Weed And Taking His Shirt Off Are All The Girlfriend Justin Bieber Needs Now

Sometime before New Year’s, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez apparently called it quits again sending him straight into the arms of a rapper named Lil Twist who’s already transformed the Maple Christ into a shirtless, pot-smoking braggadocio with a thirst for blood. Which says a lot about Lil Twist’s influence considering Justin Bieber used to hang out with Chris Brown and Selena Gomez never once got punched in the face. Then again, she often spoke of sudden soft breezes upon her cheek that smelled of cinnamon… Anyway, Syrup Lord’s team has since put a camera lockdown in place and made him visit a little girl with cancer because that doesn’t look obvious and cynical at all. What kid doesn’t want to spend her last few minutes on Earth enabling a spoiled little douche’s drug problem? That’s way better than Disney World.

Photos: Splash News