Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift Got Girl Beef

Justin Bieber just released his latest single “All Bad” which apparently is an entire song aimed at Taylor Swift for encouraging Selena Gomez not to bang him anymore. So here’s Hollywood Life while I figure out how to nominate Taylor for a Congressional Medal of Honor. This is a day for honoring heroes, dammit.

… neither of them have ever really blatantly come out and made their true feelings known. Until Nov. 11, when Justin retweeted a fan tweet that his new song, “All Bad,” was a diss track written about Taylor.
And so the feud rolls on! Justin’s “All Bad” lyrics were transparent enough, but the song’s suspected meaning was all but confirmed by Justin co-signing this tweet:
“I think Justin was shading Taylor in #AllBad”
That’s probably about as close to an actual confirmation as we’re going to get. Especially because Justin pulled his retweet moments later.

In Justin’s defense, clearly it’s Taylor Swift’s fault that Selena Gomez won’t come near him, and not the fact he bangs hookers, pisses in mop buckets, spits on people, disgraces historical figures and cheated on her constantly whenever the opportunity presented itself and/or required French fries. Girls love that stuff. Or in the words of the young minstrel, “WildKidz romance yo’ pants, bitch!” (I want this world to die in a fire.)

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