Don’t Be A Menace To South Toronto While Drinking Your Juicy Juice In The Hood

The Russell Crowe in Gladiator-type shit epic of Justin B-Bare’s true Hollywood life just took it to whole nother level ’cause the blackest jigga to ever ice skate outta Canada is fuckin’ the poh-leece in not one, but TWO motherfuckin’ countries, y’all. I’m talkin’ USA, and that snowy bitch ridin’ our dick up north. TM Zizzy:

Justin Bieber was charged with assault in Toronto because he allegedly bashed a limo driver in the back of the head.
Toronto Police have released new details of the Dec. 30 incident … and say the limo driver had picked up 6 passengers around 2:50 AM — including Justin — when a fight broke out between the driver and “one of the passengers.”
Cops say the passenger — allegedly Justin — hit the limo driver in the back of the head “several times” during the fight, and when the driver stopped to call police … Justin fled the scene.

This here situation reminds me of a little sumpin sumpin from back in the day. Back ‘fore mothafuckas were as hard as B-Bare, true, but I ain’t about to fault a soulja for not havin’ da right general, ya feel me?

Y’all can’t tell me this joint wouldn’ta been tighter with some little white boy singing all pretty and shit, “Ooh, hee, I be your boyfriend, and your girl, boyfriend, girl…” Them 14-year-old panties be drop- oh, snap, Chris Hansen! How’d you get in my grandmama’s house?! AW, NIGGA, YOUR FISTS ARE STRONG! SAVE ME, B-BARE!

Photos: Instagram / Splash News