1. Bryan

    So close to a nip-slip. Shoot!

  2. MizzyMe

    She is laughing thinking yeah the paparazzi arrived. THEY ARE SOOOOO FAKE AND UNREAL CHILDREN!!!

  3. ml.

    dam i wish ppl would leave tht couple alone if they had sex so the fuck what ……….sex is gret i wouldnt blame them for fucking ech other so shut the fuck up and stop worrying bout it dam retards

  4. super mother F.U.C.K

    Ok you fucking stopid weirdo you fuck off and stop telling us what and what not to do. Im not goig to listen to your bull shit.

  5. super mother F.U.C.K

    i mean stupid

  6. get it now!!!

    If ur gay I’ll take her I would do everything to her

  7. darkCLOUD

    she’s no virgin! at all.. ..

  8. selene

    people cant stop taking pictures of them its just no fair for them they need to be left alone!!!!!!!!

  9. selene

    who ever is taalking those pics shud leave them alone for 1nc

  10. selene

    woops said taalking its ment to be taking!???? so silly of me!

    • selene

      your right they should be left alone well they should have been left alone cs did you know they broke up?

      • selene

        yaa i know they should have been left alone but its so sad that they broke up they were such a good couple dont ya think?

  11. Neves Martin

    I Like u dance, n ur voice so niceeeeee????
    if u want 2 know me please find me on facebook, Name: Neves Martin…..Chaoooo….Kiss for u???

  12. Back pain

    Why would she let him put his popsicle stick inside her?

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