Justin Bieber Took Selena Gomez to Hawaii, And The Gun Show…

May 24th, 2011 // 116 Comments

Just in case there were any doubts on just how young Justin Bieber truly is, here he is without his shirt on after whisking Selena Gomez to Hawaii yesterday following their make-out session at the Billboard Music Awards. I feel like Felicity Huffman should burst into my house telling me to stay away from her son after seeing these photos hanging in my downstairs “rec room” even though I just saved her life from that crazy woman shooting up the grocery store. Granted, I don’t know why that should afford me leniency, I also don’t know why I basically admitted seeing the third season of Desperate Housewives. I blame the 10-year-old without his shirt on.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Splash News


  1. Venom

    Lucky bastard, she is smoking hot.

    Anyway, in 3 years, the NSYNC/Backstreet Boys/Justin Bieber/Jonas Brothers concert coming to a venue near you.

  2. Justin Bieber Shirtless Selena Gomez Bikini Hawaii
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    “Let go of my gosh-darned towel, Selena! I need it to cover my shame while I watch the lifeguards protect the beach. The sweet, hard, tanned, anal beach. I mean reach. I mean Disney. I mean balls…dang it…kiss me…again…NOW Selena! Love you Lord!”

  3. Michael

    I thought Selena Gomez was smarter than I thought she was. She’s dating this creep, who’s still in high school and she’s in college.

    Yeah, that comment is douchey. But hey, we’re not high-class comedy writers.

    I bet Egotastic didn’t post this up, because Selena doesn’t have those boobs that they keep raving about.

  4. stu

    I just got a stiffy, is that wrong?

  5. RaraAvis

    He looks like he just left a 3-D movie and forgot to take off his glasses.

    • Richard McBeef

      i want to beat shit out of every kid I see wearing those sunglasses. we get it – your “ironic” but your overuse can cause vaginal irritation and pH imbalances.

  6. Justin Bieber Shirtless Selena Gomez Bikini Hawaii
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    how hard is justin bieber trying to flex in ALL of these photos?

  7. temp

    seriously, selena gomez is aging really well. she looks great!

  8. Justin Bieber Shirtless Selena Gomez Bikini Hawaii
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    do I see a tat? I hope it’s misspelled.

  9. right

    Bieber is a punk. In 3 years, he will be on VH1 washing cars.

  10. JPC

    That girl has tiny tits. Selena’s are looking pretty nice though.

  11. Sin

    Bieber is just a Flavor of the Month. His fans are all tweener girls and gay men. He has no staying power in the music business.

    • vandinz


    • M.J.

      You’re so wrong! And this is coming from a 21 year old woman, fan of Justin Bieber who has a boyfriend and is attending Med school. I just really like him as an artist (because I love his songs and dance moves and he pretty much showed the world he can act too thanks to CSI ) but mostly as a person because he’s nice, funny, sweet and respectful. I just love to believe in a boy who didn’t have the easiest of childhoods (coming from a little town, with a dad that wasn’t around and being not exactly rich…) and has achieved so much thanks to his talent and perseverance, so I’ll just keep supporting him. So my response is NO…his fans are not only crazy girls that are in love with him, they’re also dreamers!

      • …and remember folks, don’t feed the trolls.

      • Burt


        Well, I actually teach Med school students (just to show you that your appeal to authority is foolish and juvenile. I adds no weight to an argument and someone is bound to come along with greater authority than you do when that’s the kind of path you wish to take with your arguments).

        In any case, his voice lacks power and projection (I can teach you to sing just as well in one afternoon, and I’m not a voice coach). Sure, maybe he has some talent hidden somewhere that will allow him to grow out of his bubble gum pop phase like Alanis Morissette did, but at the moment his music sucks.

      • Booster Juice

        Yes, that little town of Stratford, Ontario. What a ghetto it is! Right up next to Harlem.

      • direchef

        It’s good you’re in Med school. At some point you may be called upon to surgically separate Bieber from another dude.

    • Do you know how i know M.J. is gay?

