Justin Bieber Dropped $1 Million On Lap Dances

October 21st, 2013 // 22 Comments
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Okay, that headline might have been misleading, but I don’t know how else to explain a stripper going on Twitter to make sure everyone knows Justin Bieber is not only allowed to touch the dancers, but almost makes them faint with said touch. Also, they peed on him which is the only way to read this last sentence. Via TMZ:

Biebs hit up VLive … enjoying time with his shirt off and pants down. Here’s the highlight … one of the strippers tweeted afterwards, “He touched my ass I almost fainted.” She also had this introspective observation — “I’ve danced for a lot of celebrities and they normally don’t phase me but Justin had me in shock!”
Another stripper said JB made it rain. Based on the videos we saw … apparently so did her co-worker.

Of course, a better use of Justin Bieber’s money probably would’ve been to hire a stripper to erase all traces of him licking the sweet tang of Usher‘s butthole off his fingers (above), but to each his own. I’m not an accountant.

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  1. Please Nigg_, they have lap dances at gay strip clubs?

  2. Wow

    I’d rather be in the worst Midtown bar full of nothing but finance douches than hanging out with that posse of shitheads. Jesus.

  3. The last gasps of a boy who realizes his career is going down the shitter and is trying to enjoy himself while he can afford it.

  4. Dox

    Just once, I would love to see a headline on Bieber that read something like this:
    “Bieber helps crippled puppy, decides not to be a complete douche, and donates half the proceeds from his next 100 concerts to combat human trafficking.”

    But that might be something, someone who wasn’t completely absorbed in their own sad, pathetic, shallowness might do.

  5. “This is the church,
    This is the steeple,
    Open the doors,
    And here’s the femmeboy douchebag surrounded by guys who are laughing because they can’t believe how much money they are making off of him. And then there’s the banging. Most of them bang him. Those are the people.”

  6. cc

    I’d rain blows down on his head…for free.

  7. BB

    Lil Oompa Loompa makin bitches be squirtin

  8. JC

    Nothing but sound financial planning here. I mean, he’ll be famous forever, right?

  9. Uncle Phil

    Just another MC Hammer in the making with a dash of Kim Pee thrown in for giggles.

  10. For that kind of money you should have a damaged cock and a doctor’s appointment on the schedule.

  11. 4 5 6 7 8,he gives handjobs full of hate. 1 2 3 4, he gives blowjobs on the floor.

  12. cc

    BTW, any canucks here who went to Runway 66 back in the heyday? Beat the hell out of ANY American peeler bar ever.

  13. gigi

    Dwayne Wayne & Ashy Larry too? wow, some party….

  14. Usher charges him??

  15. This can mean only one thing: strippers aren’t very smart.

  16. Mitch

    What kind of self respecting black man would be caught dead hanging out with Justin Bieber. He must love sucking black cock.

  17. lllless

    Wanna know how I know you’re gay..?

  18. strippen

    I didn’t realize they let 14 year olds strip. Where did this happen? Alabama?

  19. famesandwhich

    Watching Justin Bieber’s celebrity progression is like watching Han Solo being sealed in Carbonite. Only Justin is slowly being frozen in Vanilla Ice.

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