1. AJ Thompson

    Is that duck giving it to the armadillo? The shit is wrong with this artist?

    • TomFrank

      It’s a Canadian goose mounting a Texas armadillo. ‘Cause Justin’s Canadian and Selena’s from Texas. As for any possibility that he did her from behind…no. Did. Not. Happen.

  2. blahblahblah

    Extremely classy reproduction.

    Nice touch with a nod towards each home country using leaves.
    And to finish it off, a duck doin’ it Armadillo-style with its mate.

    That just happened.

  3. Brooke

    I kind of want my own statue to put on my mantle, but just of the armadillo and goose boning.

  4. Cock Dr

    Just tell me who buys it and for how much, so that I can laugh at them endlessly.
    Also, her tits are not that big.

    • TomFrank

      Also, why does there have to be a Lone Star covering her hoo-ha, yet her tits are out on display? You’d think anyone who would be offended by the depiction of a pubis would be just as offended by the bare breasts.

  5. Janice

    Justin is not that muscular either. He’s a scrawny little bitch.

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