  12. Justin Bieber Shirtless Selena Gomez Bikini Hawaii
    Richard James
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  13. Justin Bieber Shirtless Selena Gomez Bikini Hawaii
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    I wonder if he’ s put it in her pooter

  14. M.J.

    Well, well…didn’t expect Justin to have a lil’ six-pack…guess Rihanna was telling the truth…He looks fine! Not gonna comment on her…can’t stand her and her only-date-famous-guys-when-they’re-at-the-top policy (look at her past flings Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner). Have fun J.Biebs and keep your eyes open!

  15. Justin Bieber Shirtless Selena Gomez Bikini Hawaii
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    lol @ the weird old pedophile with the camera behind them.

  16. one legged

    i watched the bieber movie.. he can be win when he stops making music for just 8 year olds

    and your desperate thing can be ok.. i had to watch season 1 of glee with my 2 year + lady.. i have never seen an episode alone

    i just enjoy bluray south park on my time because it has the swear words lol

  17. Maggie

    And then she rallied the neighbors and caused a total riot in the street. That was kind of a weird story arc.

  18. What kind of douchebag wears those glasses??

    • Burt

      Someone who’s too young to remember those glasses were tacky when they were popular the first time around.

  19. Burt

    I see he’s competing with Charlie and Rihanna for the “Stupidest Tattoo on a Celebrity Award”.

  20. the captain

    the canarian islands this is the same thing for us europeans as hawaii is to americans.
    ……………SO BIG DEAL!!

  21. Justin Bieber Shirtless Selena Gomez Bikini Hawaii
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    how cute…his mommy took him to get a tattoo.

  22. Justin Bieber Shirtless Selena Gomez Bikini Hawaii
    Cock Dr
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    Gotta admit they are damned cute together.
    Hope they are coupling like rabbits. Get some!

  23. who dat

    As a grown ass lady it HORRIFIES me that this gorgeous young woman is attracted to this little whimpy baby boy. Seriously WTF Selena??????????? You are embarrassing hot brunettes everywhere. Know you’re league and stay in it for the love of female hotness everywhere. What if this shit starts a trend and hot girls everywhere start dating boys that look like children they should be babysitting? Just imagine the genetic repercussions.

  24. Crabby Old Guy

    So are they the “new” Heidi and Spenser? It’s very difficult to keep up on all the so-called celebrity douchiness nowadays.

  25. who dat

    I really fear for the future generations, how in the fuck can anyone find this kid appealing and the “music” he makes, facck it sucks so hard it hurts my brain. People will eventually realize the horrifying lameness right? Lookit I don’t wish the kid any ill I just want him to go away forever and not date pretty girls unless he someday hits puberty ok scratch that no pretty girls for him. Ever.

    Selena actually has a future, I mean sure her music is total shit, but I saw some awful movie of hers while home sick and her acting showed bizarre promise for a piece of shite Disney movie. Looks wise she could grow up to be the next Catherine Zeta Jones (I’m talking during her Zorro hotness days) She even reminds me a bit of Sofia Vergara. Lets hope this is her loser faze, you know ladies and gents we’ve all been through one. In fact mine was pretty much as lame as this so maybe I should cut her some slack.

  26. TyroneBiggums

    She’s just dating him because she can have sex with him while remaining a virgin……….because his little pecker isn’t big enough to bust her cherry.

  27. MLVC

    I have the opinion that she just may be the hottest thing to ever escape the womb…I bet it smells like mangos…I would let her use my tounge to wipe her crapper

  28. Deacon Jones

    10 bucks says she’s carrying a giant black strap-on in her purse.

  29. Justin Bieber Shirtless Selena Gomez Bikini Hawaii
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    He has the same rack as Gwen Stefani.

  30. RoboZombie


  31. The real question is...

    has the Biebster slipped his slim jim into her hot pocket?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  32. Rancid

    For fuck’s sake boy… DO SOME PUSHUPS

  33. Freddie Mercury started out with a female partner (Mary Austin) as well. This proves (…best Sergeant Shultz voice…) NUTTING!!

