Usher Let Akon Bang Justin Bieber

January 9th, 2013 // 4 Comments
Like A Cigarette
Justin Bieber Shirtless
Justin Bieber's Black Friend's Making Him Smoke Weed Read More »

That’s the only way to read this. Via TMZ:

Akon was leaving The Ivy yesterday when we asked him about the fan reaction to the photos of Bieber puffin’ away on a joint, while surrounded by Coronas, at a recent hotel party.
“I gotta talk to Justin,” Akon said … “I didn’t know he was smoking.”
“That’s my little man … hopefully, I’ll make an impact.”

“In fact, let me get him on the phone right now. *dials* Hello? Justin? It’s Ako- alright, now stop- dammit- What I tell you about crying every time I call? TMZ is right here next to- Don’t you put your mother on the phone. Don’t you dare put that bitch- Oh, heeeeyyy, Pattie, how are you? Long time, no see.”

(Why are you looking at Kate Upton? This.)

Photo: SKULLCANDY/Splash News


  1. Kate Upton Bikini Skullcandy Supermodel Crew
    Commented on this photo:

    Is Fish trying to tell us something? Three posts of Kate Upton….I like my coffee with sugar and lots of milk,latte maybe…

  2. Prof. X

    This is seriously too funny. All the Upton pics with other headlines are cracking me up!

  3. USDA Prime McBeef

    I’m getting tired of Upton’s fantastic tits.

    Can we switch to a Rita Rusic gallery? How about Cocky McTuckerton or whatever that bitch’s name is?

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