Justin Bieber Won’t Stop Begging Seth Rogen To Roast Him

No, Chappelle. Not you, too…

Seth Rogen spent an entire week last year hating the shit out of Justin Bieber, so somehow that’s progressed to Bieber wants Seth to do the Comedy Central Roast he asked for because apparently you can just do that. And while it would behoove Seth to get paid to publicly humiliate the fuck out of Bieber, it would also boost the ratings of his little vanity project, so hopefully he’ll just stay home and smoke a lot of pot because did you know Seth Rogen likes weed? Seth Rogen likes weed. He’s very subtle about it.

Keep in mind, Justin Bieber spent his time tweeting Seth Rogen instead of having sex with this which I’m pretty sure is a sign of Down syndrome, so I’m sorry, but I don’t insult the mentally handicapped. I won’t do it. — Just kidding. I write about Kanye all the time. You have an extra chromosome and look like Miley Cyrus with an immunodeficiency virus! BOOSH! NAILED IT. (God, I live a rich life.)

Photo: Instagram