Justin Bieber Wrote A Song About Mariah Yeater, Too. Oh, Good.

If you thought Justin Bieber tweeting a Borat video at Mariah Yeater, the girl who accused him of being the father of her baby, was the dickishest thing he could ever do, you clearly underestimated our Maple Lord’s propensity to flaunt his syrupy power because, surprise, he wrote a song about her, too. BBC News reports:

Discussing the inspiration for his next album, Bieber said he’d written “songs like that girl – Mariah Yeater – who said she was going to have my baby”.
He added: “I wrote about that situation.”
The 18-year-old singer was speaking at a London club where journalists had gathered to hear new tracks from his upcoming album Believe.
It’s not yet known if the song about Yeater will make the final track listing for that album.

In Justin Bieber’s defense, he has openly stated that he wants to be the next Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson does have a famous song about a kid that’s not his son. Then again, Michael Jackson was a pedophile, so there’s no way the kid could be his, whereas Justin Bieber is a little horndog who “allegedly” bangs chicks backstage without a condom on for 30 seconds and then has his lawyers completely destroy them in the press for sport. In fact, one time I saw him put on a fox hunting outfit and chase a pregnant chick across a field while playing a bugle. True story.

Photos: Fame/Flynet