Put. A. God. Damn. Shirt. On.

I’m going to be upfront with you guys. Thanks to a cold/allergies, my throat is getting dick-punched right now (Easy, Jonah Hill. Easy.), so I’m way too drained to even attempt talking like #BBare, and will probably be taking a nap by the time you read this. Fortunately, these pics make Justin Bieber look like way more of a shithead than calling him The Mayor of Pussytown ever possibly could because he’s literally walking around an international film festival shirtless while grabbing his dick, for the sole purpose of everyone seeing him walk around shirtless while grabbing his dick. Although, in his defense, he did get to go up onstage with Rick Ross and prance around like a white, Capuchin booty ho monkey:

“Golly gee, Mr. Ross, can I be in your hip-hop show?”
“Sure, kid. Just promise me you won’t rap.”
“Anything for you, Mr. Ross! Hot dog, I get to be a black guy! Whoopee!”

Photos: INFphoto, Pacific Coast News