Justin Bieber Takes a Bottle to the Face

After looking at “celebrities” with no discernible talent all morning (Examples: Here, here and here.), I really shouldn’t take as much pleasure as I did in this video of Justin Bieber getting a water bottle chucked perfectly at his skull. For all intents and purposes, the kid at least has enough stage presence and charisma to keep the attention of teenage girls constantly bombarded with sexting – Someone reply, dammit! – and Robert Pattinson Trapper Keepers. But then I remember he’s also the only 16-year-old with a Lamborghini who gets handjobs from Kim Kardashian, and I’m a 30-year-old who ate generic Frosted Flakes for breakfast. Which is around the same time I start doing that weird laughing/crying thing that ends with me under a blanket in the shower. Hold my calls.