Usher Let Akon Bang Justin Bieber

That’s the only way to read this. Via TMZ:

Akon was leaving The Ivy yesterday when we asked him about the fan reaction to the photos of Bieber puffin’ away on a joint, while surrounded by Coronas, at a recent hotel party.
“I gotta talk to Justin,” Akon said … “I didn’t know he was smoking.”
“That’s my little man … hopefully, I’ll make an impact.”

“In fact, let me get him on the phone right now. *dials* Hello? Justin? It’s Ako- alright, now stop- dammit- What I tell you about crying every time I call? TMZ is right here next to- Don’t you put your mother on the phone. Don’t you dare put that bitch- Oh, heeeeyyy, Pattie, how are you? Long time, no see.”

(Why are you looking at Kate Upton? This.)

Photo: SKULLCANDY/Splash News