  34. whiskeyafternoon

    I don’t know what they did on the beach, per se, but I do know that they talked about his feelings.

  35. Isn’t Selena a little young to have a caesarean scar? That’s going to forever keep her out of the big money shifts at the gentlemens clubs.

  36. Justin Bieber Shirtless Selena Gomez Bikini Hawaii
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    I wonder if mom is allowing Selena to have the adjoining room to her and Justin’s.

  37. Justin Bieber Shirtless Selena Gomez Bikini Hawaii
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    What a pigeon chested little twerp. I swear if he ever comes back to Stratford, I’ll have a 24-pack of whoopass waiting for him.

    • Kelsey

      yah id like to see u back that up but u wont considering ur post was like a couple monthes ago and hes been back to stratford a few times…and umm nothing happened…get over urself and stop hating

  38. Look at that nice, young, body on Selena. The nasty and freaky things I would do to that.

    • Pippy Longcockings

      Just think about the disgusting Latina cow she’s going to be in 10 years after she’s squeezed out a couple of kids. That should cure you.

  39. Pippy Longcockings

    Every time I see JB I want to butt-stoke him right in the face with my assault rifle.

  40. Boy needs some push-ups….
    She needs to be pounded mercilessly….

  41. Music Fan

    Justin Bieber is a no talent douchebag who lipsyncs just like the rest of the loser “musicians” who are shoved down our throats. Disney and Nashville should be destroyed.

    Remember Grace Potter? She used to rock until Disney got a hold on her and they have turned her into Miley fucking Cyrus. The last time she played here people were leaving the show in droves.

  42. Steelerchick

    No matter how hard he tries to be cool, he looks like an idiot with those sunglasses on. Smack smack!!

  43. Cardinal Fang

    I have the urge to strap them both back-to-back in wooden school chairs and force them to listen to 8 hours of loud death metal. She’s naked of course in this daydream.

  44. Turd Ferguson

    Damn she is hot.

  45. Do these glasses make my chest look small?

  46. Justin Bieber Shirtless Selena Gomez Bikini Hawaii
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    These two are a train wreck waiting to happen… they’re too young to be doing the shit that they do. Its creepy to me…

    • Kelsey

      and what age do u suggest a couple start to kiss…when they r freaking 50 bc that is creepy to me…they r not to young ….HATER

  47. youth&beauty

    She’s young too. I think she’s 2 years older than him…and miley cyrus is one year older than him.

    PS guys will say anything to continue being douches.

  48. Justin Bieber Shirtless Selena Gomez Bikini Hawaii
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    The big guy is there to keep people from kicking sand in Bieber’s face.

  49. Rayne

    s just a kid for goodness sake and this is his time in the limelight. If you don’t li@Booster Juice …… where on earth did you hear Stratford, Ontario is a ghetto???? lol That’s hilarious!! I lived there for my highschool years and it’s the exact opposite! hahaha In reality, it’s a small city with shops and homes that look like postcards. Streets are clean and “pride of ownership” is visible everywhere. It’s also the home of the Shakespearean Festival and each year the city and surrounding area is filled with actors and festival patrons for the entire time. To attend one of the Plays, everyone is dressed in formal attire for the evening performances. The entire city of Stratford has a Shakespearean flavour. Ghetto??? Google it, crack a book, pay attention, you might learn something outside of your narrow view of the world. I’m not a fan of this kid at all but he’ke him, why knock him, his life, and then rattle some horse manure off about his home town????? Comparing his home town to a ghetto and then saying it’s like Harlem is absolutely ridiculous. LOL Oh, by the way …. have you ever been to Harlem even? hahahaha You sound like an uneducated snob. If you don’t know what you’re talking about ….. ummmm, yeah, you know the rest. (might be giving you too much credit here though)

  50. Justin Bieber Shirtless Selena Gomez Bikini Hawaii
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    they are such a cute couple! love them both! selena has such a good bikini body! and justin is looking super hot! love

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