Once You Go Bieber, You Never Wanna Leave Her

April 10th, 2014 // 16 Comments
Orlando Bloom
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I know all you bitches out dare be hearing rumors dat Selena Gomez be banging Legolas and gettin’ served on accountant of my boy #BBare, but let me tell y’all a lil sumpin: Bustin Bizzle be packin’ six feet a bubble gum, and Selena Gomez wants to get dat Big League Chew on, naw mean? She ain’t ever givin’ dat up. Not for no Will Turner, or no One Direction England mothafucka who’s all like, “Ooh, let’s drink tea and watch dat show with dat bitch from Harry Potter who be teachin’ them kids magic and shit.” Fuck all dat. Selena Gomez wants da bonez, and my boy #BBare’s got da whole damn skeleton. Click clack, ho.

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  1. JimBB

    He’s gonna croc that pussy, girl.

  2. I ran this whole post through Google translate and it just came back with a picture of a middle finger.

    • I translated it to Japanese first and then into english and got this:

      I know dare gettin ministry that carries the boy # BBare of “me to do what I’ve heard DAT rumor hit the Legolas bitches Selena Gomez all of you, but I tell you sumpin a lil to y’all’s I it is not a givin 6 feet 1 bubblegum thing of packing Mr. Bastin Bizzle, and you want to get bite Selena Gomez DAT big league, NAW mean it, the DAT UP “always: Let? Or Turner, does not, is like, “Oh, teachin. Shit magic and the children watch and drink DAT Shorty of DAT bitch” Harry Potter and no one-way England MOTHAFUCKA The DAT fuck all. Selena Gomez wants to DA bonez, BBare a damn skeleton all first DA of my boy. I click crack, the HO].

  3. Swearin

    At this point, it’s either one of two things: 1) She knows at least half of her fans are also Beiber fans, and wants to hold onto them like grim death until her movie career takes off, or 2) it’s just straight-up Stockholm syndrome

  4. “Click clack ho” LOL! I have to work that into a sentence today.

  5. Cock Dr

    The little Canadian shit is looking mighty unhealthy. If I was doing a Death Pool he’d be way up on my list.

  6. Fish really needs to submit a guest recipe on Thug Kitchen as #BBare.

  7. She is just a pathetic imbecile. I have zero attraction to her now in the last few months.

  8. Ivan

    Jesus, he’s lost 15lbs since the last set of pictures.
    It must be that wholesome diet of Sizzurp and jerky.
    Sizzurp is made with Codeine, aka Synthetic Morphine.
    There is another version of Synthetic Morphine Biebs
    will (or already is) getting to know: Heroin

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