1. Cock Dr

    They look really cute together & are probably feeling very much in love.
    Young lipstick lesbian action is so hot.
    Unfortunate that the one girl is so lacking in tittage.

  2. Irskeclovek

    Well it’s good to know that kids these days still watch Roger Rabbit

  3. Soviet Snow

    Hope he did some anal just to get her stretched out for me when she’s legal

  4. Charlotte

    Ahhh look, they are playing patty cake. lmao.

  5. The Voice of Reason

    What the fuck is is abominable bullshit?

  6. amya

    SHUT HE IS SEXY & SHE IS 2 THEY R AN AMAZING DAT3 couP\e \et them have there time

  7. mhm

    lol, her birthday is in july.. she’s 19 until july 2012. good try & justin’s obv a guy &you’re clearly jealous. grow up please.

  8. Kennedy Rae'

    y r people hating on selena or justin it’s proppaa pathetic yuu won’t like it if people started hating on you! and it;s clearly obvious tht Bieber is straight seen as he is wivv Selena… unless yaa calling her a guy wich shr clearlyy isn’t …………………. only sayin

  9. Nikita ross

    I thank they are a cute cupple. they are ment for each other the are both nice and sweet and everything i hope they stay togather forever i love you guys. from your fan.

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