Justin Bieber Used A Wheelchair To Skip Lines At Disneyland ‘Allegedly’

When it rains Justin Bieber is a shithead posts, it pours, so here’s a picture of him at Disneyland tweeted by SWAGGYJB3194 and you’ll probably notice he’s in a wheelchair. According to TMZ, it’s because he used it to cut in line at Disneyland, but according to Justin’s people, it’s because he injured his knee playing basketball and already gets special treatment at Disneyland anyway, so what would be the point? Which makes sense until you realize this is another attempt to make him look like a gangsta. And while my head wants to remind everyone he’s a fucking white kid from Canada, my heart still wants to see him get shot by George Zimmerman, so ignore that all that Canada stuff I just said. Ballers be ballin’! You know how they do. Slap me some skin, blood. Fried chicken all night! (I may have taken this too far.)